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Sudden! A bridge rollover on a high-speed ramp in Hubei has killed three people

2022-02-03 18:02:37 Sogou wechat

The reporter learned from Hubei Provincial Department of transportation 、 Hubei Provincial Public Security Department and other departments learned that ,18 Japan 15 when 36 branch , The bridge rollover occurred at the ramp bridge from Shanghai Chongqing Expressway to Dazhou Guangzhou Expressway in Ezhou City, Hubei Province , Site caused 3 Celebrity death ( contain 2 Construction workers on site 、1 People who fell onto the truck )、4 People were injured .

The relevant person in charge of the expressway Police Corps of Hubei Provincial Public Security Department said , The incident bridge is a single column bridge , There are small-scale construction on the bridge . The scene 3 The Taida truck fell off the ramp bridge , In addition, the construction personnel on the bridge fell from the bridge ,1 The car was pinned down by the collapsed ramp bridge . Da Guang expressway, Da Guang direction 、 Two way on-site traffic blocking of Shanghai Chongqing Expressway .



According to the video released by eyewitnesses at the scene , An elevated bridge that cuts off the waist of a highway , Causing serious congestion . At present, the high police 、 fire 、 The road administration department is dealing with it urgently on site .

source : The xinhua news agency 、 CCTV news client

The reporter : Wang Xian 、 Tanaka Quan 、 Pan Zhiwei 、 Hou wenkun

Supervise the manufacture of : Liu Hong Chen Jingchun
edit : Dong Jingxue

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