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How much does it cost to be a neighbor with Lin Junjie in Yuan universe?

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“ Lin Junjie bought land in the blockchain metauniverse ”, My good friend Li Lei told me , My favorite idol bought three pieces of virtual land in the meta universe game , The average price of each piece is 6000MANA(MNAN It's a virtual world platform Decentraland Token of ), The price is about 19.5 Ten thousand yuan , Three pieces of land are equivalent to RMB 78 Ten thousand yuan . 

Lin Junjie started virtual land a week later , Hong Kong real estate giant 、 New World Development Group CEO Zheng Zhigang announced to invest in Yuan universe virtual world game The Sandbox, Buy its largest digital plot , The investment amount is about 500 Thousands of dollars , Renminbi conversion 3200 Ten thousand yuan . 

Real estate speculators and stars enter the meta universe , Let virtual real estate transactions are becoming popular . Li Lei ridiculed ,“ How much do I have to spend to be a neighbor with Lin Junjie in the virtual world ”? 

With curiosity , We visited the virtual land purchased by Lin Junjie Decentraland, The domestic Honnverse Rainbow universe . 

This article will take you through the following three questions :

1、Decentraland What is your land like , Why can attract Lin Junjie to buy ?

2、 Domestic rainbow universe and Decentraland Are they exactly alike? ?

3、 What kind of future the universe is ?

01、 Start with a piece of land , The facilities are all made up ?

A few years ago , A name is 《 My world 》 Pixel wind games have occupied the majority of computer game download rankings , As an unlimited open sandbox game , stay 《 My world 》 You can build your own house , Keep pets 、 Set to break through , You can even simulate a chicken eating game . 

In a word, start mining with a hoe , All community game styles , Existence 、 create 、 Limits are created by players themselves . 

Bought by Lin Junjie Decentraland It is a painting style and playing method similar to 《 My world 》 game , In this game, players start with a piece of land , The content is programmed by yourself . 

This one is similar to 《 My world 》 Similar sandbox games , Why attract Lin Junjie to spend 78 Million to buy virtual land ? Next, parity (jioupai) Led everyone to explore . 

open Decentraland Official website , Find out Decentraland Divided into 3 Parts of , Explore Decentraland game 、 business Decentraland land 、 Decoration and Decentraland Game scene editing . Let's explore the mysteries of this game one by one . 

First of all, I opened the exploration Decentraland game , It is worth noting that this model is based on ETH The developed game login can only be based on metamask Wallet login , Other login methods such as email can only be tourist mode . 

I'll turn it on Decentraland game , What comes into view is the game pinch face , For a new user, you need to have a role first , Including gender 、 hairstyle 、 dress , One of the accessories costs extra 1MANA Buy (MANA by Decentraland Blockchain tokens ), But you can enter the game without buying . 


chart | Yuan universe game player selection interface

After I created my identity, I entered Decentraland game , Click the land around Lin Junjie , I found myself standing in a villa near game Genesis square , The owner's bike is parked in the villa yard , Recliner and other facilities . 


chart | Lin Junjie's surrounding villas and streets

Ran in the map for a while , I found the virtual land purchased by Lin Junjie , A street around Genesis square .  I found that around the land bought by Lin Junjie , There is a Nintendo style house , At the top of the house is the monster in Mario —— Brick monster , There are also two cannibals and a row of Mario's question mark props at the door of the house .


chart | On the left is Lin Junjie yuan universe real estate , Suspected Nintendo player property on the right

A bar opened across the street where Lin Junjie lives , The bar is dotted with purple ambience lights , Bar LOGO It says “LOVE LIVE?” After entering the bar , The bar owner wrote in a message “ We have a meeting here every weekend PARTAY, You are welcome to join us ”. 

According to senior Decentraland What the player said , The bar added many screen plug-ins for streaming media during the scene construction , So every week the anchor will be singing here on the big screen on the second floor of the bar . 


chart | Yuan universe bar real estate

But compared with Nintendo next to it and the bar opposite , Lin Junjie's house is still in a rough state , In addition to a few trees given at the beginning of the game and the initial courtyard of the house , There is hardly any sign of decoration . 

“ Is that all there is in the meta universe ? This one 《 My world 》 Almost. ? In the metauniverse, in addition to building manufacturing 、 What else can a bar do ?” Li Lei, sitting next to me, said . 

After our visit , I found that this game called the strongest blockchain metauniverse is far more than that . 

