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The woman involved in the "Ali female employee case" revealed that she was fired by Ali: the company has no right to fire me

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China net finance and Economics 12 month 13 - ,2021 year 8 Online exposure at the beginning of the month “ Sexual assault of female employees in Ali ” since , The incident has been on hot search for many times . According to media reports , In recent days, , Ali has terminated the labor contract with Zhou, the female employee involved .

Zhou said , It's really in 11 At the end of the month, I received the paper from the company 《 Notice of termination of labor contract 》.

The notice said :2021 year 8 month 6 Japan , You pull a banner in the company canteen 、 Distributing leaflets 、 Shout with a loudspeaker , And posting on Intranet forums , Spread “ Raped by executives 、 The company knows not to handle it ” Wait for false information , Arousing strong social concern , Bad impact on the company . This series of actions has constituted 《 Alibaba Group employee discipline system 》 Category I violations 1.5.3 strip “ Make or disseminate inappropriate remarks to the outside world , Or deliberately fabricated 、 Spread fictional facts , Or spread unconfirmed information , Cause adverse effects ” The provisions of the .

The notice shows , The last labor relationship day between Zhou and the company is 2021 year 11 month 25 Japan , Signed by Zhejiang tmall Technology Co., Ltd .

Zhou said , In the future, they will protect their rights and interests by legal means ,“ I didn't make any mistakes at work , The company has no right to fire me ”.

“ Ali female employees were infringed ” Case timeline :

2021 year 8 month 6 Japan , A female employee of Alibaba pulled a banner in the company's canteen 、 Distributing leaflets 、 Shout with a loudspeaker , And posting on Intranet forums , Said he was raped by executives 、 The company knows and does not deal with it , Arouse social concern .

8 month 7 Japan , The infringement of Alibaba's female employees triggered a heated discussion on the Internet . There are online Posts saying , A female employee of Alibaba was forced to travel on a typhoon day 、 Be filled with wine 、 Molested by local merchants 、 Later, he was violated by his immediate leaders , Yaduo Qingju Hotel, Jinan West Railway Station International Convention and exhibition center owned by Yaduo .

8 month 7 Late at night , Alibaba officials responded that : Never tolerate , Fully cooperate with the police , The suspected employee has been suspended for police investigation .

8 month 8 Early morning , Chairman of Alibaba board of directors and CEO Zhang Yong posted on Alibaba intranet , With shock 、 angry 、 ashamed , Express feelings about the alleged violation of female colleagues by an employee of Ali . He also said , It must be investigated , Give an account to all Ali students and the whole society . The investigation team also announced , Except that the suspected male employee was suspended for police investigation , The employee's first and second supervisors 、 Primary and secondary HRG in total 4 People have also been suspended to cooperate with internal investigations .

8 month 8 Japan , Jinan Huaiyin public security issued a briefing : Huaiyin District branch of Jinan Public Security Bureau “ Ali female employees were infringed ” Police situation , At present, we are actively investigating and collecting evidence . The results of the police investigation , Will inform the society in time .

8 month 9 Early morning , Chairman of Alibaba's board of directors and CEO Zhang Yong announced on Alibaba intranet “ Female employees were violated ” Periodic internal investigation results and handling decisions : Li Yonghe, President of the local retail business group HRG Xu Kun took the blame and resigned , Tong Wenhong, chief human resources officer of Alibaba, recorded a demerit , The male employee involved was dismissed , Never hire , Whether there is any illegal act , The police are investigating and collecting evidence .

8 month 10 Japan ,“ Ali female employee was infringed ” The hotel where the incident happened “ Fisherman lights Jinan Huanyu store ” The clerk said , Ali female employees did eat in the hotel ,“ They were eating in the box , No cameras , The other room doesn't have .” The above clerk said , At present, the hotel attaches great importance to the incident , We are fully cooperating with the police to investigate and collect evidence .“ As for whether alcohol and indecency have occurred , You need to consult the police .”

