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[see you at 8:00] Langfang: immediately start accountability for the arbitrary collection of fees, fines and apportionment in Bazhou

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  • Is this year a local Chinese new year ? National Health Commission : Don't “ One size fits all ”, Classification and partition management .

  • The national medical insurance drug catalogue has been included in 40 Medication for more than a few rare diseases , involve 25 Diseases .

  • The nutrition improvement program for rural students has been implemented for ten years : The average height of boys increased 10 centimeter .

  • The railway 12306 rumours : The ticket grabbing acceleration package does not have the priority to buy tickets .

  • China will enter “ An aging society ”,20 The number of elderly people doubled in .

  • Dream linkage ! Sanxingdui site and Jinsha site will jointly apply for world heritage .

  • 12 month 17 Japan , The supervision office of the State Council Office exposed the problem of large-scale arbitrary collection of fees, fines and apportionment in Bazhou City, Hebei Province . Bazhou is a county-level city managed by Langfang , The Standing Committee of Langfang municipal Party committee conveyed and studied the notice of the supervision office of the State Council Office overnight . The meeting pointed out that , The notification from the supervision office of the State Council office hit the nail on the head , It has fully exposed that Bazhou city has a serious lack of understanding 、 Deviation and distortion in the implementation of superior policies 、 Weak awareness of administration according to law 、 Simple and rough working methods and other problems , Instruct the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision commission to find out the facts 、 On the basis of clarifying responsibilities , Start accountability procedures for relevant responsible units and persons in charge according to regulations , Be firm in avoiding 、 Do not cover up , Handle in place according to law and discipline .


  • Russia officially withdrew 《 Open sky treaty 》, The United States has previously “ Withdraw from a group ”.

  • 5000 Tons of raw milk or dumped ? A Japanese official demonstrated in public and called for more milk .

  • Riots broke out in a prison in Thailand , The police fired rubber bullets and injured 3 Prisoners .

  • Hide the fact of having sex with employees , Before McDonald's CEO Return super 1 $100 million severance .

All States

  • Wuxi lost contact 8 Days of 23 The - year-old girl was confirmed dead , Police report : Get rid of him .


  • Shanxi Yuncheng Salt Lake District Bulletin “ Illegal villas grow in reverse ”: Set up a joint investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation .

  • Henan police responded “ Hebi man's real name reported that the developer offered bribes to public officials ”: It's a false accusation against ,3 Criminal detention .

  • thrilling ! A rollover accident occurred on the bridge deck of an expressway in Hubei Province , Several trucks fell off the bridge , cause 3 Celebrity death 、4 People were injured .


  • Men questioned the authenticity of the Nanjing Massacre in group chat , Be detained 10 God .


  • A man stole a car and ran out of gas in Luzhou, Sichuan Province 10 km , As soon as I got to the gas station, I met the owner , At present, the man has been arrested .
  • A fun ! Winter fishing in a university in Jiangsu Province 2000 Jin fish , Invite teachers and students to have a whole fish feast .



  • Trendy toys are not really scarce products , Trend toys are updated and iterated rapidly , Strong substitutability , In the face of toys that cost thousands of yuan each , The more rational consumption is .

    —— CCTV commented that Ling Na Belle dolls were fired to sky high prices


  • The first discovery of the fossil of the ragweed toothed beast in Erlian Basin, Inner Mongolia .


  • Nanhu island in Beijing Summer Palace presents “ The golden light pierces the hole ” Scenery .



  • Congratulations on ! Gu ailing fought twice a day , Capture 1 gold 1 silver .


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