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Soared 12 times, and cut back in 32 days. 180000 shareholders can sue LETV

2022-02-03 20:12:29 Pretend to be a gentleman

writing | Yang Wanli

The former , LETV is in A Stocks hold a group of investors , Now this tragedy is repeated in the old third board Market .

By 11 month 24 Closed yesterday ,“ Le miniaturization: 3” Collect newspaper 1.15 element , comparison 9 month 3 Created by the sun 2.56 Yuan high fell by 55.07%, In a matter of 32 The share price halved in one trading day .

 Skyrocketing 12 times , also 32 Sky waist cut ,18 Ten thousand shareholders can sue LETV

“ Le miniaturization: 3” Behind the crash , It is mainly because of the excessive hype in the early stage , Now there is a callback demand .

2021 year 2 At the beginning of ,“ Le miniaturization: 3” Opening on the third board , The trading time is one day of the week 、 3、 ... and 、 5、 ... and , The price range is limited to 5%.

Due to the low share price of the company 、 The market value is small , Superimposed on the external gambling, Jia Yueting can turn over and help LETV re launch the expected stimulus ,“ Le miniaturization: 3” from 0.19 The highest price of RMB is 2.56 element , Increase as high as 1247%, That's up 12 times .

After a round of stir fry ,“ Le miniaturization: 3” from 9 The share price peaked at the beginning of the month , It enters the callback channel .

The speculative funds thought Jia Yueting could bring miracles , But the reality is so skinny .

This year, 4 month , Cause company 2007 - 2016 Financial fraud for ten years in a row , The regulatory authorities decided to impose a total fine on Jia Yueting 2.41 One hundred million yuan . Then , Jia Yueting was banned from the securities market for life .

 Skyrocketing 12 times , also 32 Sky waist cut ,18 Ten thousand shareholders can sue LETV

This year, 10 month , The Beijing Financial court said , Eligible investors can collectively Sue LETV for compensation . According to relevant regulations , about 18 Million investors meet the conditions for prosecution .

“ Le miniaturization: 3” And return to A Shares ? This is the core topic that investors pay attention to .

According to the rules of the exchange , If a delisted company wants to go public again , Must conform to : The total amount of share capital is not less than RMB 5000 Ten thousand yuan 、 near 3 There was no major illegal act in the company in 、 near 3 The net profit of each fiscal year is positive and the cumulative amount exceeds RMB 3000 Ten thousand yuan 、 lately 3 The accumulated operating revenue of each fiscal year exceeds RMB 3 And so on .

Now ,“ Le miniaturization: 3” Debt ridden 、 Litigation and other issues , We have to meet many conditions such as making profits for three consecutive years , The dilemma is not small .

In the face of beheading “ Le miniaturization: 3”, Maybe investors will say , We are like bamboo shoots soaked in Coptis chinensis , It's bitter !

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