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Baidu Intelligent Cloud new release panorama of knowledge and intelligence capabilities

2022-02-03 19:14:14 Heart of machine

With artificial intelligence 、 Cloud computing 、5G、 The rapid development of new generation information technology such as the Internet of things , Further integration of digital economy and real economy , Industry digitalization 、 The transformation and upgrading of intelligence is accelerating . Wu Hua, chairman of Baidu Technical Committee 12 month 17 Baidu Intelligent Cloud “ Cloud Intelligence Technology Forum ” Knowledge intelligence was mentioned in the special session , Knowledge is an important basis for enterprise managers and employees to make business decisions , Enterprises urgently need to establish a new information and knowledge processing platform , Promote the transformation of data into knowledge by intelligent means , Support the rapid landing and iteration of innovative business .

With AI At the core , Create enterprise level knowledge solutions

In the process of industrial transformation , Knowledge is the key to the intelligent upgrading of enterprises . The progress of artificial intelligence algorithm makes it possible for machines to efficiently absorb knowledge from massive data . Zhu Yong, senior director of Baidu knowledge mapping department, introduced the panorama of Baidu intelligent cloud knowledge intelligence capability. .

Panorama of Baidu knowledge intelligent ability

The bottom layer of panorama is based on knowledge map 、 natural language processing 、 voice 、 Vision, etc AI Basic layer with technology as the core , It is the engine running in the knowledge center .

In the knowledge map , Baidu has a complete technical system from general to industry knowledge map , The largest multi heterogeneous knowledge map in the industry was constructed , contain 5500 100 million pieces of knowledge . In addition to the underlying entity 、 attribute 、 Entity Atlas of relationship composition , Baidu also aims at different application scenarios and knowledge forms , The event map is constructed 、 Multimodal Atlas 、 Industry knowledge map and other maps .

In natural language processing , Baidu has developed world-class semantic understanding 、 Language generation 、 Intelligent q&a 、 Intelligent conversation 、 Natural language processing technologies such as machine translation , And released this year “ Knowledge enhancement model ”—— Literary heart ERNIE 3.0. The model is based on the distributed training technology of deep learning platform , It is the first time to introduce large-scale knowledge mapping into the 10 billion level pre training model , It greatly improves the memory and reasoning ability of the model for knowledge . In one fell swoop 54 Chinese NLP Mission benchmark , And on the global authority list SuperGLUE No. 1 on the list .

in addition , Baidu through the integration of language 、 voice 、 Vision and other different modal technologies , The depth of semantic reasoning across complex scenes and real reasoning are realized , It solves the problem of fusion representation of different modal semantic spaces , Break through the bottleneck of cross modal semantic understanding , So that the machine can be like a man , Through language 、 auditory 、 Vision, etc. to obtain a unified understanding of the real world , Realize the understanding of complex scenes . Based on this technical capability , Baidu in visual common sense reasoning 、 Visual Q & A 、 Cross modal retrieval, etc 5 Refresh the world's best results in a cross modal task .

Based on the above AI technology , Baidu intelligent cloud forms a solution of knowledge intelligence. —— Knowledge center . As Zhu Yong mentioned , The knowledge middle stage is the hub for enterprises to produce data into knowledge and apply knowledge , On the premise that enterprises have massive data assets , The knowledge center can easily extract knowledge from data , And search through 、 recommend 、 Question and answer 、 Reasoning 、 Visualization and other ways to effectively apply knowledge , At the same time, the knowledge scattered throughout the enterprise is intensively managed , So as to condense knowledge , Empowering business , The role of helping enterprises improve their intelligence level . at present , Baidu knowledge center has been in energy 、 Finance 、 Medical care 、 Operator, 、 The media 、 Government affairs and many other industries have accumulated rich practical experience , It is promoting the intelligent upgrading and transformation of all walks of life .

Baidu Knowledge Center

Five steps , Quickly realize the construction of data knowledge

Baidu intelligent cloud knowledge in Taiwan based on data , Automatically extract knowledge from data , Actively recommend knowledge in human-computer interaction of business scenarios , Help business people to be efficient 、 accurate 、 Make intelligent decisions . Baidu intelligent cloud AI Chu Chang, the solution director of the product business department, introduced the five steps of realizing data intellectualization in the knowledge center , Data access 、 Knowledge production 、 knowledge organization 、 Knowledge application 、 Knowledge operation .

Data access , That is, access to a large number of structured services of enterprises 、 Unstructured data , Integrate and automate governance , Lay a foundation for the knowledge center to give full play to the benefits of intelligence .