During my visit, I found ,Decentraland A large turntable similar to Macao gambling has also been built , Players can play gambling games with multiple people in the game MANA Tokens, , The points on the big wheel can also be selected at will like real gambling , And the winner will win the chips of the other three . 


chart | Yuan universe gambling game venue

But since I visited this gambling house in the morning , No one in the hall can bet on the big wheel with me . 

After visiting as a tourist Decentraland After the game , I also want to buy my own land in the meta universe . therefore , I made the second visit , See how much it costs to be a neighbor with Lin Junjie ? 

I click the land sale button on the official website , According to the address shown in Lin Junjie's Twitter screenshot , Found the same plot of land as Lin Junjie . 

Lin Junjie is in Decentraland Your game name is JJlin#98aa, According to Lin Junjie's address on the blockchain , I found his contract address is :0x225558706370bef1760c52e76a07be9c104c98aa. 


chart | Lin Junjie's game address 、 Avatars and buying goods

ETH Browser display , Lin Junjie not only recently bought 3 Lots of land , As early as this year 7 month , Lin Junjie has bought the same encrypted monkey head as sun Yuchen to enter the game NFT assets , And Lin Junjie's Twitter is the encrypted monkey avatar . 

however , Just when I wanted to buy the land around Lin Junjie, I found , Original 6000MANA Land you can buy , Doubled overnight to 20000MANA, Land prices have doubled 3 More than double , Need to convert into RMB 40 Ten thousand yuan . 

And in this plot being sold , Others wrote “ The plot nearest to Lin Junjie , Cheapness , Welcome to consult me to buy !” According to my guess, this should be sold by the cattle who grabbed the land near Lin Junjie . 

It turns out that it's not just cattle in the real world , There are also scalpers in real estate in virtual land . 

I'm visiting Decentraland Land related information found ,Decentraland Not only can land be sold in the game , Clothes made by players themselves 、 Accessories and even names can be used NFT Sell in the form of . 

Decentraland In the mall , It opens at NFT Button to see the clothes made by the player himself , shoes , Mask , These products are based on NFT The number of issues and the list price are also different . 

One of the legends NFT The rarest , The price of the goods is as high as 1000MANA, And epic and rare items NFT More , So it's not valuable . 

For example, legend NFT Masks are scarce , You can sell 66MANA Tokens, ( Renminbi conversion 1320 element ), Epic clothes can only be sold because of their large quantity 1MANA Tokens, ( Renminbi conversion 20 element ). 

And in the official trading mall , Players can also trade their own bets ID, When I visited, I saw someone rush to register Zuckerberg's ID, And sell it in the official Mall 50000MANA( Renminbi conversion 100 Ten thousand yuan ). 


chart | Meta universe NFT Shopping mall display

It turns out that making money in the blockchain world is so simple ? As long as you are creative, you can make money ? Under the trend of curiosity, I began to visit Decentraland The third function of —— Scene editor .

I got a piece in the scene editor 32m*32m A piece of land , The land editor displays information such as land asset package on the right .

I found under exploration ,Decentraland The land asset package contains , The creation city dominated by green plants 、 Desert and Lake based pirate material 、 Fantasy series of strange scenes 、 Science fiction Castle focusing on science and Technology 、 The year of the pig based on Chinese elements and a crowd NFT Interactive functions based on gallery and social links .

Decentraland Players through their own creativity , The above products can be used in combination , For example, I was in Decentraland A Maldives scene is assembled in the editing simulator of , Although I have never been to Maldives myself , But it doesn't prevent me from building my own Maldives in the game . 


chart | Parity mapping , Metacosmic Maldives

It's worth mentioning NFT Gallery and social links , These functions are Decentraland It can be used in the game , If you leave a wechat QR code in your social link , Click the button to add wechat QR code .

The video plug-ins in editing are awesome. , Players can install video plug-ins in their own house construction , Any video playback address filled in by the video plug-in can be relayed .  Before, the bar opposite Lin Junjie used a lot of streaming video plug-ins , To achieve the effect similar to the resident singer in the bar . 


chart | Meta universe social link module

In addition to creative scene editing on your own plot , You can even name your company 、logo Also shown in the plot , Let more people know about this company . 

For example, I deleted the Maldives scene construction , Put a picture of the name of the parity company with the scene material , And configure the courtyard wind that is only available in China . 

Decentraland Three functions visit down , Whether it's the social function of the scene , still NFT Trading function , Or scene editing , Have the prototype of the meta universe . 

But when I want to buy a piece of land , Looked at the land price , Look at the empty wallet , I found that not only could I not afford a house in reality , You can't afford a house in the meta universe .

