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The first mock exam of the tea garden was born in May 1 square, and was trapped in the May 1 mode.

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“ A good dock , Shit sells for money ”. This is a famous saying once said by Lv Liang, the founder of tea Yan Yuese , Now , He is paying for this sentence “ cost ”. 

12 month 17 Japan , Changsha red tea brand tea yam Yue color because employees make complaints about low monthly salary “ Back to Dui ” the , Rushed to the first microblog hot search . Screenshot of blogger forwarding , Because chayan Yuese employees complain that the salary after salary adjustment is too low , Cause suspected tea Yan Yue color, said the senior management :“ Why not , That's because I jump every day , How can high consumption be enough …… DE don't deserve a , There will be disaster , How much money do you have .” 


This a , Both sides 8 A war of words broke out among thousands of people . A flower named “ Teacher XiaoCong ” The top management of the also ended up participating in the quarrel ,“ Although the salary is small, the company pays according to work , Tea Yan Yuese lost money in one month during the epidemic 2000 More than ten thousand yuan .”—— Lv Liang's flower name inside is “ Shallot ”. 

Chat screenshots fermented by social networks , Micro-blog topic # Employees make complaints about their monthly salary. 3000 element # triggered 3.8 Billion reading 、1.2 Wan's discussion ,# The color of tea is pleasant # The reading volume of topics has exceeded 10 Billion . 

Soon , Chayan Yuese sent an apology letter on the internal salary dispute , LV Liangcheng “ let sb. down 8000 Trust company 、 Work together to find a way to carry this winter's partner …… I didn't explain the reason of salary adjustment and the salary calculation method after adjustment to you in advance .” 

In the past few years , We will more or less queue up from ten thousand people about tea Yan Yue se 、 Out of circle marketing copy and other news , Learn about this online popular brand : It was founded on 2013 year , Interested in social media , Adhere to direct marketing , All the year round “ Humble abode ” Changsha , last year 12 month , Finally out of Hunan , Drive to Wuhan , This creates the need to queue 8 Hours 、 Cattle sold a cup 500 Grand occasion of yuan . 

But this year , epidemic situation 、 Put up the shutters 、 loss , The negative news about the beauty of tea seems to have found a breakthrough , Keep popping . The essence , It was the epidemic that led to Changsha, the base camp “ wharf ” Effect no longer , And the increased risk caused by blind leap forward expansion . 

This crisis is not a black swan , More like a grey rhinoceros —— The way of playing tea is to play together “ Traffic Square ” High density store . After the outbreak , “ wharf ” The flow of people has been greatly reduced , The moat on which we used to rely , Now it starts to become fragile .

01、 A fuse

“ The world is prosperous and prosperous , All the hustle and bustle in the world is for profit , Now life is better, everyone raised at home , Mom hurts , Mother in law loves , Out of work is also to experience life , If you don't work hard and want to get a high salary , What do you usually think? You have nothing to spread positive energy , It's exciting as soon as you get paid, but it's noisy , Why not , That's because I jump every day , How can high consumption be enough .” 

Because of this news , Tea Yan Yuese internal group chat “ Fried ”. 

“ What did you say ”“ Not to say that , It's true that there's no room left for dinner , It's really impossible to live , Who doesn't want to save some money to go home for the new year ”“ Close at twelve and have a meeting until three , I have to go to the morning meeting at 9 o'clock the next day , One month Commission 8 block ”…… 

According to an internal group chat record of chayan Yuese company circulated on microblogging and other social platforms , The origin of the event , Some Changsha employees have reduced their working hours due to the epidemic 、 A pay cut , It leads to the manual capital from the original 5000 About yuan reduced to 2000 yuan 、 Commission only 8 element , This leads to employee dissatisfaction .


and “ DE don't deserve a ” The comments raised the employee's mood to a high point .“ In fact, the salary can be understood , But the people looking at the outer area have it 6000 element 、7000 Yuan a month's salary to scold us for taking 1000 element 、2000 A man of high wages , DE don't deserve a …… Feel cold .” 

It is worth mentioning that , Lv Liang, founder of tea Yan Yuese ( Teacher XiaoCong ) Also joined the war , call , Questions about meeting time should be fed back upward , Although the salary is small, the company pays according to work , Tea Yan Yuese lost money in one month during the epidemic 2000 More than ten thousand yuan . 


thereafter , Some employees broke the news on the social platform that , The founder of chayan Yuese personally called him to leave , Although I had planned to leave , But I still feel cold . After the war of words subsided a little , Other employees found that the number of employees with pleasant tea color decreased significantly ,“ In the morning 7800 Human group , Only... Is left in the evening 7600 Many people .” 


