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Can pinduodian group still play now? Hangzhou pinduoduo store is fully managed for agent operation

2022-02-03 20:09:34 Wei bochen

Hello everyone , I'm a shop analyst, Yunfeng , Eight years of e-commerce experience , Today I share with you about how pinduodian group can continue , You can still play

Recently, many evaluation sellers have asked me , A lot of spelling , Can Telecom still play now ? In fact, to be honest, compared with Taobao , He is purely store centered and multi store layout and operation method , So many people make money in order to win more shops , So I'll give you a simple explanation ! About the form of the store group of concubines , Compared with Taobao , Just do it in a simple way , Basically, you can make money , So what is the operation process of the fighting Store Group ? The first is to search for popular models , The second is to increase the price on the basis of the original price , The third is to go to the baby , The fourth is to help others place orders .

 Can pinduodian group still play now ? Hangzhou pinduoduo store is fully managed for agent operation

   This is the whole process . Therefore, there is a concept on pinduoduo list and the commodities collected and uploaded must be the same category of other commodities . I met a friend , He opened on pinduoduo 2000 Many stores , He back in 17 It's over since the beginning of the year , Now there are 2000 Many stores , The average profit of a store is 1000 element , Some categories are more profitable , exceed 1000 element , Some categories are less profitable , transcend 500 element , So you can open more shops , Get more profits . The gross profit of a shop every month is 1000 element ,100 The gross profit of the family is 10 Ten thousand yuan . In fact, we need to manage this well 100 Shops , We need 2~3 Individuals manage them , Including the current technology, the software is relatively mature , These software can do , The money he makes depends on different titles , Different scenes and countless people .

   It shows only one problem , Price is not the only factor that determines the sale of goods , That means it's a shop , Now update thousands of people and thousands of faces , It's an opportunity for the store group . But pinduoduo officials have restrained the rise of prices , In other words, there was no problem that we could raise the price at will , But it's not that good now , Now it is restricted that the purchase of products cannot exceed 10%, This is the consequence that many students don't make so much money , On the back of the crisis is business opportunities , In other words, the current gross profit margin has a small increase , But now we have more opportunities to expose than ever before , So liquidity is greater than ever , So it's not just what binds you , Actually, it's also to give you a chance , So we must understand a little , Now pinduoduo starts fine application , Unlike before , No matter what kind of harvest, there is no choice .

   Now it's fine operation , And most people make money under fine operation , Now the profit of a store is 1000 element , in other words 100 The profit of this store is 10 Ten thousand yuan . Compared with climbing , E-commerce for those people 10 Ten thousand yuan is very simple , So let's talk about this 100 The store has been refined , It's also very simple. , And the current situation of the store group , Recently, the total flow of most occupations has decreased 20%, This is not just for store groups , But for all goods, all occupations 、 All categories . In the face of this situation , We should try our best to reduce the gross profit , Perfect operation of goods .

   We must try our best to choose the goods , We can't choose goods as casually as we used to , You can't choose goods across categories , We can only choose other goods of the same kind . In addition, we have an advantage , We can do all the third 1 Set of products , Therefore, the selectivity is still relatively wide . At the moment, our first 1 The first step is to optimize your store classification , The products of each category are classified at three levels, and the products are connected , A store classification , Therefore, when selecting products, try to select some products with large search share , Then choose blue ocean products , So how to find blue ocean business category , You can find it through some third-party software . Then the following points are needed to operate pinduoduo Store Group , The first is to be familiar with the channel rules . The second is the analysis of selection , The third is the optimization of the title , Finally, use software to manage the store .

Okay , Today's sharing is here , Hopefully that helped

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