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On the right and wrong of "the old man's hanging Kang for heating and sealed Kang", the key is to clarify this bottom line

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In recent days, ,
Two place 80 Notification of illegal use of hanging Kang for heating by multi-year-old people ,
Draw wide attention to .
According to the report of Yuncheng Salt Lake District, Shanxi Province :
Block the hanging Kang and remove the chimney ,
But the question behind it is worth pondering .


Such phenomena ,
Many in recent years ,
Overall speaking ,
The grass-roots government wants to ,
How to defend the blue sky ,
The common people are concerned about ,
How to warm the winter .
therefore ,
In rural areas “ Coal to gas ”“ Coal to electricity ” since ,
The government's policy of benefiting the people has given ,
The money also went to ,
But some people do not fully accept such benefits ,
Instead, I feel a lot of inconvenience ,
“ Just change without ” There are many phenomena .

    Environmental protection , Or people's livelihood ?

The fundamental contradiction is :
The dual goals of pollution control and people's livelihood security are sometimes inconsistent .
Past winter ,
Especially the haze pollution in the north is shocking ,
Governments at all levels are determined to govern ,
Promulgated “ No burning ”、“ Coal to gas ”、“ Coal to electricity ” Wait for policy ,
Invested a lot of administrative resources .
From the original intention ,
Environmental governance is the right development path ,
People also support more environmental protection 、
A clean lifestyle ,
But practice is always much more complicated than imagination ,
Implementation “ emergency ”,
And lifestyle changes “ slow ”,
It's hard to reconcile for a while ,
For example, the old people living alone are sealed on the Kang and frozen ,
Previously, there were some people due to gas shortage 、 The heating is sluggish and frozen ,
And the plight of pupils frozen in class .
Policies can have priorities ,
The air environment is generally good 、
The long-term nature of the popularization of clean energy 、
And the time point of frequent cold waves in front of us ,
The actual heating demand of the masses comes first .
The north , Winter life revolves around Kang ,
image 85 Old people “ secretly ” Burn the Kang with firewood ,
After the hanging Kang is sealed , Sleep in thick clothes ,
In fact, they are just the basic living needs of heating .
If you can't meet the basic needs of heating ,
Even if the air shock gets better ,
The policy has been reached in stages ,
But people are sick , It's painful ,
Policy costs and “ Negative externality ” It's too high .

    Is the opening method of cleaning energy perfect ?

We see ,
In this case, the grass-roots government is for two elderly people
Equipped with a small solar heater and heating equipment ,
Clean energy transformation in hardware has been carried out ,
It's a warm move 、 The policy of benefiting the people .
however ,
First, we have to think about an underlying problem ,
Electricity replaces coal 、 gas 、 wood 、 Is the oil clean ?
not always ,
We must see how electricity is sent out .
If the electric energy is still coal-fired power generation ,
Just once “ Pollution transfer ”,
Itself is not environmentally friendly ;
If the electric energy is photovoltaic 、
wind 、 Water and other natural ways ,
It's really clean ,
But this new energy approach itself
It is still in the process of development and popularization .
secondly ,
Think about a theoretical problem ,
Many rural areas use modern heating equipment ,
But this configuration
It is based on the construction practice of urban residential buildings ,
And rural housing spatial structure and building materials 、
Is airtightness compatible with area ?
Adapt to the physiological feelings of the rural elderly ?
From the experience of the old man in this example ,
Little sun heating , Not a warm house !
And some old people can't smell the heat from the hot air heater .
therefore ,
Systematic cleaning works should be comprehensively considered
From the power supply 、 Energy efficiency utilization from electrical appliances to houses and other links ,
Think a few more steps ,
“ The water ” The strategy of
Often backfires 、 have the order reversed .
also , Think about the cost .
Nowadays, the cost of clean energy is still high .
We saw the sincerity of the local government ,
They give each farmer a one-time heating subsidy ,
Greatly reduce the cost of electricity .
But after the subsidy is over ?
Many farmers keep boilers at home 、 Kang ,
Perhaps we should consider reopening it after the subsidy is over ,
After all, burning firewood is zero cost .
We don't have to criticize this kind of “ Rational people ” The calculation of ,
We just need to think about how to deal with it when the contradiction arises again .
in addition ,
Old people living alone 、 Electricity risk of the elderly in hollow village
It also needs to be taken into account .



    whether “ To perform one service ”?


Clean energy use is not just an economic issue ,
It's also a social governance issue ,
It also touches the bottom of the concept of local life .
Firewood burning 、 Coal burning 、 Burning straw ,
It is an organic part of farmers' life for thousands of years ,
Even a mode of production ,
Need to think systematically
Consider governance benefits and risk spillovers .
In recent years ,
For the sake of safety 、 Environmental protection and other multiple objectives ,
The grass-roots level has been formed
Relatively detailed response systems and methods .
But there are also some slots ,
The masses have complaints ,
for example ,
Use administrative power , Directly seal the Kang .
Grassroots cadres may also have difficulties ,
Rewards and punishments for work in many areas are linked to such assessments ,
All kinds of pressure are transmitted layer by layer ,
Often distorted or “ One size fits all ” The operation of .
Environmental protection and cleaning 、 Health and beauty
Is our goal and consensus .
Under the grand strategy ,
We should adhere to overall promotion ,
First stand, then break .
Clean energy alternatives 、
Traditional energy combustion in a certain stage ,
Sure “ Walk on two legs ”,
Such as “ Electricity is better than electricity 、 It's better to be angry than angry 、
Coal is better than coal 、 Heat is better than heat ”,
In short, we should take the warmth of the masses as the bottom line ,
To be patient ,
Keep the blue sky warm ,
Grasp rigidity and flexibility ,
This is the optimal policy mix .
Pursue... Blindly “ face ”,
It's easy to lose “ Lining ”.


Xin Chou Nian November 15


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