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St releases gallium nitride power semiconductor powergan series

2022-02-03 15:12:44 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 18 Daily news , Italian French semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, abbreviation ST) Launched a new series —— Gallium nitride (GaN) Power semiconductor . This series of products belong to the products of Italian French semiconductor STPOWER Product portfolio , It can significantly reduce the energy consumption and size of various electronic products . The target applications of this series include the built-in power supply of consumer electronics , for example , The charger 、PC External power adapter 、LED Lighting driver 、 Television and other household appliances . The global output of built-in power supply for consumer electronics is very large , If you improve energy efficiency , Can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions . In higher power applications , Italian semiconductor PowerGaN The device is also suitable for telecommunication power supply 、 Industrial drive motor 、 Solar inverters 、 Electric vehicles and their charging facilities .

Vice president of Italian French semiconductor automotive and discrete device products department 、 Manager of power transistor division Edoardo Merli Express :“ be based on GaN The commercialization of products is the next critical stage of power semiconductors , We are ready to unleash this exciting technological potential . today ,ST Released STPOWER The first product in the new series of the product portfolio , For consumption 、 Industrial and automotive power supplies bring breakthrough performance . We will gradually expand PowerGaN Product portfolio , So that customers anywhere can design more efficient 、 Smaller power supply .”

Gallium nitride (GaN) It is a wide band gap composite semiconductor material , The voltage withstand capacity is much higher than that of traditional silicon materials , And it will not affect the performance of on resistance , Therefore, the conduction loss can be reduced . Besides ,GaN The switching efficiency of the product is also higher than that of silicon-based transistors , Thus, very low switching loss can be obtained . Higher switching frequency means that the application circuit can use smaller passive components . All these advantages enable designers to reduce the total loss of power converter ( Reduce heat ), Improve energy efficiency . therefore ,GaN It can better support the lightweight of electronic products , for instance , Compared with the common chargers nowadays , use GaN Transistor's PC The power adapter is smaller 、 Lighter .

According to the calculation of the third party , In the use of GaN After device , The standard mobile phone charger can reduce weight at most 40%, Or output more power under the condition of the same size , Similar performance improvements can be achieved in terms of energy efficiency and power density , Suitable for consumption 、 Industry 、 Cars and other electronic products .

As a new product of Italian French semiconductor G-HEMT The first product in the transistor family ,650V SGT120R65AL have 120 Maximum on resistance of milliohm (Rds(on))、15A Maximum output current and optimized gate driven Kelvin source pin . The product currently adopts industry standard PowerFLAT 5×6 HV Compact mount package , Its typical application is PC Adapter 、USB Wall charger and wireless charging .

Under development 650V GaN Transistors are now provided with engineering samples , among 120 Milliohm Rds(on) Of SGT120R65A2S use 2SPAK Advanced laminated packaging , The wire bonding process is cancelled , It improves the energy efficiency and reliability of high-power and high-frequency applications ,SGT65R65AL and SGT65R65A2S The on resistance of is 65 Milliohm Rds(on), We adopt PowerFLAT 5×6 HV and 2SPAK encapsulation . These products are expected in 2022 Mass production in the second half of .

Besides ,G-FET The series also introduces a new cascode GaN The transistor SGT250R65ALCS, use PQFN 5×6 encapsulation , The on resistance is 250 Milliohm Rds(on), Will be in 2022 Provide samples in the third quarter of 2013

G-FET Transistor series is a very fast 、 Ultralow Qrr、 Steady GaN Cascode or d Pattern FET, With standard silicon gate drive , Applicable to various power supply designs .

G-HEMT Transistor series is a kind of ultrafast 、 zero Qrr Enhanced mode of HEMT, Parallel connection is simple , Very suitable for applications with very high frequency and power .

G-FET and G-HEMT All belong to STPOWER Of the product portfolio PowerGaN series .

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