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Tiktok tiktok 7 tiktok rules, understand these and do not later.

2022-02-03 17:25:31 Drunk pillow Jiangshan

Because there are more and more fans doing short video operation , Especially tiktok platform. , Therefore, we should meet everyone's needs , Developed such a maintenance number data , I also hope that more people in need can see this information .

One 、[ How to keep your name ]

1、 Tiktok is the key. [ New breed ], If the first step is wrong, then everything is wrong

2、 The mobile phone number must be applied for the tiktok number. , Do not log in with wechat or other

3、 The first step to raise the number [ One machine 、 A card 、 A no. ] Mobile phone tiktok should not be switched on two phones simultaneously.

4、 Content vertical 、 Account tagging , If you do entrepreneurial content , Just watch more entrepreneurial works 、 Pay more attention to The tiktok of entrepreneurship

5、 You must pay attention to the completion rate when watching works 、 Don't brush fast 、 Good works must be finished , And like it , Some need comment . At least watch TV every day 60 Minutes or more

6、 Until every time the system recommends 60% The above is a small video of this field you are concerned about ( For example Entrepreneurial 、 What I brush is a small video of entrepreneurship ) So you can tiktok system. [ Labelling ] 了

7、 After such a number, there will be more recommended works in the same field 、 Weight high . And pay more attention to peers live broadcast , It's all right. Hang up and watch the live broadcast of your peers . Appropriate brush a few yuan small gift , The weight of the enhancement sign is very heavy want !

8、 The new tiktok must be kept. 5-7 God , Tiktok do not send any work during the maintenance period. .

Two 、[ Work out ]

1、 The new tiktok is registered. Your head is set up. , The avatar should not have any advertisements , And HD , Its Don't move it

2、 The signature and name will be changed in three days , Three days later, if your head 、 name 、 All signatures are set Don't move when you're done . If your number is reset 3 More than once, the power is likely to be reduced , The number is abandoned 了

3、 Quivering tiktok is very important. .

①: Weekdays from Monday to Friday : morning 7:00——8:00 At noon, 12:00——13:00 evening 18:00——22:00 Inspirational and entrepreneurial night 00:00 The hair effect is also very good !

②: During holidays ( Saturday, Sunday 、 The May Day 、10.1、 Spring Festival, etc ) In the morning 10:00 Afternoon 15: 00——16:00 evening 18:00——22:00

 Tiktok operation   Tiktok 7 Tianyang tutorial rules , It's not tiktok to read these and do them again.

4、 Every sound signal is tiktok everyday. 2-4 Best works , It's more likely to be popular , It's no use sending too many .

The tiktok will give you two hot opportunities at most. !

5、 The content of the work must be high-definition 1080, If it is generated with fast clips 720 It proves that the video quality is very low

6、 It has to be original Avoid : Don't go Kwai. 、 Tiktok 、 Micro vision download one down and upload it directly , This one is not Called original ! If you can read it in your own voice, read it in your own voice

7、 The music that works with is very important , Tiktok must be allocated on the shaking. , And it's hot music

8、 The best tiktok is also tied to today's headline.

These are the rules for the latest tiktok raising. !

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