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Whether to "celebrate the new year on the spot"? The latest response from the national health commission!

2022-02-03 17:02:26 Sogou wechat


【 National Health Commission : The prevention and control of epidemic situation in winter and spring should focus on science and accuracy 】

Mi Feng, spokesman of the National Health Commission, was in 18 At the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held on the th , New year's day and Spring Festival are approaching , Epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring should always adhere to the general policy of dynamic clearing , Focus on scientific accuracy . Adjust measures to local conditions 、 Classification guidance 、 Zoning policy , While implementing prevention and control measures , Ensure personnel safety 、 Orderly flow , Resolutely prevent simplification 、“ One size fits all ”、“ Add weight layer by layer ”, Minimize the impact on people's production and life .

whether “ Celebrate the new year on the spot ”: classification 、 Partition 】

Liang Wannian, head of the expert group of the leading group for epidemic response and disposal of the National Health Commission , For a few places, it issued “ Celebrate the new year on the spot ” Put forward relevant suggestions :

1. classification :

(1) Key areas 、 Key groups should strictly implement the current control policies , The prevention and control measures cannot be changed because of the Spring Festival .

(2) High risk groups : Such as old people 、 Chronic patients 、 Pregnant women should try to reduce unnecessary travel and gathering .

(3) If other personnel travel , Try to protect , Conscientiously fulfilling oneself is the first person responsible for one's own health .

2. Partition :

(1) in 、 High risk areas ( Such as border ports 、 Areas where major activities are carried out, etc ) Stricter measures can be taken .

(2) Other regions should make a risk assessment , Comprehensively consider the risk level 、 Personal immune status 、 The epidemic situation has been put forward with strength 、 There is a temperature policy , You can't “ One size fits all ”, Reflect the requirements of precise prevention and control .

Accurately balance the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and Spring Festival reunion , It is a test of the governance ability of governments at all levels , Risk assessment should be done , Play an expert role .

In particular, it should be noted that , All localities should not only consider the risk of importing the epidemic , We should also consider the export risk of the epidemic .

Relevant plans shall be made .

(3) The public should be provided with clear reference guidelines for Spring Festival travel information .

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