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Hard core observation 489 the new chip design of IBM and Samsung can prolong the battery life of mobile phones by one week

2022-02-03 20:30:45 Linux China

IBM And Samsung's new chip design can extend the battery life of mobile phones by one week

IBM And Samsung    Their latest progress in semiconductor design : A new method of stacking transistors vertically on a chip VTFET. This new design allows chips to stack transistors more densely than they are now . Although we are far away from VTFET There is still a long way to go for the application of design in practical consumer chips , but IBM And Samsung claim ,VTFET Technology can double performance or reduce 85% Energy use , So that the mobile phone battery can not be charged for more than a week , Or reduce the energy consumption of computing intensive applications such as cryptocurrency mining .

Lao Wang comments : let me put it another way , This three-dimensional chip , It is possible to maintain Moore's law .

The free software foundation announced the implementation of a new board membership agreement and code of ethics

FSF Weigh the course 6 The guidelines proposed in the last month's consultant led review are intended to help FSF More transparent management 、 More responsible 、 More moral . This year, 3 month ,FSF founder RMS Announce return FSF Board of directors , This caused a great stir . before ,RMS He was expelled from... For some controversial remarks FSF. This return has sparked concern in the open source community about FSF Transparency and code of conduct concerns , Many open source organizations and opinion leaders expressed different opinions . As a response to ,FSF Indicates that responsibilities will be developed to guide members 、 Of decisions and activities  .

Lao Wang comments : At least this is FSF A progress towards normalization and modernization .

Apple macOS Monterey 12 Performance is second only to Clear Linux

Phoronix At one 2018 year Of Mac Mini On the latest macOS Monterey 12 the  . stay 120 In multiple benchmarks , Intel Clear Linux Yes 52% Ranked first in time , The second is macOS 12.1, Yes 30% Ranked first in time , And the latest Ubuntu Only 16% Ranked first in time . so to speak ,macOS Has been and Linux The performance is quite . Thanks to Apple's new M1 The chip is not yet well supported Linux, Therefore, this test is still based on Intel CPU Of Mac The test of .

Lao Wang comments : As a distribution of Intel home ,Clear Linux It's not surprising to gain an advantage , Must be M1 On the test ,macOS Will gain a greater advantage .

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