8 month 14 Japan , Jinan public security microblog released “ Ali female employees were infringed ” The latest notification of the case . Report shows , It was not found that Zhou, a female employee of Alibaba, was forced to travel ; No one was forced to drink during the meal , About Zhou Baijiu liquor 350 ml ; There is no evidence of rape . at present , The case is being investigated further .

8 month 23 Friday night , A self professed “ Ali female employee case ” The user of Wang's wife sent a message saying ,“ In recent days, , The police have issued a briefing on the case , The content is basically consistent with my husband's confession to me , But there are a lot of things in my husband's favor that haven't been disclosed yet . But Zhou's online readme is seriously inconsistent with this , Zhou is suspected of making false statements , Even frame up .”

8 month 25 Japan , Circular of Jinan Huaiyin District People's Procuratorate , Huaiyin District branch of Ji'nan Public Security Bureau was suspected of coercive indecent assault by Zhang, a suspect. 、 Wang mouwen was suspected of forced indecency and submitted to our hospital for examination and approval of arrest . Reviewed by our hospital , Suspect Zhang is suspected of coercive indecent assault. , Approval of arrest in accordance with the law ; The suspect Wang Mouwen's case of compulsory indecency is under review. .

8 month 27 Japan ,“ Ali female employee case ” The victim's attorney's office issued a statement authorized by the victim Zhou , The statement said :“ Individually, the media deliberately purposed the victim's reputation on the Internet in the name of the suspect's family members. , Deliberately spreading unverified false information , In order to interfere with the investigation of the case handling organ , This behavior violates the basic professional ethics and professional discipline of the media , At the same time, it caused serious secondary injury to the victim and his family .

9 month 6 Late at night , Jinan Huaiyin public security microblog Bulletin , According to the decision of the people's Procuratorate of Huaiyin District of Jinan city not to approve the arrest , Terminate the investigation of Wang mouwen according to law , And based on 《 Law of the People's Republic of China on the administration and punishment of public security 》 Article 44 provides that , Wang mouwen was sentenced to 15 days of public security detention .

9 month 7 Early morning , Zheng Xiaojing, Wang's defense lawyer, said , According to the law , Has been detained 、 Residential surveillance for a certain number of days , Offset administrative detention according to law 15 God , So Wang mouwen 9 month 7 Early morning 1 The point has been set free . Wang mouwen's wife, Ms. Li, said ,“ Whether to sue Zhou , I'll discuss it with him before I decide ”.

9 month 12 Japan , Zhang's wife, who has never spoken, sent a document through the microblog authentication account , Send five questions to question Zhou, a female employee of Alibaba ,“ It's the name of the hotel said by Zhou himself . Zhou, are you really drunk or pretend to be drunk ?”,“ Call again and again, and let the person who had molested her go with her , Is it obscenity or seduction ?”

9 month 13 Japan , Wang mouwen's wife wrote again that : See another party Zhang's wife mentioned Zhou in her post 27 He took the initiative to contact Zhang to go to the hotel twice in the evening , Decided to go to court with her husband , Prepare to sue Zhou for suspected illegal and criminal acts .

9 month 27 Friday night , Zhang's wife wrote that , Zhou, a female employee of Ali, has been accused to the public security organ of deliberately falsely accusing and framing her husband . Zhang's wife uploaded the acceptance receipt of her complaint against Zhou on the Internet , It shows that the police have accepted the case .

11 month 3 Japan , Zhang's wife released a long article again , Zhou was accused of using to confuse black and white , Making up false facts without a bottom line , Intended to make Zhang and Wang be criminally prosecuted . The text lists in detail 9 About Zhou's lies and false accusations , And refute . She said , The relevant facts have a lot of human and material evidence , I sincerely hope that the judicial organ can handle it fairly and impartially according to law , Make everyone equal before the law , Don't injustice a good man , And never let go of a bad man !

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