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Jingfang technology plans to further strengthen its investment in Israel's third-generation semiconductor company visic

2022-02-03 16:23:29 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 18 Daily news , Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. announced that , In order to actively layout the cutting-edge technology of automotive semiconductors , Effectively grasp the industrial development opportunities of the third generation semiconductor related technologies , The company and Israel VisIC Technologies Ltd.,( hereinafter referred to as “VisIC company ”) Negotiate equity cooperation , And in 2021 year 8 month , By holding shares 99% Suzhou Jingfang integrated circuit industry investment fund Partnership ( Limited partnership )( hereinafter referred to as “ Jingfang No. 1 industry fund ”) And VisIC The company signed an investment agreement , Jingfang No. 1 Industrial Fund contributed 1,000 Thousands of dollars ( Renminbi conversion 6,512.8 Ten thousand yuan ) investment VisIC company , For details, please refer to the company in 2021 year 8 month 10 Yesterday's 《 Announcement on foreign investment of Jingfang Industrial Fund 》( In the 2021-061), At present, the relevant procedures for investment settlement have been completed , Jingfang No. 1 Industrial Fund holds VisIC company 6.85% Equity of .

To deepen cooperation with Israel VisIC Equity cooperation of the company , Better promote the strategic cooperation and business collaboration between the two sides in the future , This time, the company plans to use Jingfang No. 1 Industrial Fund to VisIC company 1,000 Ten thousand dollar investment , At the same time, effective use of social capital related resources , Further strengthen the right to VisIC The investment and influence of the company .

It is reported that VisIC The company was founded in 2010 year , Headquartered in Israel Ness Ziona, It is the third generation semiconductor field GaN ( Gallium nitride ) Global leader in devices , The team has profound Gan technical knowledge and decades of product experience .VisIC The company applied for layout D3GaN ( Gallium nitride ) Key patents of Technology , On this basis, silicon-based gallium nitride high-power transistors and modules have been successfully developed , Pushing it to EV Electric vehicle market . Efficient and reliable gallium nitride products can be widely used in electric energy conversion 、 Quick charge 、 Application fields such as RF and power devices .

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