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"Comrade Huang Xiaoming, ask you to stop working immediately"!

2022-02-04 08:40:55 Sogou wechat

“ Comrade Huang Xiaoming , You take the initiative , Stick to the front line of epidemic prevention , This kind of dedication and responsibility 、 The spirit of selfless dedication deserves affirmation and praise , But epidemic prevention and control requires a healthy body , Decided by the street Party Committee , Ask you to stop working immediately , A mandatory day off from tomorrow .”

12 month 16 Noon , Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hubin street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou Zhou Qiuyi shoved a mandatory rest order into Huang Xiaoming's hand , He was stunned for a moment .


12 month 9 Japan , Hangzhou released 《 Circular on the implementation of restrictive measures for public activities in some areas of Hangzhou 》. Member of the Party Working Committee of Hubin street, Shangcheng district 、 Huang Xiaoming, Minister of people's armed forces, got a list sent to him by the superior department in charge of epidemic prevention , The list lists the specific information of the six lakeside places , There are more than 100 . Huang Xiaoming decided , They want to carry out “ Carpet inspection ”.

He went to Dongpo Road community himself , There are the largest number of relevant places , He came door to door one by one , Persuade businesses to suspend business . meanwhile , Each group encountered difficult problems , Will also ask Huang Xiaoming for help .

He solved the shortage of transfer vehicles one after another 、 Residents are reluctant to go to the centralized isolation point 、 Single day spatio-temporal big data exceeds 1000 Article and other issues . Because I don't know when an emergency will happen , This few days , Huang Xiaoming has been stationed in the street , I only went home once on the way .


received “ Mandatory rest order ” Not only Huang Xiaoming , First to receive “ Mandatory rest order ” Of , Zhu Jiangwei, Secretary of Dongpo Road Community Party committee .

“ Attention, everyone , Please pay attention to the distance of one meter line when voting ……” This is 12 month 15 The scene of the election of community deputies to the National People's Congress in Japan , Although the voice has been hoarse , Zhu Jiangwei, Party Secretary of Dongpo Road community, reminded each scene in detail .

since 12 month 7 Since the start of COVID-19's response to control , Dongpo Road community office is brightly lit at night , Various work arrangements 、 Tasks such as task coordination and telephone answering shall be carried out at the same time . Everyone goes out early and comes back late and is on duty by turns , Only the Secretary has been continuously 10 I've been eating and living in the community for days .


“ secretary , We still have a secret room that won't close , What do I do ?”“ secretary , We have too much data today , We need reinforcements !” Zhu Jiangwei receives all kinds of calls every day , Despite the constant phone calls , But Zhu Jiangwei can always be tough when he should be tough , It's still time to appease .

Up to now , He led the closure of the district secret room 38 home , Dispose of all kinds of data 3000 multiple . There are not only residents in Dongpo Road community area 、 Businesses and hospitals , We must not slacken our efforts in epidemic prevention and control , Zhu Jiangwei always says that , Do the same .


Zhou Qiuyi, deputy secretary of the neighborhood Party Working Committee, said :“ The street always pays attention to the work intensity of front-line staff 、 Physical condition , We must ensure that the combat effectiveness of the front line is not reduced , The next work will be more effective . therefore ,‘ Mandatory rest order ’ It will never be the last one .”

You've been working hard !

Pay tribute to all the staff of the anti epidemic front line !

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