After the event fermentation , On the afternoon of the , Chayan Yuese made a statement on the official microblog . call , It happened because 11 In January, the company temporarily closed dozens of stores , As a result, some partners cannot meet the normal working hours and a few partners have odd working hours , A round of temporary adjustment has been made to the salary algorithm . Because the explanation is not in place , As a result, the focus of the group's later discussion is gradually uncontrollable , Social media platforms are not just about companies 、 I don't understand the salary , There have also been personal attacks and privacy leaks against some partners . 

The statement mentions , As a manager, Lv Liang took the lead in the group and spoke fiercely with his partners , And call and nail to 13 A partner proposed “ If you're really unhappy in chayan, you can bring your resignation application , He came to sign for approval ”, And to the already 4 Japan 、10 The two partners who submitted the resignation application on the th put forward “ Please come and handle your resignation as soon as possible ”. 

Tea has a pleasant appearance , Lu Liang had a deep introspection the next day , And issued a letter of apology internally .“ But anyway , In the end, the managers of chayan Yuese put a misunderstanding that needs to be solved by communication , It turned into a farce .” 


meanwhile , The pleasant color of tea means , Aiming at some of the “ The group lost more than 200 people in one afternoon ”, It's false information , ” This group is an internal group , You can't quit by yourself “. 

Tea Yan Yuese also mentioned , stay 12 month , The company reopened dozens of stores to fill the working hours of its partners ,12 The end of the month will also move towards a new city . 

however , For these responses , Netizens don't buy it . Think the company's loss of money is a strategic mistake , Employees should not pay .“ The epidemic is not an excuse to exploit employees .”  Image loss , It is difficult to repair .

02、“ The first mock exam ” Backfire of

Tea Yan Yue color has reached the inflection point . 

A month ago , Tea Yan Yuese also had a hot search because of the temporary closure of the store . At the time , Chayan Yuese announced that it had temporarily closed 70 or 80 stores in Changsha . And said , It is the third time this year that tea Yan Yuese has temporarily closed its store , The first is the local Chinese New Year at the beginning of the year , The second was the recurrence of the epidemic at the end of July . 

The closed stores are mainly located in the business district of Wuyi Square pedestrian street , And other areas with concentrated passenger flow . 

The importance of May day square to the beauty of tea , It can be reflected in the number of stores opened . In May day square ,“ Ten steps and one tea face ” Not a joke , Lunch box finance searches meituan and enters tea Yan Yuese may day square , Stores marked with the address of May day square have 27 home , And like tea is only 3 home . Besides , Wanjiali business district in Changsha has 15 home , Train station 8 home , High speed rail station 7 home , The airport 6 home . 


In general , Tea stores will have a clear distance to take flow protection measures . But Cha Yan did the opposite , When you stand at any intersection of May day square , Almost see several tea Yan Yue color stores . 

High density means high exposure . May day square is the absolute center of Changsha , Not only is Taiping Street gathered here 、 Pozi Street 、 Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street 、 Jiefang West Road Bar Street and other characteristic commercial streets , And Changsha IFS、 Wangfujing 、 Yuefang ID MALL Wait for a shopping mall , It's also the subway 1 Line no. 、2 Intersection of line . 

Some people , May day square is “ Flow perpetual motion machine ” And net red incubator . ad locum , It's not just the tea face , Mo Mo dim sum Bureau 、 Standard Chartered bakery of Hutou Bureau 、 Wen he you 、 Cook smoke, stir fry yellow beef, etc. at the door of wanghong store , They are also crowded with young people in line . 


The strategy of pleasing the color of tea , Rely on the high traffic of May day business district + High popularity .2013 year 12 month , The first tea Yan Yuese opened in Jiefang West Road ,2018 In Changsha, there are still many kinds of tea in the year 70 stores , In the next two years, it opened quickly 200 home . At present, there are nearly 500 stores . among , Most of them are located in “ stronghold ” Changsha . 

A famous saying of Lv Liang , It's the first mock exam. ,“ A good dock , Shit sells for money ”. This is regarded as a standard by many new consumer brands in Changsha , New love of capital , Mo Mo dim sum bureau with a single store valuation of more than 100 million 、 Tiger head game , The first store in the May day business district is the starting point . 

In order to bind Changsha ,“ City limits ” It is also a sharp tool for online popular brands to promote tourism . So far, Wen Heyou has only opened two branches in Shenzhen and Guangzhou , Nanjing store is still in preparation .2020 Years ago , Tea Yan Yuese has never gone out of Hunan , This scarcity and unique sense of value , It also attracts every young person who comes to Changsha for Tourism , Come here to punch in . 


