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Baidu online disk youth version poster publicity speed changed from 52mb / s to 2Mb / S

2022-02-04 09:15:07 TechWeb

12 month 19 Daily news , Some time ago , Relevant departments stipulate that the speed limit of the network disk is not allowed . Therefore, the rectification measures given by Baidu are : Launch Baidu online disk youth version , Free users will enjoy 10G Storage space , The existing version of Baidu online disk will also provide services for users , Both can have the same account number 、 Login from the same device .

Baidu previously announced , Baidu online disk Youth Edition ( No speed limit ) Internal test is about to start , But only 1000 Places available to Android  iOS Platform internal test .


Official discovery , Because there are too many applicants , The popularity of Baidu online disk youth version is too high , Internal test restricted 1000 People are full , So Baidu public test official account announced that the next Monday's internal test will be directly changed to no restriction experience. . As long as the official account of the small buddy will be the first batch of experience Baidu SkyDrive youth version ( No speed limit ) Users of .


It is worth mentioning that , Netizens found that Baidu seems to put the information in the previous internal test poster 52MB / s Changed to 2.2MB / s, I don't know if it will affect the service .


Previously, the Ministry of industry and information technology has drawn a line for the services of online disk enterprises “ Standard line ”,“ Under the same network conditions, the minimum rate of uploading and downloading to free users should ensure that the basic download needs are met ”.

11 month , Under the guidance of the information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology , China Internet Association 、 China information and Communication Research Institute organized Baidu online disk 、 Tencent micro cloud 、 Sky wing cloud disk 、 And Caiyun 、 Alicloud disk 、 Thunderbolt cloud disk 、360 Security cloud disk and Netease disk 8 Net disk enterprises jointly signed in Beijing 《 Self discipline Convention on user experience protection of personal network disk service business 》, promise 2021 ... will be launched during the year “ Undifferentiated rate ” product , Provide indiscriminate upload for all kinds of users / Download rate service .


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