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Corruption as soon as they are promoted... Young cadres should be vigilant against "early holidays"

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   Website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee Han Yadong reports    “ The ancients said , thirtysomething , And I'm sitting at thirty , Sitting in a cold prison , Reflect on your sins ” ”“ I'm digging my brains into camp , But I dug a hole and buried myself ”…… Some young cadres repent after being sacked for corruption .
   The recent investigation and handling of disciplinary and illegal cases revealed that , Some young cadres have just become the backbone of the unit , Or just go to the leadership post and become corrupt , In the golden period of life and career growth, he fell into the abyss of corruption ; The ideals and beliefs of some young cadres have collapsed , The dislocation and distortion of its values , Weak sense of discipline and law , It's amazing 、 thought-provoking .


Bad habits are magnified 、 take “ Hidden rules ” Bring into a new position 、 After mastering a certain power …… Just become the backbone of the unit or take the leadership post, corruption

  “ Ordinary people have a process from work to corruption , But Zhang Yi doesn't even have the process .” Zhang Yi in the mouth of the investigators ,1983 Born in , After graduating from University, I entered a construction unit , After that, he was admitted to the village and Town Construction Office of Changkou town government, Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province . It's a short time to enter the post 5 Months , Zhang Yi used his wife and uncle's identity to set up a labor team , Carefully plan ways to make money .
   After entry , Zhang Yi found that the management of small projects in the town was chaotic , For most projects, specific construction personnel have been determined before bidding , Bidding is to follow the procedure . As a cadre in charge of this work , Instead of plugging the loophole , Instead, he took advantage of his position to seek personal interests .2019 year 4 month , Zhang Yi was examined and investigated , Same year 9 On the crime of bribery 、 Crime of collusion in bidding , Sentenced to three years and two months in prison .
   He Juncheng ,28 At the age of, he served as the deputy director of Qinghua police station of Longyang Branch of Baoshan Public Security Bureau, Yunnan Province , His promotion and appointment went astray less than one year :2018 year 3 month , There is no legal basis 、 Without performing any approval procedures , He Juncheng decided without authorization not to carry out the punishment of ten days of administrative detention and two years of compulsory isolation for drug treatment , Release drug addict Zhang without permission , Accept its 1 Ten thousand yuan “ Premium ” And an Apple phone .2019 year 8 month , He Juncheng was “ stripped of Party membership and expelled from public office ”.
   For a while , Like Zhang Yi 、 And Juncheng , Corruption cases occur from time to time when they have just become the backbone of the unit or when they have just taken the leadership post .
   Some young cadres are spiritually empty, infected with bad habits and do not know how to repent , Finally, it becomes a road of no return “ Booster ”. To prove that you can make a lot of money , Zhang Chi, sales manager of government and enterprise of key customer division of port branch of China Telecom Taicang branch , On the next day of marriage, hide what you receive from your family 30 The 10000 yuan bride price is fully invested in the stock market , Loss after half a year 40 More than ten thousand yuan , And owe 30 Foreign debt of more than ten thousand yuan . In order to save , He borrowed money to buy lottery tickets 、 Borrow money to participate in online gambling , The bigger the bet 、 The more you bet, the more you lose , Then he extended his black hand to his business , To defraud 、 Embezzle the company's brand mobile phones by reselling 902 Ministry , value 732 More than RMB . Zhang Chi confessed during the retention period , Some bad habits formed since childhood , Love gambling 、 Lying 、 conceit 、 Poor self-control 、 Strong vanity , After entering the society, it is magnified , Put yourself on the road of no return .
   After the identity of some young cadres has changed, their behavior patterns still remain in the inertia of some previous bad behaviors , The ideological defense line is in vain .“ Engineering projects often rely on food and money to promote the implementation , That's what I used to do , So I don't exclude others from giving me money .” This year, 9 The planning and construction service center of the Management Committee of Xuyi Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, who was expelled from the party in June “85 after ” Deputy director Shen Weichao , The accumulated experience of working in an engineering company “ Experience ” To work in the development zone , Less than 6 Year sequence 12 The total amount of money received from others is 77 Ten thousand yuan .
   After some young cadres take up leadership positions , Have some power in your hands , stay “ Respect ” and “ Worship ” Floating in front of me , In the face of temptation and test, he quickly lost the battle . This year, 4 month ,34 Wang Yongkui, who was appointed temporary vice president of the people's Court of Fuyun County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at the age of, was detained , He wrote in his confession :“ After serving as vice president of the county court , The attitude of people around me has changed significantly . In the face of praise and flattery , I feel that I am also a leader , Everything should be done with face .” Wang Yongkui began to keep going to dinner “ To make friends ”, by “ friend ” Work , On the road of no return to abuse of power .



