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Goodbye, 2021

2022-02-03 16:17:47 MinyaChan

「 Time is not negative , Create constantly , This article is participating in 2021 Year end summary essay contest


Back to the front

Before school , I have worked on front-end development for some time , Because I had to continue reading , I don't have many ideas about the future . The summer vacation before graduation , Or as a product intern for some time , Although it can still be officially retained , But I still want to keep trying , Fighting a desperate .

For the sake of stability , I chose FE and PM Two ways to go .PM It still depends on education and experience , Or you have a good education , Or you have a good experience , Otherwise, it is difficult to enter an ideal position to be PM, On the whole , The interview process also tends to be metaphysical . PM Unless the experience is very appropriate , Otherwise, as a school enrollment , In the interview process, pay more attention to the communication between the interviewer and you , Whether the interviewer agrees with what you say , The content tends to be subjective .

Technology is different , As long as you can , Then you will , Others can't find your fault . Compared with PM Interview ,FE During the interview , Peace of mind . In the process of school recruitment , It feels wonderful . Because I was still working on products , Advance every day 1 Go to the company for review in an hour js Most of them review the knowledge of the front end , It may also be because of the experience of front-end development before school , Although I forgot a lot of knowledge , But the foundation is still , So it's hard to review .

The algorithm is basically lying in the past , Bytes to three sides , The interviewer told me that I still had to learn algorithms , After all, there are too many people , This is the screening process . Listen to this , My heart is half cold , But think about it . The interview is a two-way process , In addition, there is no prepared algorithm , Since the other party pays so much attention to algorithm , It means we don't match , There is no need to force .

Maybe it's because I'm satisfied with the result , Or I didn't expect , The interview mentality is also relatively calm . In the process, he even chatted with the interviewer on his own initiative , Ask him about work . It may also be because I have a relatively calm attitude towards the interview , I feel the interview performance is still good ok, In my mind, the two companies I want to go to finally passed , Got the ideal result in my mind .

Since joining the company

Since graduation and employment , Took over large and small needs . Thank you mentor And the care of colleagues in the group , The atmosphere in the group is very good , Ask them about work , Technical content , They really want to teach me , I'm afraid I won't , Can be very patient guidance . After all, fast 3 I haven't written about the demand of the front end in , I'm revitalizing my previous memory bit by bit . Before entering the position , I'm afraid I haven't written the front-end requirements for too long , Strange , Afraid of being laughed at by colleagues , Afraid of being looked down upon by others , So I took offer I haven't dared to practice since . Actually , None of this happened after the actual employment , On the contrary, people will think you are a school enrollment , I have no expectations for you .

After putting down the burden , Just move forward boldly , Ask no questions , Barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes . Multiple documents , Ask more questions , Learn more , See more . Find the gap between yourself and other colleagues in the group , It's because of so many years of work experience , Just get familiar with it . You will also see your progress and efforts , Everyone has a very equal dialogue , Thanks again to the colleagues in the group . During the probationary period a while ago ,GM Tell us to give full play to the power of the platform , Came to such a platform , Don't focus on the group , And other departments , other bg Communicate . Even so , I think what she said is very reasonable , But I still can't lose face , Ask some white questions in a large group of thousands of people ...

I'm getting familiar with the business , Although I still don't know much about the overall system , But first dish up the contents you have taken over . The incoming node is just the node separated by the front and back end reconstruction , A lot of refactoring needs are met . No previous materials have been left , It's what you do .

In that case , Give play to the handicraft ability of your products , Own flower prototype , Do it yourself , Find out some functions of the original system , Only by perfectly reproducing the original function can it really be regarded as regression and reconstruction . While forcing yourself to be familiar with the system , Don't lose the guy you may eat in the future .

Sometimes I put forward some improved functions for myself , Draw your own prototype , Being joked by products that they have realized closed-loop R & D . Although it's a joke , But I still hope I can work hard in this direction , Make one π Glyph people .

Self-motivated forward

After really returning to the front-end field , I suddenly recall why I wanted to be the front end at that time ?

One is , There are no front-end people in the team , Go to the front end ;

Two is , Find what you see is what you get , It's exciting to give you that kind of positive feedback ;

The third is , May have the same experience as making products , Really see others use what you do , I have a great sense of personal achievement .

Recall the original intention of being the front end , I suddenly remembered when I was a Junior , The excitement of reading the front-end book all the time , Move forward a little bit every day , A little bit of progress . During the interview , When chatting with the interviewer , Keep telling me , The foundation of technology is the most important , The most basic html、css and js It's really important .

See the front-end trend in the past two years , It feels like a bit of a way to recreate the backstage , Single measurement 、 Micro front end and so on , Too many things , Frameworks emerge in endlessly , But everything changes js. Put... In a down-to-earth manner js It's important to finish .

secondly , See what others wrote css, I found that everyone js strong , But they all ignored the other two swordsmen at the front ,html、css, The basic layout is a mess . But I can't blame others , After all, the whole front-end environment is like this , What front-end framework do you pay attention to ,node,webpack All kinds of Engineering magical things , Often right css But I don't pay much attention to , even css The style and writing order are chaotic . The front end still needs to lay the foundation of the most basic three piece set , A solid , Everything is not afraid .

Balance WLB

“ Inner volume can not produce new value .” To be honest , I can be regarded as a person who doesn't roll , morning 10. Go to work , evening 7. Just get off work . This may be because during the internship , Once was leader diss say Working overtime is a sign of inefficiency , Although this sentence is biased , After all, it may be a real need to rush , Demand busy , But I wrote down this sentence deeply , After that, once it's done, I won't stay long .

In fact, every time , Some of my colleagues in my group are still sitting neatly , When I picked up my schoolbag and left, I was still a little counselled , After all, the new school enrollment . This caused me to think , Why care what others think ? Of course , I mean , What other people think of your behavior of leaving work when you finish your work , I'm not in charge of it , Now that I have finished my work , I have an account on , Then why should I bother to worry about other people's opinions ?

The biggest gain this year is It's stoic's control trisection

  1. For things I have complete control , Try to bring it under my control
  2. For what I can't completely control , Try to do what you can control , Others follow suit , Just try . I'm not in control of the game , All I can do is train myself hard , Enhance your ability .
  3. For what I have absolutely no control over , Why do you think so much ? Out of control , It's no use thinking too much . There will be no sun tomorrow , I can control ?

Really often see, often new , Constantly review , Will be able to stand on “ an invincible position ”, Find inner peace .

Another point about balance is , Pay attention to the balance between high value and low value of what you are doing , This value is about how you see the value of this thing . Family comes first , So company is of high value to me ; Learning is also a high-value thing , And so on . How to look at everything in your life , It depends on what you value . We should strike a good balance between high value and low value .


2021 The year passed quickly , Recall 2020-2021:2020 year , I once firmly believed that I would not be the front-end again ;2021 I got back to the front end in a company I wanted to go to before .

about 2022 year , I just hope I can try to make myself calm and peaceful , Try to improve your skills , Expand your vision . Action power 、 Executive force upup Ask for nothing else .

Life is a very magical encounter , I don't know where the next stop will be , I don't know where the road lies . But looking back , Take every step in a down-to-earth way , It's all helpful to my future life . If you didn't go to the internship before reading that year , If you don't practice products before graduation , If you don't participate in the autumn recruitment , Now the fate will become different . I am very grateful to myself in the past , Willing to try boldly , Willing to do a little more . I hope I am now , Can also do a little more , Let your future self , I can also thank myself now .

bye ,2021; Hello ,2022.

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