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Tencent: WeChat's sweeping code will be changed dramatically, and no official account is required.

2022-02-03 15:37:06 TechWeb

12 month 18 Daily news , Nowadays, many restaurants offer mobile phone code scanning and ordering services , Although the service provides users with a certain degree of convenient experience , However, the resulting decline in the quality of catering services 、 Consumer group discrimination 、 Personal information leaks 、 Forced attention to official account and other issues followed. .

According to the official account of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee , This year, 4 month , Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission has repeatedly called for “ Restaurants should not collect or collect as little consumer information as possible ”.

This year, 3 In June, the China Consumer Association said ,“ Scan and order ” Should not be “ Single topic selection ”, alert “ Convenient consumption ” become “ Consumption trouble ”. China Consumer Association points out , Available only “ Scan and order ” Suspected of excessive collection of consumer personal information , Infringed upon the fair trading rights of consumers , Failure to provide on-site menus is detrimental to consumers' right to know , The application of new technologies should not become an obstacle to the consumption of special consumer groups .

It was originally an option that can either scan the code and order meals or order meals manually , Now it has become a disguise “ mandatory ” Scan and order . What's more disturbing is , There are also traps of forced attention and information harvesting behind code scanning and ordering .

Regarding this , The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission believes that , Code scanning and ordering shall be based on the premise of not obtaining or obtaining as little consumer information as possible , The restaurant shall also provide manual ordering options .

In recent days, , Tencent pushed the self-examination to developers “ Scan code ordering official account ” Notification of problems .

Notice points out , The platform reminds developers to check whether they exist “ Official account for sweeping code ordering ” problem , And make timely rectification , Provide users with a good ordering experience . Platform will be 2022 year 1 month 17 The verification of such problems began on the th , The official account number will be restricted to open the official account number by two dimensional code. .


Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission said it would continue to pay attention to the progress , Listen to consumer feedback , And organize relevant consumption surveys .

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