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Apple designer knife! Mengniu, established for 22 years, replaced the new logo

2022-02-04 09:14:58 TechWeb

12 month 18 Daily news , Mengniu Dairy's official microblog released news , announce 22 Year old Mengniu changed Logo.

It is reported that , Mengniuxin Logo By Apple Logo Designer rob · Janov operated the knife himself .

Janov thinks , Great brands should adhere to “ Constantly renew the image in the inheritance ”, new Logo Retain “ ox horn ”、“ The prairie ”、 The design of Chinese brush characters and other elements that continue consumers' emotion , And presented in the golden section ratio with a strong sense of Mathematics , send Logo The whole is balanced 、 order 、 A sense of harmony .

The data shows , Mengniu Dairy was founded in 1999 year 8 month , The founder is Niu Gensheng , Headquartered in Shengle economic Park, Helingeer County, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia , It is a leading supplier of dairy products in China , Focus on R & D and production of dairy products suitable for Chinese health , Global dairy 8 strong .

2021 year 11 month 30 Japan , Mengniu Dairy announced , Niu Gensheng, founder of Mengniu, retired and planned to devote more time to charity work , since 12 month 1 Resigned as a non-executive director and a member of the strategy and Development Committee of the company .


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