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Gartner 2021 IAAs + PAAS solution capability assessment: Amazon cloud technology ranked first

2022-02-03 13:31:37 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 18 Daily news , Gartner Recently released the latest IaaS+PaaS Solution capability assessment report , According to the report , Amazon cloud technology to 94 The total score of points ranks first , And it's the only one that scores more than 90 Cloud service provider . In the second place is Microsoft Azure, The total score is 84;Alibaba Cloud( Alibaba cloud ) Rank third , The total score is 81 branch .

Total score of Amazon cloud technology 94 branch

The report introduces ,Gartner Solution Scorecard Evaluated cloud service providers in IaaS+PaaS A total of 270 Functional indicators of items , Examine the ability of the evaluated cloud service provider to provide a certain function . The report will 270 The indicator evaluation is divided into required items (Required)、 Recommendations (Preferred)、 optional (Optional) Three dimensions .

among , Will options (Required) Is the key capability of cloud service providers , Customer development is 、 Ability to deploy and manage critical production applications ; Recommendations (Preferred) For a wide range of usage scenarios , These abilities are necessary , But it's not crucial ; optional (Optional) It is the ability that is useful for specific use scenarios .

Required in (Required)、 Recommendations (Preferred)、 optional (Optional) Three dimensions , Amazon cloud technology won 98 branch 、90 branch 、76 A score of , All dimensions rank first in the industry .

Besides ,Gartner Analysis indicates that , Amazon cloud technology has not only been IaaS Market share leader , But also become PaaS Market share leader . The innovative feature set defined by Amazon cloud technology is benchmarked by many competitors , Incorporate it into the product roadmap for the coming months or years .

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