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More than 16 million in two months! Who is "classmate Zhang"?

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12 month 8 Japan , In Songshu village, Jianyi Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province , Classmate Zhang is preparing to shoot a short video at home . The pictures were taken by our reporter Yang Qing


Music with enchantment , Classmate Zhang jumped up from the Northeast Kang , Open the pink printed curtains , Put on socks tucked under the pillow , Get out of bed and feed the dog 、 chicken 、“ GA meat ”、 Cooking …… It starts to look rough , In fact, it's an elegant and free day .


With the video style of high-frequency fast cutting , Classmate Zhang has sucked powder quickly within two months on the short video platform 1600 More than ten thousand . Topics related to him have repeatedly been on the hot search list , A series of disputes 、 imitation 、 Onlookers also poured in .“ Who is classmate Zhang ?”“ What about his hometown ?”“ What does he want to express ?”


With this question , Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter came to Songshu village, Jianyi Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province .


12 month 8 Japan , In Songshu village, Jianyi Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province , Classmate Zhang feeds the cat at home .


Hometown and old house

As soon as you enter the village , You can see the golden fields , Tied with large and small straw piles , The distant cooking smoke diffused between the village and the mountain . Go deep down the smooth cement ground , The winding path is dotted with modern houses with white walls and grey tiles .


The old house that classmate Zhang often photographed , Red brick house , Sandwiched between a number of white tile faced dwellings , It looks a little shabby . In the room , Brownish red wooden cabinet 、 Old DVD machine , A glass bookcase full of stickers …… These displays and furnishings with a sense of time keep 20 century 90 The look of the age .


“ This is my grandfather's house , It's where I used to shoot . My own house is actually in the front yard .” Zhang explained .


12 month 8 Japan , In Songshu village, Jianyi Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province , Classmate Zhang clips videos at home .


He wore an old blue cotton padded jacket , On the red round face plate , With a few deep or shallow wrinkles , Red eyes floating under the pouch , A little tired , There was also a wipe of toilet paper scraps that had just wiped your face between your nose , There's something really “ Rough ”.


The day before , He has just been interviewed by three media , Every day, nearly 100 fans come here to take pictures with him . among , Many people also come from other provinces . For epidemic prevention , His friends set up tables next to the old house , Visitors must sign 、 Thermometry 、 Wear a mask .


The once lonely old house has suddenly become the of the village “ Wanghong scenic spot ”, There are several cars with foreign license plates at the door .


12 month 8 Japan , In Songshu village, Jianyi Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province , The scenery outside classmate Zhang's home .


Nostalgia and short video

In the face of the reporter's interview , He began to resist , Put your hands in your pockets , Sit on the edge of the Kang and face us . Until you finish a cigarette , He gradually relaxed , There are more smiles on your face .


Classmate Zhang, formerly known as Zhang Kai , Different from all kinds of speculation on the Internet , He is a native of pine tree village . Now 36 Year old , Experienced many twists and turns . After dropping out of the third grade , He was a cart driver , I have opened a garage in partnership with my friends , But both “ No big deal ”. The garage is also due to poor management 、 Accidental fire , Compensate 30 More than ten thousand yuan .



12 month 8 Japan , At home, classmate Zhang pointed to himself in the picture at school .


“ I was living in a garage at that time 5 In a square meter room , A wooden bed , A TV and a DVD machine .” Classmate Zhang said , At that time, he always had insomnia , Often insert the disc repeatedly into DVD Inside the plane , Squeeze on a wooden bed and watch , In the morning 4 A little more to fall asleep .


2014 year , After the complete closure of the repair shop , He returned to pine village with his luggage .“ Just walked to the entrance of the village , My heart suddenly brightened up .” Brick by brick , Every tree and bush , Still familiar . After settling for a period of time , He started his business in the village again , But it ended in failure .


He raised it in the open space 5000 chicken , Less than a year , Just caught up with chicken plague .“ I really wanted to do something , But I just can't do well .” Classmate Zhang said ,2015 Spring begins , He followed his friends to open a shop in Shandong to work , You can earn about 10000 yuan a month .2020 year 7 month , Because the family had a second child and needed to take care of , He returned to pine village again , Start planning to shoot short videos .


“ I like watching Stephen Chow's movies best , Many of his scenes are tricky , I always think of myself as a photographer , From which angle will this effect be made .” Classmate Zhang said , At the beginning, he called a few unemployed young people to shoot together .


This group 30 Men and women in their twenties , Sometimes in the open space of the village ,“ drummer ” Beat the bucket with a stick as a drummer ,“ Guitarist ” Cut the paper box into a guitar , Fiddle with . Classmate Zhang acted as the lead singer , Playing music enthusiastically in the rain . Sometimes they run into the mountains , Dress up as four masters and disciples in journey to the West , A headless performance . After each shot , A few people are always warm in the room “ GA meat ”, Have a comfortable drink .


A dilapidated old house 、 And brothers “ GA meat ” having dinner 、 Watch... Every night DVD…… Classmate Zhang projected his past self in his own video . In his opinion , This is him as a rural child , Deep nostalgia for my hometown . Besides , Carrying a basin to wash clothes in the river 、 Grill the hot Kang 、 Go up the mountain to cut firewood 、 Digging cellars and other seemingly distant scenes of urban people , In this village, it is still the normal life of most old people .


For Zhang , Rural life in the video “ Is it true ” Discussion , It doesn't make sense . He is more like a non professional “ Rural Director ”, Because the plot needs , He blends memory with reality , Build a hometown you understand and miss through short videos .


12 month 8 Japan , A picture of classmate Zhang when he was a child .


Popularity and future

In reality , The lively countryside in classmate Zhang's childhood memory , Is getting old . In Pine Village , Although most families have built clean and tidy houses , Washing machine 、 The computer 、 Geothermal and so on . But like some rural areas in China , Pine village is facing the problem of aging .


Because there are many mountains in the village , The cultivated land area per capita is less than one mu , Many young people choose to work in nearby towns , The permanent resident population in the village is mainly the elderly .


Until classmate Zhang burst into flames , A rush of foreign license cars into the village , Fans who came to punch in for a group photo , Just let this small mountain village “ young ” get up . Zhang xiaoertao , Hundreds of wechat messages were added at the end of the day , agent 、 Partner 、 Everyone has fans .


After all, the pursuit from the Internet is a temporary uproar , This small mountain village should always return to tranquility . Aunt Li, who lives not far from classmate Zhang's old house, said , For the explosion of classmate Zhang , Everyone has high hopes for this once simple and honest villager .“ Zhang Kai is very honest , I'm not afraid he'll go bad , I hope he can sell all the agricultural products of our nearby villages in the future .”


For Zhang , When the spotlight suddenly focused on a rural man , He also fell into confusion .“ I'm not sure exactly what I'll do in the future , But selling some agricultural products from my hometown , Make your hometown richer 、 More lively , That's what I've always wanted to do .”


4:30 p.m , The reporter said goodbye to classmate Zhang and left Pine Village . As the twilight deepens , There are many fewer fans in front of the old house . The sky outside the window was gray , It's hard to see . Only in the folk houses at the foot of the mountain , Light up bits and pieces of light , To make people feel a little at ease .


12 month 8 Japan , In Songshu village, Jianyi Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province , Classmate Zhang is at home .

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The original title : Suck powder for two months 1600 More than ten thousand , controversy 、 imitation 、 Onlookers also poured in , Who is classmate Zhang ? A hometown constructed by a returning youth with a short video

The reporter : Yu Li 、 Wu Jiangmin

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