Knowledge production , That is, based on data , Rely on leading intelligent technology to automatically mine various types of knowledge from data , Including knowledge maps 、 Q & a knowledge 、 Label knowledge 、 Event knowledge and other types .

knowledge organization , That is, take the knowledge map as the core , Link multiple heterogeneous knowledge , Form an orderly knowledge system with unified organizational form .

Knowledge application , That is, based on the typical scenario requirements of enterprises for knowledge management and application , Knowledge center has created enterprise search 、 Intelligent knowledge base 、 Intelligent recommendation 、 General capabilities such as intelligent customer service , Meet the different needs of enterprise knowledge intelligent construction .

Knowledge operation , That is, connect the internal resources of the enterprise system through the knowledge console , Get through the upstream and downstream intelligent platforms , Promote the internal knowledge flow of enterprises .

Five steps of data knowledge

at present , The knowledge platform has been deeply applied to the actual scene , It realizes the integration and innovation of technology and scene . Take the enterprise office scene as an example , Baidu “ Ruliu ” Is based on Baidu knowledge Zhongtai and AI Zhongtai , A new generation of intelligent working platform for enterprises .

The chief architect of Baidu intelligent office platform department and , The era of intelligent economy has come , Enterprise transformation calls for upgrading of working mode , Information and knowledge management has become the rigid demand of enterprises represented by information intensive enterprises . Ruliuyi AI+ Knowledge management as the core , Unified search 、 Intelligent recommendation 、 Intelligent knowledge base 、 Intelligent conference system and other characteristic knowledge management capabilities and products , Get through instant messaging 、 knowledge management 、 Work application , Empowering employees to efficiently share and precipitate knowledge , Promote the efficient flow and application of enterprise knowledge , Help enterprises realize closed-loop knowledge management , So as to continuously improve the core creativity of enterprises , Realize the great leap forward development of the organization .

Ruliuyi AI+ Knowledge management drives intelligent change of working mode

Landing in multiple fields , Intelligent upgrading of knowledge driven industry

at present , Baidu intelligent cloud knowledge platform has successfully landed in many industries. , Through the deep integration of their own product capabilities and industry expertise , Help customers solve specific industry needs , Provide intelligent decision-making assistance .

The scene , Guoneng ( Suizhong ) Bao Xiaoming, senior information manager of Power Generation Co., Ltd., shared the application cases of knowledge Zhongtai in the field of energy . With the help of knowledge , Suizhong Power Plant of national energy group has opened up the capital flow 、 Material flow 、 Barriers between processes such as event flow , The data association between different systems is established , All aspects 、 Whole process 、 Describe and analyze the production and operation business in the whole scene , Provide help for financial comparison and analysis such as activity-based costing . Besides , Suizhong Power Plant of national energy group has also established an intelligent office network system , Realize knowledge intelligent recommendation 、 Data can be found immediately , Improve the office efficiency of the company .

In order to promote the in-depth application of knowledge platform in the medical field , Baidu Lingyi Zhihui and KPMG released 《 White paper on medical knowledge 》. Liu Junwei, general manager of Baidu smart medical, said , Baidu continues to play in natural language understanding 、 Technical advantages in the field of artificial intelligence such as knowledge map , And invest a lot of resources in the field of medical knowledge . The medical knowledge center has the ability to deeply process medical knowledge , Can help medical institutions 、 Medical practitioners 、 Obtain authority from medical and health industry institutions 、 Professional medical knowledge , Meet the needs of quickly building scenario applications . The release of the white paper , It means that Baidu will open its accumulated ability to partners , At the same time, it also began to accept the test of the market .

Medical knowledge platform architecture

Ma Ming, deputy director of the new media department of the Journal of the Chinese Medical Association, shared the achievements of the digital transformation of the Journal of the Chinese Medical Association . Ma Ming said , The role of the Journal of Chinese Medical Association in the construction of medical knowledge service , It is difficult to intellectualize data 、 Machine extraction is difficult to understand 、 Problems such as weak knowledge organization form . By precipitation NLP、 Artificial intelligence 、 The knowledge platform of knowledge engineering technology can help alleviate these problems , Through medical knowledge understanding and extraction 、 Construction of medical knowledge map 、 Construction steps of knowledge service-oriented application , Build a digital knowledge service publishing platform , Effectively promote the digital transformation and upgrading of Journals .

At present , The global economic form is gradually developing from digital economy to a new stage of intelligent economy with artificial intelligence as the core driving force , Intelligence has become an important starting point for industrial transformation and upgrading . Enterprises should realize intelligent upgrading , What is really needed is not just data , What's more, we need the information and knowledge contained in the data . Baidu Intelligent Cloud takes knowledge platform as its core , Create intelligent solutions for enterprises with intelligent knowledge . future , Baidu intelligent cloud will join hands with more partners , Using artificial intelligence technology , Promote the upgrading of industrial intelligence !

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