02、 At the end of the rainbow universe is real estate , The universe is not

Decentraland Is the first completely decentralized game world ,Decentraland from DAO control ,DAO Have Decentraland The most important smart contracts and assets . adopt DAO You can decide and vote on how the game world works .(DAO It is a concept derived from the blockchain concept , That is, bitcoin continuously 19 It can still operate normally without founders in , And the core is to unify the interests driven , The right to vote is dispersed in everyone's hands , In the article DAO Refers to the community ) 

This is about Decentraland Introduce yourself to the game , It shows that Decentraland And the first meta universe game in China —— The rainbow is different from the universe . 

Li Meng, chairman of tianxiaxiu company, introduced this at the hongcosmos press conference ,“ Rainbow universe is a blockchain based product 3D Virtual social products , The product is mainly based on Z In the era of 3D Virtual planet as the background , Build virtual identities for users 、 Virtual image 、 Virtual space 、 Virtual props 、 Virtual social , It will unite with global social celebrities to create an immersive pan entertainment virtual life community for users , And based on NFT Assets provide users with application scenarios such as use and communication ”. 

Simply speaking , Rainbow universe is known as the domestic version Decentraland, People can also build houses in the game 、 Character creation and land sales . 

Official sources say ,“ Rainbow universe ” The platform will issue a total of virtual houses 350000 set , These virtual houses are based on P Different landforms of the planet , Yes 13 Species room type , The circulation and scarcity of each house type are different , The house is graded from high to low SSS、SS、S、A、B、C level , The higher the level, the rarer . The price from 8.88 Yuan to 88 element , Even higher . 

According to microblog news , The first day of rainbow universe online ,88 The rainbow universe property of yuan was priced by idle fish 10 ten thousand , Today, there are still many active sellers selling yuanuniverse real estate on idle fish . 


chart | Idle fish users hype rainbow universe real estate

however , The coin circle is big V Tell the parity (jioupai), Rainbow universe and Decentraland Both are blockchain technologies, but they are different . Blockchain centralization technology utilized by rainbow universe , and Decentraland What is used is ETH Decentralized technology . 

What's the difference between centralized games and decentralized games ? 

2003 Linden Lab released a game called 《 Second life 》, This game is the same as rainbow universe , Developers only provide land , All creation is up to the player to decide . 

2006 year , At that time, there were more than registered users 500 ten thousand , Active users over 300 Wan's simulation management game , Despised by millions of players . 

2006 year 6 month , All residents were asked to provide Linden Lab with a valid credit card or PayPal Account or reply to a mobile phone text message . Users who failed to provide credit card accounts and mobile phone numbers were banned by Linden Laboratory , Unable to log in to your account . 

That means , You don't have a private key , You don't really own assets . 

On this day, a large number of gamers lost their hard-earned resources collected in the game , Also lost myself in 《 Second life 》 Goods created in , From now on 《 Second life 》 Their reputation has also plummeted . 

According to Wikipedia , Centralized games 《 Second life 》 Completely controlled by the game developer , There has also been a phenomenon of devaluation of game currency caused by official abuse in game currency trading . 

And Linden Lab has the ultimate authority for the game , The game from production to operation is all decided by the government , Once Linden Lab stops operating , All customers' assets in the virtual world have come to naught . 

The rainbow universe released in China is just this game , Click the user agreement below kaihong universe to see , There is a clause in the user account description “ Honguniverse has the right to change the authority design of its members ”. 

This proves to some extent , Rainbow universe and 《 Second life 》 equally , The authorities have huge rights in this meta universe game , Even the property you buy in the central core area may be repossessed at any time . 

stay Decentraland In contrast to the rainbow universe ,Decentraland Distribute most permissions to users , And in Decentraland Page added DAO( Community voting ) Mechanism , Let most users decide where the game is going . 

Except for the size of official rights ,Decentraland In terms of economic governance, it is also different from rainbow universe . Rainbow universe official as NFT Publishers need to be profitable , A large number of game coins continue to be issued , It will lead to the inflation state of devaluation of game currency and rising prices in the game . 

stay Decentraland The game is being released , Issue tokens in the prescribed amount at the beginning , All players are participating in Decentraland Step by step in community governance MANA when the river rises , the boat floats high ,Decentraland As early builders, players in the community are more similar to shareholders , Not the player , So as to greatly strengthen the user stickiness . 

Just Decentraland And the rainbow universe , In the rainbow universe, due to the supply of land price 、NFT issue 、 Including the dress up release is official , So if the authorities want to make a profit , The reason why yuancosmic real estate is in short supply also lies in the official operation of yuancosmic real estate . 

however ,Decentraland The game starts from the first day of release , Land supply has been stipulated , And the real voting rights are Decentraland In the hands of community members , if Decentraland Community members want to improve their benefits , Only attract more people to play Decentraland, Or will Decentraland Do better to make yourself more profitable . 

therefore , The end of the rainbow universe may be real estate , And the end of the meta universe is obviously not .

