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This kind of "eating phase" is not allowed to happen again!

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Love to watch the big stomach King eat and broadcast you ,
I may have to quit recently .

In recent days, ,
The national development and Reform Commission and other four departments
Issue on printing and distributing 《 Anti food waste work plan 》 The notice of ,
Radio stations are explicitly prohibited 、 television 、
Network audio and video service provider
Make 、 Release 、 Most of the publicity is on food 、 Overeating, etc
Programs that waste food or audio and video information .

Make, release and disseminate video programs on overeating ,

Maximum penalty 10 Ten thousand yuan .


A pile of food is in front of me ,

Then it was swept away ,

Watch the blogger eat ,

It always seems very fragrant .



however ,
Behind the fast eating broadcast ,
And often with “ overeating ”、“ Counterfeiting ”、“ To induce vomiting ”
Connect .
Big stomach King eating and sowing has not only become a serious disaster area of food waste ,
It has also become synonymous with unhealthy .

The sword goes sideways and eats and broadcasts

Eat first and then vomit 、 Eat and vomit ,

Has become a big stomach king in the video circle

Tacit routine .


The big stomach king in the video

It seems that we have finished the food in front of us 30 Noodles ,

And every bite goes into your mouth ,

But from another perspective, you can see ,

Noodles stuffed into the blogger's mouth ,

And spit it in the trash can under the table .


A food blogger once About ,

How to complete a big stomach video .

Under the condition of keeping the scene unchanged ,

Eat at frequent intervals ,

Then cut through the video ,

Can use 30 Hours

It realizes the effect of eating all food at one time .


last year 5 month ,
There was a live rollover in the eating and broadcasting circle .
B Stand on a up When the Lord uploads his own video ,
Accidentally released the original film .
In the video ,
There is an off-site voice to guide this up The LORD takes a bite and spits it out .
such “ Counterfeiting ” The behavior makes fans shout disgusting ,
The up Finally, the Lord also “ Retrocircle ” Curtain call .


After a lot of eating and broadcasting ,
Bloggers will take one “ Mysterious pills ”.
Regarding this ,
Director of internal medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University 、
Professor Kuai Xiaoling, chief physician, said ,
This kind of medicine is emetic ,
There are generally two types :
One is by stimulating the gastric mucosa ,
Make people have vomiting reflex .
It mainly contains copper sulfate 、 Zinc sulfate, etc ,
High concentration ,
If you drink it, you will have a strong reaction .
The other is central emetic drugs ,
Apomorphine, such as morphine ,
It's used less .

Wasting food hurts your body

“ Wolf down in front of the camera , Immediately induce vomiting outside the camera ”
“ Chew and spit ” Later editing and processing ——
Big stomach kings use deception to show off sensory stimulation at the same time ,
The table full of food was also wasted .


According to statistics ,

The amount of grain wasted on the table in our country every year is up to 500 100 million kg ,

Nearly one tenth of the country's total grain output .

Grandpa Yuan Longping let us eat ,
Don't let us spoil food .


In the idea of promoting healthy diet ,

Overeating is definitely not advisable .

It can lead to weight gain ,

Bring the digestive system 、 Risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases .

The big stomach king who has been artificially induced to vomit for a long time eats and sows ,

It will also disturb the normal eating mechanism of the human body .




For eating and broadcasting behavior ,
Several platforms have added corresponding measures to limit .
such as ,
Search video websites for “ Big stomach King ” Wait for keywords ,
Added... In the first eye-catching position “ Cherish food ,
Eat right ” The hint of .


Big stomach King eat broadcast original intention
Is to share delicious food with the audience 、 Deliver happiness ,
Gain fans and rewards at the same time ,
But by eating a lot to attract attention ,
Not only waste food ,
He also hurt his own body with personal practice ,
It will also convey the bad demonstration of excessive eating to the online community .

Eating and broadcasting should convey the concept of health and food culture ,
Binge drinking and overeating and vulgar curiosity should stop .
Waste food as a chip ,
Beware of the consequences of self eating 、 By traffic .

Pay attention to CCTV


edit : Sweet clover
editor : Zhang Lei
source : CCTV network comprehensive CCTV news 、 CCTV's finance and economics, 、 Nandu weekly 、 China youth daily 、 The economic journal, 、 Qilu Shiping

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