  Game recharge 、 Pay off gambling debts 、 Obsessed with luxury goods …… There are various motives for young corruption

   The cases that have been investigated and dealt with show that , Some young cadres are growing up “ The golden age ” Fall into corruption “ Dangerous period ”, The violation of discipline and law lasts a long time 、 Many times 、 Large amount involved .
   From the perspective of crime field and post , Embezzlement crimes are mostly unit accountants and cashiers , Bribery crimes are mostly cadres with administrative examination and approval authority . For example, a toll collector in the Finance Department of a hospital in Chongqing used it POS machine 14 Illegal cash out for months 27 More than RMB , The cashier and accountant of a subordinate enterprise in Donghuan street, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province , Misappropriate public funds 3210 Ten thousand yuan 、 Embezzlement of public funds 14 Ten thousand yuan .
   In terms of means and plot , Some young cadres' violation of discipline and law is relatively simple and direct , By virtue of his position “ Open up the road of wealth ”、 Quick liquidation . There are fewer young cadres “ Roundabout ”, But through fake signatures 、 Get money by asking for money directly , Even transfer the unit funds directly into their own bank accounts . A small number of young cadres take advantage of higher education 、 High skill crime , For example, Mu Yulong, former cadre of the social security center of organs and institutions in Hualong District, Puyang City, Henan Province , The two-dimensional code of unit charges is modified to personal Alipay two-dimensional code. , Illegal collection of supplementary pension insurance premiums paid by organs and institutions in the jurisdiction 60 More than ten thousand yuan .
   In terms of motivation , Some young cadres are crazy about making money , The motivation includes game recharge 、 Reward the anchor 、 Pay off gambling debts 、 Obsessed with luxury goods 、“ official career ” Frustrated plot “ Qian Dao ” etc. . For example, Yin Yifan, the financial director of a state-owned holding company in Liuhe Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, misappropriated public funds for game recharge 、 Reward female anchor and other personal consumption , The total amount is 174 More than RMB . Zhu Honghu, deputy director of the construction administration bureau of Xiangcheng economic and Technological Development Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, thinks he has strong working ability , Should have been promoted to a higher position , stay “ Has been marginalized ”“ There is no hope in official career ” In the rumor of , Produced “ Politically hopeless 、 Make up for... Financially ” The idea of , Embark on the road of corruption .




Corruption of young cadres , Exposed loopholes in the system and lack of supervision , And some people's ideals and beliefs collapse , Values are misplaced and distorted , The consciousness of discipline and law is indifferent

