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Ali announced the goal of carbon neutralization: by 2030, its own carbon neutralization will drive the ecological carbon reduction by 1.5 billion tons in 15 years

2022-02-03 15:12:41 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 18 Daily news , recently , stay 12 month 17 Investor day , Alibaba officially released 《 Alibaba carbon neutral action report 》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 The report 》), Facing the future , Put forward three major objectives : No later than 2030 Achieve carbon neutrality in their own operations in ; No later than 2030 The carbon emission intensity of upstream and downstream value chains will be halved by , Take the lead in realizing carbon neutrality of cloud computing , Become a green cloud ; use 15 Year time , Drive ecological carbon reduction with the power of the platform 15 One hundred million tons of .

Range 1、2、3 It is an internationally accepted standard for delineating the scope of carbon emission reduction . On this basis , Alibaba pioneered “ Range 3+” Concept , Is the biggest highlight of this report . According to the report , Energy transformation 、 Science and technology innovation 、 Participant economies , It will become the core direction of the next efforts around carbon neutralization .

Zhang Yong, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors and CEO, said , This is a solemn commitment to Ali and society .“ Despite the challenges , But we are convinced that , The sustainable future will be a circular economy driven by new technologies and new energy , It is Alibaba's self requirement as a responsible technology company .”

According to the third-party carbon inventory results ,2020 year , Alibaba's total greenhouse gas emissions 951.4 Ten thousand tons of , among , Direct greenhouse gas emissions within the control of the company entity ( namely “ Range 1”)、 Greenhouse gas emissions from operating electricity ( namely “ Range 2”) Respectively 51.0 10000 tons and 371.0 Ten thousand tons of .

For their own carbon emissions at the operational level ,《 The report 》 It is proposed to reduce emissions mainly through targeted efficiency improvement 、 Vigorously use clean energy and carbon elimination 、 Carbon offset and other ways to achieve .

Alibaba plans to 2030 Years ago , Replace all self owned short haul fuel vehicles with electric vehicles , At the same time, accelerate the intellectualization of logistics transportation tools , Including the expansion of electric persona free vehicles “ Little donkey ” Coverage of , Accelerate the self driving truck “ Big donkey ” Research and development progress .

meanwhile , Put digital technology into the construction of green parks on a larger scale , Promote more energy conservation and carbon reduction in parks . at present , Smart Internet of things and sensors are widely used in Ali park , Can adjust the air conditioner according to the flow of people 、 The light ; future , All parks will be self built LEED( gold ) Certification and Chinese green building standards .《 The report 》 Show , In the past two years, , The per capita energy consumption of Alibaba employees has decreased 10% above .

Alibaba promises , No later than 2030 year , take “ Range 3” Reduce the intensity of carbon emissions to 2020 Annual level 50%. among , Alibaba cloud as a digital infrastructure , In working with Alibaba to achieve the scope 1 And scope 2 Based on carbon neutralization , Take the lead in realizing the scope 3 Carbon neutralization , Become a green cloud .

So , Alibaba will further promote the low-carbon development of cloud computing data center and logistics . Accenture data shows , When an enterprise deploys locally IT Shift to cloud infrastructure , Average carbon reduction 84%. In energy use , Alibaba promises to start from 2030 From the year onwards , Cloud computing power supply will 100% Use clean energy .

Logistics field , Over the past few years , Rookie electronic noodle list has been applied to more than 1000 100 million Express , The intelligent packing algorithm has been 5.3 Million packages “ Slimming ”. Facing the future , Suppliers who can provide electric transportation services and green packaging will become the first choice of rookies .

Reduce the carbon footprint of employee travel and travel , It will also become the direction of corporate system innovation . Ali said , stay 14 Under different scenarios , Encourage employees to reduce carbon emissions through a series of innovative mechanisms , Including carpooling 、 Take the company bus, etc . Before this year 10 Months , There are more than 9 Million employees have participated in carpooling travel .

On the specific carbon reduction path , Ali proposed “ Direct carbon reduction takes precedence over the elimination of , Elimination takes precedence over offset ” The big principle of .

The report also points out that , Because at present, the vast majority of businesses are in emerging economies dominated by China , Urbanization and digitization are growing rapidly , Alibaba will insist on “ Reducing carbon in development ”, Choose the most suitable way to reduce emissions , The first decade of the journey to carbon neutrality .

To ensure that the carbon reduction target is achieved on schedule , Alibaba has also set up a new three-tier governance structure : At the board level , Establishment of the Commission on sustainable development ; meanwhile , Set up a sustainable development management committee to be responsible for daily overall planning and management ; In each business unit , To set up ESG( Environmental Science 、 Social and corporate governance ) Working group .

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