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What on earth are the balls in the hot pot made of? Don't buy these three!

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What food goes best with this season

That's hot pot


In addition to all kinds of meat and vegetables

Meatballs are also regular customers in hot pot

Juicy beef ball 、 Fish ball 、 Shrimp balls



This kind of food that many people like

It also makes people feel confused

What are meatballs made of ?

Is the beef ball full of beef ?

What is the truth ?


“ Beef balls ” Is there beef in the ?

Many people think beef balls must be full of beef , However , This is not the case .

Beef balls are clearly marked in the ingredient list , It will contain a certain amount of pork 、 chicken 、 Duck meat , Some also add fish 、 Meat powder and other ingredients , Beef is not necessarily the most abundant in beef balls .


that , Meatballs should contain only meat , Why are there other ingredients ?

On this question , Industry standard 《SB/T 10379-2012 Quick frozen prepared food 》 There are clear provisions :

Contains chicken 、 pork 、 Fish 、 Minced shrimp meat products , pork 、 chicken 、 Fish 、 The content of shrimp meat should be ≥10%; And contains crab meat 、 beef 、 Minced mutton products , Crab meat 、 beef 、 The content of mutton should be ≥8%.

Industry standard 《 Rice-meat dumplings 》(SB/T 10610-2011) Specified in the :

The content of livestock meat in livestock meat balls should rank first , The meat content of aquatic products in aquatic products meatballs should rank first ; This standard also classifies the meat content in meatballs , Ordinary grade requires meat content ≥45%, Superior requires meat content ≥55%, Super grade requires meat content ≥65%.

Industry standard 《 Frozen surimi products 》(SC/T 3701-2003) Specifically stipulated in :

The starch content in the product ≤15%( In addition to simulating crab meat, starch content is required ≤10%), There is no regulation on the amount of surimi added . High quality fish balls 、 Shrimp balls , The label usually indicates fish ( Shrimp meat ) Content .

therefore , Rice-meat dumplings 、 Fish ball 、 Shrimp balls are not all meat , It may contain starch and some food additives that are allowed to be added .


Be careful , What is mentioned here is food additives , Is not “ Illegal additives ”. Food additives can be added and used as long as they comply with the provisions of the national standard , There is no behavior of over range and over limit addition , Its security can be assured . 


Often eat meatballs
Possible health risks

1、 High fat content

Compared with home-made meatballs , The meatballs sold on the market are mostly soft, tender and delicate, and the meat is fragrant everywhere , This is closely related to the fat content .

In general, the ingredient list of Meatballs will be marked , There is bovine fat 、 Lard fat 、 Chicken skin 、 Shortening and other substances , And their position is relatively forward ( High content ).

The high fat content makes the balls delicious , Eating more will undoubtedly increase obesity 、 Risk of dyslipidemia and other problems .


2、“ sodium ” High levels of

Meatballs on the market , The sodium content is generally 500mg/100g above , Often eat such meatballs ,“ sodium ” The risk of exceeding the standard will increase , From a health perspective , There are many potential threats to the body ( High blood pressure 、 Increased risk of calcium deficiency, etc ).


How to choose meatballs ?

1、 Choose prepackaged meatballs

Relatively speaking , Meatballs produced by big brand merchants , The relevant inspection and quarantine mechanism is more perfect , Label information is more trustworthy , It is not recommended to buy scattered hand-made meatballs or those sold by small businesses “ Less known and inferior brand ” food .

2、 Pay attention to the content of meat

Read food labels carefully , Buy beef 、 Fish 、 Products with higher shrimp content .


3、 Focus on “ meat ” The composition of

In addition to the content of meat ,“ The composition of the meat ” Equally important . Take young people's favorite pee pill for example , Some pee balls are not necessarily made of beef , The top few of the ingredients list are mostly chicken 、 Pork and other ingredients , You can choose according to your needs .

4、 Focus on calories and sodium

Pay attention to when buying meatballs 《 List of nutrients 》 The energy in it ( Quantity of heat ) And sodium content , From a health perspective , Low calorie 、 Meatballs with low sodium content are healthier , Preference can be given to .


These three meatballs are not recommended

1、 Don't buy cheap meatballs sold on the street . Do not know its production information , High risk .

2、 Don't buy meatballs sold naked .2011 Industry standards implemented in 《 Rice-meat dumplings 》 It clearly stipulates that : In sales , Meatballs should be equipped with freezers or freezers , Should not be sold naked . Meatballs sold naked , The risk of deterioration of its products is higher .

3、 Circle of friends 、 For personal sale “ Hand made meatballs ”. No inspection and quarantine mechanism , High security risk .

Sum up , No matter what kind of meat is made into balls , It's OK to taste it occasionally , But be careful not to overeat ; Pay attention to the quality of Meatballs when buying , Choose higher quality balls , Health tasting .

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