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[see you at 8:00] the Secretary of Shanxi Xiaoyi municipal Party committee and mayor were dismissed

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  •   China plans to legislate to deal with the noise nuisance of square dance , The roar of motor vehicles “ Fried street ”.

  • 《 Anti food waste work plan 》 Printed and distributed : Support buffet enterprises to appropriately charge for wasteful behavior , Prohibit production and release. Most of them eat 、 Overeating and other audio and video .

  • Ministry of culture and tourism : From now on to 2022 year 3 month 15 The inter provincial team tourism business of travel agencies entering and leaving the land border port cities was suspended on August .

  • In our country 2020 year GDP The total current price is 1013567 One hundred million yuan .

  • Domestic refined oil prices are welcome “ Triple landing ”, Add a tank of oil and spend less 5 element .

  • flight 24 year , Jiao Xiaoyuan, former general manager of China chemical import and export Huatai company, returned home to surrender .

  • Illegal coal mining in Xiaoyi, Shanxi Province led to 21 People trapped , Secretary of the municipal Party committee 、 The mayor was removed from office .


  • The World Food Program :98% Afghans don't have enough to eat .

  • The death toll from a building fire in Osaka, Japan, rose to 24 people , The police suspect arson .

  • The criminal of Suwon case in South Korea was attacked at home , A strange man broke his head with a blunt instrument .

  • Fake alcohol poisoning in Turkey , Within a week 26 People have been killed .

  • A woman in Britain sent out an anonymous message to village residents 150 A gift , go by the name of “ Good elves ”.

All States

  • guangxi 1457 A student was overcharged by the bank , It is caused by the illegal operation of the business office , The bank involved 13 People are being blamed .

  • Sichuan Renshou urban management killed college students ? Official announcement : Made up , The rumor monger has apologized and has been punished by the police according to law .

  • One or two year old children lost in Kunming, Yunnan 24 Hours were found safely , Claiming to sleep alone in a nest under a mountain tree .

  • A villager in Taihe, Anhui Province dug up mortar shells in his home , There is still a possibility of explosion . at present , The shells have been handed over to relevant departments for proper disposal .


  • A delivery man in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, brought down a knife wielding gangster with his bare hands , The prosecutor applied for judicial assistance 5000 element .

  • A boy in Heze, Shandong Province makes up the number of words ,200 A multi word diary , Except for the beginning “ The birds outside the window have been calling ”9 One word does not repeat , The rest of the passage is “ Twitter ”. teacher : Is the bird tired ?


  • Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia is now below zero 44.8℃ Extremely cold weather , Net friend : Look, the numbers are shaking .



  • It should stop , Infringement, not fairy tale .
    ——《 Beijing daily 》 review “ Zheng Yuanjie announced the suspension of publication ”


  • Painted pottery figurines unearthed from the mausoleum of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty and the Nanling Mausoleum of Empress Dowager bo .


  • Chengdu, sichuan province ,“ wet nurse ” Massage and stretch the limbs for baby panda .



  • The space Trio in the core module of the space station have dinner at the same table , common “ do housework ”.

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