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"2022 annual meeting of Chinese listed companies" press conference, held!

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Seek high-quality development together “2022 Annual meeting of Chinese listed companies ” The conference was held in Beijing

12 month 18 Japan , Guided by China Association of listed companies 、 Hosted by Xinhuanet “2022 Annual meeting of Chinese listed companies ” The press conference was held in Beijing . Industry experts and scholars 、 The person in charge of the listed company and the representatives of the news media jointly attended the meeting through online and offline forms , Improve the governance level of listed companies 、 Promote listed companies to become better and stronger 、 And enhance core competitiveness , Contribute wisdom to the high-quality development of listed companies .

Song Zhiping, President of China Association of listed companies, pointed out in his speech that , The listed company “ Walk with high-quality development ” Our business philosophy has reached a consensus in the whole market . He thinks that , As part of the real economy “ Basic disk ”, Listed companies should fully demonstrate “ Heavy country ” Social responsibility and corporate responsibility , Continuously strengthen the endogenous driving force of enterprise development , Help promote the steady improvement of quality and reasonable growth of quantity of the economy .

“ Continue to promote the improvement of the quality of listed companies , All parties need to work together , Make the most of your expertise .” Chairman of Xinhuanet 、 President Liu Jian said in his speech , High quality development of capital market and listed companies , It is inseparable from the supply of high-quality information and the potential energy of all media communication .“ We will share the same frequency with China Association of listed companies , Jointly guide listed companies to fulfill the main responsibility of high-quality development . We will continue to work with the industry on the road of high-quality development , Empower listed companies , Contribute to the development and expansion of China's multi-level capital market .”

Member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee of Xinhuanet 、 Chief editor Qian Tong said ,“ The capital market is growing in deepening reform , Become one of the most dynamic areas of China's economy , The capital market is also the focus of our media industry 、 The news that competes to report is rich in minerals .” Xinhuanet will provide consulting services for enterprise brand building and promotion , And provide accurate information services 、 Exclusive original column , Show the surging positive energy contributed by Chinese listed companies to promote economic and social development for the majority of netizens .

Secretary of the Party committee of China Association of listed companies 、 Liu Lei, executive vice president, believes that , Do a good job in the publicity of listed companies at the right time , And promising .“ Build a news publicity platform for listed companies , It will help the public to have a comprehensive understanding of listed companies , Actively create a good public opinion atmosphere in which the whole society cares about and supports listed companies to achieve high-quality development .” He said , I hope the mass media will work with the Association , Give full play to the advantages of media platform , Show the social value and investment value of Listed Companies in an all-round way .

conference , Xinhuanet has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Association of listed companies , Announced the official launch of the Xinhua listed company channel . The channel of listed companies is jointly sponsored by Xinhuanet and China Association of listed companies , The channel will focus on the dynamics of listed companies and entrepreneur groups , Fully report and tap the high-quality development models of the real economy , Focus on industrial development 、 Technological innovation 、ESG、 Digital transformation 、 Party building and other hot topics , Continue to plan and launch corresponding news reports and financial media products .

Besides , At the meeting, China Association of listed companies and China Securities Index company jointly released 《 Listed companies in China ESG Development white paper 》(2021 year ).《 white paper 》 From the environment 、 social 、 Disclosure of enterprise development from the perspective of corporate governance , Demonstrate the transparency of corporate sustainability and social responsibility practices , Guide enterprises to implement the sustainable strategy in their work , Provide direction and driving force for the normal development of the whole society .

Also released on the same day 《 Shanghai and Shenzhen A White paper on market value analysis of listed companies (2021)》. Former deputy director of Policy Research Office of China Securities Regulatory Commission 、 Professor of Tongji University 、 Doctoral supervisor Huang Yuncheng introduced at the press conference 《 white paper 》 Related content .

The press conference was also held to “ How do listed companies practice ESG”、“‘ National tide ’ Surging , How do listed companies take advantage of the situation to break the circle ” Two round table forums themed , The participating experts and entrepreneurs provided in-depth experience for the high-quality development of listed companies 、 multivariate 、 Cutting edge views collide .

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