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HowNet responded to scholars' infringement complaints: when studying the rectification plan, it can not be solved in a day or two. It is busy to zero every day

2022-02-03 15:36:48 TechWeb

12 month 18 Daily news , According to Changjiang Daily ,12 month 17 Japan , Major, a young scholar from Wuhan, called CNKI to discuss the issue , The answer is : In the research program , It can't be solved in a day or two , Busy till 0:00 every day .

Recently, CNKI has been on the cusp of public opinion for many times , At first it was 89 Zhao Dexin, a 20-year-old Professor, included his 100 Many papers Sue HowNet , In the end 70 Ten thousand yuan . HowNet said , Sincerely accept from the author 、 Criticism from the media and all sectors of society , Comprehensively check the copyright protection and use authorization methods under the Internet format , Carefully analyze the deficiencies, defects and loopholes in each link of the copyright authorization chain , Listen to legal experts with an open mind 、 Opinions and suggestions of scholars and publishing institutions , Strictly implement relevant laws, regulations and policy requirements , Face up to the problem together with the editors and publishers of academic journals 、 solve the problem . Besides , About Professor Zhao Dexin's works , HowNet said it would actively communicate with Professor Zhao Dexin with relevant periodical editors and publishers , Properly handle the problem that Professor Zhao Dexin's works continue to spread on HowNet platform .

Later, writer Chen Yingsong said that he was ready to sue CNKI , Said the website included its 300 Many articles , And most of them without his consent , Some articles have been downloaded hundreds of times .

Now there is 80 Later scholar major said that there are 100 Many articles have been included by CNKI , But whether it's CNKI or journals , Never signed an authorization agreement with him .17 The morning of , Meggie dialed the number to inform the legal department of CNKI , The other party made it clear : Check with the journal whether the articles included have been authorized by the author , If the author signs an authorization agreement with the Journal , The author also agrees that the journal authorizes... To third parties , This is no problem .

When asked what to do without the authorization of the author , The reply given by the legal department of CNKI on the phone is : The works collected by HowNet are authorized by the journal , The author's contribution fee is paid to the Journal . If the journal does not pay the author for this part , HowNet will actively urge the other party to pay in time , Try to give a reply within one month . The other party also reminded major to contact the journal to prove that he was the author , It's best to have a writer's certificate and other materials to prove .

Who published major's article 《 Literary newspaper 》 call ,《 Literary newspaper 》2015 Since, it has signed a license agreement with HowNet , And the authorized content is limited to the job works of the staff of the unit . For the author's article , Are not authorized to HowNet .“ If HowNet included major's articles , signify 《 Literary newspaper 》 It was also infringed .”

Someone who has published major's article on the study of modern literature C The relevant person in charge of the magazine said , Every issue of the journal has a statement : This journal has licensed Chinese academic journals ( CD version ) E-magazine disseminates the full text of this magazine on China HowNet , The Copyright Royalties of the society shall be paid together with the royalties of this journal ,“ There is no possibility of making up the remuneration ”.

When major called chinahownet to ask for an explanation , HowNet staff repeatedly verified his identity information , Including name, 、 Work unit 、 Publications that publish articles, etc , Ask why , Explanation of the other party ,“ Too many authors have complained recently , Including some fake authors to ask for royalties .” China HowNet staff told major on the phone , The main idea is : At present, their main energy is to study the rectification plan , It's a historical question , It is also a problem faced by the whole industry , It can't be solved in a day or two , It needs to be rectified slowly , Recently, I work overtime to zero every day to deal with this matter .

CNKI was founded in 1999 year , Tsinghua University 、 Tsinghua and Fang jointly initiated , The goal is to realize the dissemination, sharing and Value-added Utilization of knowledge resources in the whole society . Its chairman Wang Mingliang once proposed “ Building China's knowledge infrastructure project ”, HowNet has built the largest full-text information network in the world “CNKI Digital Library ”.

China HowNet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Tongfang Co., Ltd ,2020 Annual financial report , The main business income of Tongfang HowNet is 11.68 One hundred million yuan , The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company is about 1.93 One hundred million yuan , Gross profit margin for 53.93%. First half of this year , Tongfang HowNet's main business income is about 4.96 One hundred million yuan , The gross profit margin has also reached 51.3%. Such gross profit margin , Above the level of many high-tech companies .

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