03、 We have knocked on the door of the new universe

1992 year , Neil, a famous American science fiction writer · Stephenson (Neal Stephenson) Launched his own novel 《 An avalanche (Snow Crash)》. 

In the book , Neal · Stephenson describes an online world parallel to the real world , And named it “ Yuan Jie ”. All people in the real world , There is one in the yuan boundary “ Network separation ”. 

The imagination and reality of the universe , Are inseparable from the development and evolution of the Internet . 

1989 To 2005 It's about Web1.0 Stage , The main products are email and web pages that people are used to .Web1.0 Stage , Everything in the Internet is created by the platform 、 Platform owned 、 Platform control 、 The platform benefits . 

2005 Years later ,Web 2.0 The period is the second generation Internet , The main applications are social networks and e-commerce . At this stage , The platform just provides an infrastructure , There is little content created by itself , The vast majority of content is user created . 

But the platform has quietly expanded its rights , With its own control over the technological infrastructure , The ownership of user data is also obtained without bloodshed . 

Besides , How to distribute the value created by these digital contents , The platform has the final say. . A large number of data footprints generated by users in the process of using the Internet , Its value is also occupied by the platform free of charge . 

contrast Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, It's not hard to see. ,Web 1.0 Although not user-friendly , The production of digital content and data is limited to a very small range , But in line with “ Who created 、 Who owns it 、 Who benefits ” Basic principles of market economy . 

Web 2.0 Then in the digital content 、 Data ownership and value distribution are distorted , It's not reasonable . The basic rights of the creator are denied , User value is drawn at will , This is actually a digital slavery system . 

It's getting hot recently WeB3.0 Explore , Start showing that people want to appear and Web 2.0 It's totally different WeB3.0. According to some descriptions , Not yet WeB3.0 Rules should be user created 、 Owned by the user 、 User control 、 Protocol assignment , Everything is user oriented . 

in other words , In this way Web3.0 Under the rules of , Data will no longer be useless data , But upgrade to digital assets , And people are Web3.0 Creative labor in the era also belongs to its own digital assets . 

If the steam engine is 1000 The power of times releases productivity , Completed the replacement of human labor , that Web3.0 It is possible to break the slavery of digital assets , Unleashed the energy of thousands of world data 、 Creativity and explosiveness . 

The meta universe is built on Web3.0 The rules / A world above thought . 

From the scene we can describe and imagine at present ,DEFI platform , Decentralized games and NFT Related trading websites constitute the three infrastructure of metauniverse . 

among ,DEFI It is a decentralized value exchange place , Here, everyone or institution can convert the tokens in the meta universe into real money or equivalent . ad locum , The value of people in the meta universe is linked with the value of the real world . 

Decentralized games exist as a place for the survival and value creation of the meta universe , Here people create content , Develop your own everything . 


and NFT Trading websites are people's virtual goods trading in the meta universe / The place of exchange , People can buy their favorite products with the tokens they created in the meta universe . 

DEFI、NFT、 The decentralized game becomes a closed loop , The three core infrastructures of the meta universe have emerged . however , At present, the meta universe that people can contact is immersed 、 There are still several big gaps between the rules of the meta universe and the structure of diversified systems and people's imagination of the meta universe . 

Now we explore the meta universe , Maybe it's just the tip of the iceberg in the future world . And this corner is already infinite imagination , Attracted many giants to bow down .

04、 At the end

Taleb is in 《 The black swan 》 China once said , history , It's jumping forward . It always happens to us inadvertently , Jump on a fault we can't imagine . 

2018 When I first watched the number one player in the film in , That sentence “ Oasis is not a one-man game ” I was shocked . 

There will really be countless people who don't care about life and death , Resist the invaders of the meta universe for no benefit ? I don't know that summer . 

But after experiencing Lin Junjie's participation Decentraland After the game, I seem to understand . 

In the oasis , Everyone is the creator of the oasis , Oasis is the accumulation of time together , With energy and resources to create their own “ The world ”. therefore , The oasis needs to be guarded by everyone . 

Now we have glimpsed the tip of the iceberg of the meta universe , After that, there are still vast contents worthy of our exploration , It is by no means a simple false fire that can be summarized .  

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1. Blue lake notes 《Decentraland、 Second life and the future of the virtual world 》

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