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OA office system: a container for depositing corporate culture

2022-02-03 18:54:49 Fool Gong

Resources are going to run out , Only culture can live forever . All industrial products are created by human wisdom . With the expansion of the company , There are two fundamental problems in the enterprise “ People and rules ” There are many challenges ,OA Office system is an office software product used by all staff , Employees can oa System precipitation knowledge , To sum up your experience , communication , Promote individual creativity and personal values .oa The system helps enterprises dig out the treasure in the minds of employees , Become the container of corporate culture , Help enterprises create a result oriented cultural environment .

The traditional way of office has greatly restricted people's creativity and imagination , Buried people's wisdom and potential , Manual processing delays and errors , It is precisely the malpractice that should be removed in modern management .oa The transformation of the system to the traditional office mode , Adapted to the general needs of people , Can pass oa Accumulate and share knowledge systematically , Realize the management improvement centered on culture .

oa In the system, we can set up the unit Forum 、 Company news 、 Unit news 、 Activity Bulletin 、 Development proposals 、 Leadership voice 、 questionnaire 、 Rationalization proposals 、 Expert support 、 Staff world 、 Electronic journals 、 Opinion collection 、 Sales express 、 Technical express 、 Various interactive columns such as product improvement , Employees can speak freely in the platform , Quickly accumulate and share knowledge , Greatly improve the sense of ownership of employees 、 Enhance the cohesion of the enterprise , Enterprises effectively promote and advocate learning culture 、 Realize the publicity, implementation and unification of enterprise values and core ideas .

John, a well-known management behavior and leadership authority in the United States . Professor Kurt and his research team , It was used 11 Year time , Study the influence of corporate culture on business performance , it turns out to be the case that : Any company that attaches importance to the characteristics of corporate culture , Its business performance is far better than those companies that do not pay attention to the construction of corporate culture . Enterprise pass OA Knowledge management module of office system , Realize the collection of knowledge 、 classification 、 precipitation 、 Share 、 Learning and continuous innovation , Through the construction of enterprise knowledge map , Realize the stimulation of the wisdom of the masses .oa The system has become the rail for the rapid development of enterprises , Promote the display of enterprise core culture , Help enterprises build a learning organization with combat effectiveness .

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