Seize the traffic code of May day square , Small scale 、 Build high-quality stores with high density , Joining the Bureau earlier , Put the cultural label of Changsha , Tea Yan Yuese was able to take the lead in Changsha , It also left a mystery all over the country . 

however , Right now 400 Many base stores , It's also making the tea face happy and suffer a backlash . 

The staff of Changsha Tea Yan Yuese told us , After the outbreak , Tea Yan Yuese rarely sees long queues ,“ Accurately speaking , The basic catering industry is very empty ”. 

《 Annual report on China's domestic tourism development 2021》 According to the report , Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic ,2020 Number of domestic tourists in 28.79 Million people , And 2019 It's down by half compared with last year ; Domestic tourism revenue 2.23 Trillion yuan , Than 2019 It's down 60% compared with last year . 

According to the National Bureau of Statistics , stay 2019 Years ago , The sales volume of catering industry is basically maintained every year 10% The rate of growth . By 2021 year 10 month , The total sales of catering industry is basically the same as 2019 In the flat . 

Highly dependent on the tea color of Changsha market , Inevitable damage . 

It is worth mentioning that , In the epidemic 2020 year , Tea Yan Yuese is also newly opened in Changsha core shopping mall 120 stores . This was also an opportunity to copy the bottom , Like tea 2020 In, it was also newly opened in many places across the country 304 stores . But apparently , The rhythm of tea Yan Yue color expansion is not well grasped . 

“ The previous intensive distribution has made dividends in the urban development of Changsha , Under the epidemic , Naturally, we should also bear the result of the reduction of people flow .”11 month 10 Japan , Chayan Yuese said in a blog post announcing the third temporary closure of the store .

03、 Trapped in “ The May Day ”

Tea Yan Yuese is facing the choice of whether to go out of Changsha . 

Put yourself in the flow of a single core business circle , This is not a long-term plan . What's more? , Now Changsha is no longer a safe haven . Even if you don't act now , As Changsha's market layout tends to be saturated , It is necessary to go out of Changsha .

For going out , Lv Liang also had his own thoughts ,“ I'm timid , Have awe of the market , If you mistakenly regard the dividend given by the times as your own strength , Going out is the next dead wanghong .” 

Perhaps out of this awe , Perhaps to protect its scarcity , Tea Yan Yuese hasn't gone too far at present .2020 year 12 month , Tea Yan Yuese just opened its first store in Wuhan , In the province , Only entered Zhuzhou 、 Yueyang 、 Liuyang, a few similar cities . 

in fact , It is not easy to get out of Changsha . 

7-11 Suzuki minwen, the founder of the convenience store, once worked in 《 The philosophy of retail 》 mentioned “7-11 Intensive store opening strategy ”, There are three advantages :

1、 Within a certain area , Improve “7-Eleven” The brand effect of , Deepen consumers' awareness of it . And awareness is linked to the trust of consumers , Will to promote consumption . 

2、 When shops are concentrated in a certain range , The short distance between stores can improve the efficiency of logistics and distribution . Not just delivery trucks , The moving time of the store operation consultant who is responsible for conveying the headquarters policy to each franchise store and giving guidance will also be shortened , They have more time to discuss with the shopkeeper . 

3、 Advertising and promotion are more effective . If shops are concentrated in the same area , It can not only effectively save logistics 、 Labor cost , The influence and coverage of launching a promotion has also become twice the result with half the effort . 

Now , When you go to a new city to explore the market , It means a lot “ Home court advantage ” disappear . High focus in Changsha , To minimize the internal management cost of tea beauty , But if it's like tea 、 The national layout of Naixue's tea , Due to the dispersion of stores , Need more managers , The inevitable increase in cost . 

in addition , Standardization is also a big problem . Take raw materials as an example , Different from liking tea 、 Naixue's tea includes self built tea gardens and orchards , The raw materials of tea Yan Yue color come from all over the world , Expansion will be limited by the supply of raw materials . Besides , New tea , Breaking the tradition of powder blending in the past , The main products are ready-made and fresh , This has more restrictions on talents and processes . 

If you want to improve these , Capital investment is necessary . But as a mid-range product priced at more than ten yuan , There is not much compressible space . 

besides , At present, the market competition is unprecedented , Chayan Yuese wants to replicate the brilliance of Changsha in other cities , It must be almost impossible . 

And now , Management exposed by salary problems 、 Problems at the level of organizational ability , Also give once “ Small endowment ” The pleasant color of tea sounded the alarm .

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