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Cheating in marriage, whoring, dating minors... What kind of Wang Leehom did Li Lianglei accuse

2022-02-03 15:15:46 Sogou wechat

17 Friday night 23 spot , Wang Leehom's ex-wife Li Lianglei sent a text on her microblog to bombard Wang Leehom , Pointing directly at the various rumors about their marriage spread by netizens before , Including but not limited to cheating 、 Cold violence, etc . Once the microblog is sent out, it quickly boarded the hot search , meanwhile “ Leehom Wang derailed ” And other topics quickly soared to the top of the hot search list . Infiniti announced the cancellation of its cooperation with Wang Leehom for the first time . Wang Leehom in Li Lianglei's microblog , What kind of image ?


1 When Li Lianglei met Wang Leehom, they were minors .
2 With a girlfriend , Call Li Lianglei at two in the middle of the night and ask if you want to sleep with him .
3 Wang Leehom whores . Li Lianglei proposed to separate , Wang Leehom has repeatedly promised that he will not commit .
4 Don't go home after the concert , Run and celebrate with others , After being found indecent photos .
5 Having an extramarital relationship with a married girl with children after marriage , Partners cheat other people's husbands .
6 Leehom Wang recorded the characteristics of his clients , There are a few like the staff around me .
7 The reason for divorce is fear of meeting the girl you like , I'm afraid that girls will be said to be wronged by junior three .
8 Marriage is full of doubt and cold violence . The child's birthday is absent , Absence from important festivals .
9 Leave yourself alone after the accident , Clarify for yourself , But ignore the negative news of the people around you .
10 Birth after marriage , Three in five years , Then he cheated many times in his marriage . 
11 They sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage , The house is under the name of Wang Leehom , The car is under the man's mother's name . The money earned together after marriage is also transferred very cleanly .

time axis :
2013 year 11 month 27 Japan , Wang Leehom announced his marriage registration with Li Lianglei . When two people fall in love openly , Leehom Wang used to perform in concerts “ Pull up ” Kiss the woman , Very sweet .
2014 year 5 month 18 Japan , Leehom Wang announced that Li Lianglei was pregnant ;7 month 9 Japan , Wang Leehom's daughter, Carrie Wang, was born .
2016 year 2 month 17 Japan , Leehom Wang confirmed that his wife Li Lianglei was pregnant with a second child ;10 month 7 Japan , Li Lianglei gave birth to her daughter in the United States , Named Wang Jiana .
2018 year 4 month 14 Japan ,“ Descendants of the dragon 2060” The live concert , Leehom Wang announced 2018 In the summer of, I will have my third child , This day happens to be Li Lianglei's birthday .
2018 year 8 month 24 Japan , Leehom Wang announced that his wife Li Lianglei gave birth to a son , Named Wang Jiayao .
2021 year 12 month 15 Japan Wang Leehom admitted to divorce his wife on Weibo , He said he hoped the outside world would give privacy and space .


source : Upstream news

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