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Alibaba investor day: global business Mau accelerates the overseas development of the world's fourth cloud computing Logistics

2022-02-03 14:38:26 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 18 Daily news , recently , Zhang Yong, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Alibaba group, was in 2021 Alibaba investor day said ,“ In a globalized market , Alibaba through a variety of modes , In multiple regional and national markets , Adopt multi brand management to meet the needs of local consumers .”

Influenced by global COVID-19 , Alibaba held its second investor day online . Zhang Yong systematically interpreted Alibaba's three strategies to analysts and investors from around the world “ domestic market demand 、 Globalization and high technology ” progress .

according to 11 month 18 Alibaba released 2022 Fiscal second quarter results , Alibaba's global business grew year-on-year 41%, Extensive coverage of the world 200 Countries and regions . By 2021 year 9 month 30 Diurnal 12 Months ,Lazada、AliExpress( Express Link )、Trendyol And Daraz Strong growth , The number of active consumers reached 2.85 Billion , Exclude unpaid order year GMV Cumulatively up to 441 Billion dollars , Orders grew year on year 62%.

according to the understanding of , Number of active users per month (MAU) The angle of , Alibaba's overseas business platforms are on the global market TOP 20 MAU Ranking List , After summation , Overall overseas of Alibaba's global business MAU Ranked fourth in the world .

In the Southeast Asian market , Alibaba promotes cross-border business through the development of local e-commerce , Make use of the advantages of China's supply chain to develop overseas . at present ,Lazada In Indonesia 、 Malaysia 、 the Philippines 、 Singapore 、 Thailand and Vietnam conduct business in six major markets in Southeast Asia .

In the European market , Starting from cross-border business AliExpress In recent years, we have vigorously expanded localization services in key European countries , Form multi-dimensional local supply and cross-border commodity supply .

“ Overseas business Trendyol Just successfully completed private placement financing , Got oversubscribed .” Wu Wei, chief financial officer of Alibaba, introduced ,“ This round of financing is Trendyol In the future, the capital needs including M & A activities provide support , It also makes the motivation and motivation of management and employees Trendyol Our future growth prospects are more uniform .”

In recent years , Alibaba has also increased investment in logistics and other infrastructure around the world . From cross-border nodes to capacity dispatching capacity , From the construction of localized delivery network to the construction of terminal self delivery cabinet in Europe , Rookies build logistics infrastructure around the whole overseas business .

Zhang Jianfeng, Alibaba cloud intelligent president, is in 17 Investors on the day shared Alibaba cloud's internationalization progress , Alibaba cloud is accelerating the expansion of overseas markets , Revenue growth in the Southeast Asian market exceeded 60%.

He said , This year, Alibaba cloud upgraded its overseas organizational structure , Establish a national manager system with the state as the unit , Higher quality service to the local market ,“ Our service team 、 The solution team is gradually localizing , This is a very important step in our internationalization process .”

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