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Renesas electronics launches a new vehicle actuator and sensor control MCU

2022-02-03 15:12:46 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 18 Daily news , Renesas Electronics Group recently announced , Launch two new microcontrollers (MCU)——RL78/F24 and RL78/F23, Designed for automotive actuator and sensor control applications , Support the next generation of electronic and electrical (E/E) Evolving edge applications in Architecture . With the new RL78/F24 and RL78/F23, Reza expanded RL78 low power consumption 16 position MCU Product family , Reinforces Renesas's extensive automotive electronics camp , Provide customers with high reliability in fields from actuator to area control 、 High performance solutions .

With the expansion of electronic and electrical architecture to regional and domain control applications , Control mechanisms are also evolving , To adapt to the body control function of the vehicle system , Such as lighting 、 Windows and mirrors , Motor control of engine pump and fan , And multi-sensor control . Looking forward to the future , The high-speed and secure connection of area and domain controllers will be the edge electronic control unit (ECU) The key task of . Reza's next generation RL78/F24 and RL78/F23 MCU With rich connectivity 、 Enhanced network security and functional security performance , It meets the changing technical requirements of actuator and sensor control . New product support CAN FD High speed communication protocol (RL78/F24) and EVITA-Light safety standards , And according to the requirements of ISO 26262 Functional safety standards ASIL-B The system with grade requirements is optimized .

Naoki Yoshida, vice president of digital product marketing division of Renesas, said :“ The development of electronic and electrical architecture has added new pressure to the already heavy development burden , Our customers have a high demand for efficient development of actuators . Renesas new actuator and sensor control MCU With our popular RL78/F14 and RL78/F13 Based on , Allow developers to reuse most of the existing software , Continue to promote the evolution of electronic and electrical architecture while reducing costs .”

The future of automotive system design lies in taking the vehicle as the center , Area oriented electronic and electrical architecture , This transformation has further stimulated the demand for higher-order functions and superior performance in the application of actuator controller . new type RL78/F24 and RL78/F23 The working frequency is about... Higher than that of the previous generation 70%, Make brushless motor control (BLDC) More than double the performance of the application . Renesas has also enhanced the hardware accelerator and clock functions for motor control , And added a 12 position A/D converter , Achieve the enhancements and performance levels customers need .

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RL78/F24 and RL78/F23 Will be in 2022 year 4 Samples will be provided in January , And plan to 2023 Put into mass production in the second half of the year .

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