   Some local departments and units lack supervision , The system is nothing , Some young cadres are waiting for the opportunity to steal from themselves 、 Act recklessly and care for nobody . If you use the financial seal of the management company 、 cash cheque 、 The convenience of standby cash , Take measures to retain the company's cash income 、 Use the company's petty cash without permission , Misappropriate public funds for up to 10 years , Until the town finance branch carried out financial audit on the company , Yin Yifan just voluntarily surrendered .
   Some young cadres mistakenly regard the pursuit of pleasure as their life goal , Mistakenly using jobs as a tool for making money , Mistake bad habits for hobbies , Finally, he was defeated in front of all kinds of temptations .
   Yongping village, Xinba Town, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province “90 after ” Zhao Yu, the accountant of the United team, came into contact with a car rental APP after , Successively rented Audi A6、 BMW 530、 Toyota domineering and other high-end cars . To meet its “ Luxury car dream ”, Zhao Yu misappropriates the funds of the village group 72 Ten thousand yuan ,40 More than 10000 yuan for car rental . This year was “ stripped of Party membership and expelled from public office ” Xionghe Town, Jiangling County, Hubei Province “80 after ” Zhu zuoreng, Secretary of the Party committee, wrote in his confession : I used to smoke 4 block 5 A pack of cigarettes for a dime , Become mayor 、 After the Secretary , Not yellow crane tower 1916 Don't smoke cigarettes ; I never used to buy clothes in specialty stores , Later, I didn't wear famous brand clothes . Inflated greed , Let him fail in the face of Temptation .
   Some of the young cadres investigated and punished do not know the discipline and law 、 Ignorance and fearlessness , I don't even know if I broke the law .
   Liuzhou, Guangxi “80 after ” Cadre Zhou Runzhi , He is the former relevant person in charge of the northern Ecological New Area Branch of the municipal urban administration and Law Enforcement Bureau . Qin and CAI, who are engaged in earthwork business , In order to make its project avoid fines , Through Zeng Mingjun, the former director of Xincheng police station of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Zhou Runzhi was persuaded again and again “ water ”.2017 end of the year , Zhou Runzhi 、 Zeng Mingjun successively received the benefits from the two men 20 Ten thousand yuan 、18 Ten thousand yuan . In the face of such a large amount of money , Zhou Runzhi also struggled in her heart , Zeng Mingjun said :“ All this money is the project profit earned by the boss , It's the reward of hard work , It's not embezzling state property , There's nothing to worry about .” In the face of such absurd statements , As a national cadre, Zhou Runzhi believes in it , Weak awareness of Party discipline and state law 、 In the face of power , It led her to gradually fall into the abyss .
  “ I thought 20 Ten thousand is a box of paper , My mind went blank . If we strengthen the study of discipline and law knowledge at ordinary times , If I don't listen to others , If ……” Zhou Runzhi regretted it when she was detained .
   Liu Mingxin ,“80 after ”,2005 year 4 In June, he worked in the Finance Bureau of Fusui County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region . Due to strong business ability , Soon served as the deputy director of the treasury centralized payment center of the Bureau . With the increasing familiarity with work , Liu Mingxin found that he could take advantage of loopholes in management to make profits for himself .2015 year 6 Month to 2017 year 2 month , Liu Mingxin took advantage of his position , Falsify the purpose of the money , Embezzlement of public funds 1592.9 Ten thousand yuan . In the confession , Liu Mingxin said that he lacked study of legal knowledge , For the purpose of making up money 、 There is no clear understanding of the legal consequences of embezzlement of public funds . Liu Mingxin lacks awe of discipline and law 、 Steal what is entrusted to one's care , Finally, he was imprisoned for violating party discipline and state law , Paid a heavy price .


The Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of Anren County, Hunan Province strengthened the training and education of young cadres , Regularly organize and carry out study and exchange activities of Party History , Strengthen the ideals and beliefs of young discipline inspection and supervision cadres , Enhance the ability to resist corruption and prevent change . Huang Wei taken   


In the new year, a group of young cadres move to leading positions , We should train and select , We should also manage and supervise the continuous education

   Young cadres and successors of the party and the country . This year is the year of change , a large number “80 after ”“90 after ” even to the extent that “95 after ” Young cadres take up leadership positions . For young cadres , We should train and select , We should also manage and supervise the continuous education .
   Job adjustment period , It is often also a period of active thought . Especially young cadres , All the way with the wind and water , Once in “ High position ”, It's easy to relax your vigilance under flattery , Lose yourself in the crisscross . Investigation and punishment of Chongzuo Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 26 name 40 Analyze the typical cases of discipline violation and law violation of young cadres under the age of , Strengthen the education and supervision of young cadres as a case to promote reform 、 The important content of promoting governance with cases , Focus on new recruits of young cadres 、 New promotion and other key links , We will strengthen education in clean government , Urge to strengthen the study of the party constitution, rules and discipline , Consciously button up the first button for honest politics .


   The Discipline Inspection Commission of Dafeng District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province pays close attention to the violation of discipline and law by young cadres , The picture shows the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision organizing young cadres to visit the clean government education base . Xu Chen taken
   The investigation and punishment of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Yantai City, Shandong Province 40 Public exposure of typical cases of discipline and law violating cadres under the age of , Form a strong deterrent ; While seriously investigating and dealing with , For industries where young cadres are prone to problems 、 Position , Accurate pulse 、 Find the crux , Urge relevant units to accelerate mechanism reform and system construction .
   The occurrence of corruption cases of some young cadres , Exposed the institutional weaknesses and regulatory loopholes of relevant units . After Liu Mingxin's crime , Party secretary of Fusui County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision 、 Director Bu Guoguang , Lin Yong, deputy director of the County Finance Bureau 、 Quan Xiaoqing, etc 5 People are accountable , Issue supervision proposal to the County Finance Bureau , It is required to address the loopholes in the system , Formulate regulations for issuing documents , Layer by layer compaction responsibility .
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