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Tiktok operation positioning planning, tiktok positioning strategy

2022-02-03 17:24:59 Dream night star

Tiktok's location planning is the premise of success. , Better tiktok management. , Tiktok must understand what kind of jitter he wants to make. , And how to operate . This tiktok is the location of the vibrato. . Tiktok management , First of all, we should accurately locate the video .

The core of tiktok marketing is the location of content.

Under the condition of tiktok fever rising , It's hard for ordinary people to create a popular voice account in tiktok. . If you are “ Shake powder ” Fans of , You'll notice , stay 2018 year 4 In the month , Any imitation “ Buyer show ” Video of , Can easily get a large number of fans , But in the 4 Months , This situation no longer exists .

This obvious change also tells us deeply , Now , The market share of jitter is growing tiktok. , There are more and more users , But getting tiktok in the huge market is harder and harder. . This requires us to tiktok when we are running. , First of all, we must learn to locate , Find the precise direction of content operation .

as everyone knows , In the traditional advertising and marketing industry, there is such a famous “ Goldbach conjectures ”: I know half of my advertising expenses are wasted , But unfortunately , I don't know which half was wasted . in fact , The problem is also in the vibrato tiktok. . A lot of times , Entrepreneurs or tiktok entrepreneurs , The reason why it can't stick to fans effectively 、 Attract traffic , Tiktok is because we don't know exactly what to do. , Who is the attraction , So we can't find the right direction and the right direction .

From this point on , A good job in locating video content is an important part of tiktok management. . See these , Many people have a problem :“ What is it ?” For the operation of tiktok , How can it help ?

Essence of positioning --“ persona ” Clarity

In AI · Reese and Jack · Traut's work 《 location 》 in ,“ location ” Defined by the two masters as : Analyze why “ To meet the requirements ” Can't win customers , And put forward a series of methods and strategies , In order to win the favor of customers . Tiktok , Building a production architecture is the key . On closer inspection , Those of high quality 、 High traffic short video , Will attract a lot of people's attention . How did they accomplish this task ? so to speak , In shooting skills 、 clip 、 cover 、 title 、 Copy, etc , Is an important link .

And the tiktok content. , It is also carried out according to this principle , Basically, it is to set a general direction and target for the contents of the tiktok. , And then “ persona ”、“ label ” They all played very clearly , Let fans know how they did tiktok. . In today's , The content of jitter tiktok is becoming more and more homogeneous. , Tiktok's content tiktok also reveals the business nature of the business or the founder of the trembling voice. ( Grab customers ), The key to winning is for businessmen and tiktok founders. ( Win the psychological war ).

therefore , Tiktok when we started to do the work of the jitter. , First, determine your role , Then tiktok can be played. .

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