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Haval's new flagship SUV "divine beast" was officially launched at a price of 130000 ~ 167000 yuan

2022-02-04 11:41:54 TechWeb

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【TechWeb】12 month 18 Japan , Harvard's flagship of new technology SUV Haver beast has been listed in Chengdu, the land of abundance , The new car will come out 1.5T and 2.0T The fuel version consists of 6 models , The market guide price range is 13 Ten thousand yuan ~16.7 Ten thousand yuan , It also brings seven luxury gifts to users with full sincerity . With high-level intelligence 、 Sharp style 、 Over level configuration 、 Considerate services and other benefits for users , Harper beast is happy to get off to a good start in the pre-sale stage , Get super 1.2 Ten thousand orders , It has set off a hot wave of car collection all over the country .

As a Harvard brand “ Black technology category ” The first flagship model , The hard core architecture is composed of lemon vehicle platform and coffee intelligent platform , Gather the world's leading technology , Make high-level intelligence within reach . Namo Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd COO Hou Jun 、 Wu Shulin, vice president of Baidu intelligent driving business, and other representatives of ecological partners attended the press conference , Shared the strong alliance , The accumulation and achievements of Harvard beast in the field of intelligent driving . Haver brand CEO Li Xiaorui said , The divine beast will take the black technology category as the position , adopt “ High level intelligent technology equal rights ” On , Bring new leapfrog life to animal trainers .

High level intelligent technology “ Dream mount ” Everything is wise

Harper beast refuses mediocrity , Creating advanced aesthetic genes with cosmic inspiration , bring “ Super space-time sharp Aesthetics ” Design concept , And pass “ Time and space hunting ” Appearance and “ Time and space guard ” Interior upholstery creates pioneer personality expression for young users . Haver beast has 2800 Mm extra long wheelbase , Both comfort and stability , With a wider comfortable space 、 A more intelligent driving experience redefines the standard B level SUV.

The younger generation of consumers growing up with the trend of Technology , There is a natural interest and demand for intelligent black Technology . The Havre beast carries up to 26 A sensing element , With millisecond decision response , Realize the full coverage of vehicle perception , Plus the leading visual display algorithm and ADAS function , Achieved a higher level of intelligent driving assistance function . Cooperate with the whole vehicle FOTA upgrade , Grow up with animal trainers with self evolution ability .

The intelligent parking function of Haval beast comes from the joint efforts of Haval brand and Baidu , Let novice Xiaobai become an old driver . The Harper beast has AVP Valet parking 、 Point to point memory parking 、 Multi scene integration of leading functions such as parking , Can effectively solve user problems “ Last mile ” Just need pain points , Let this dream mount “ Everything is wise ”.

Besides , Haver beast is equipped with leading digital technology at the same level , Let the cockpit run smoothly . It is worth mentioning that , With the blessing of three leading biometric technologies , The interaction between people and vehicles is really the ultimate , Not only can I read your voice 、 Read your face , Better understand your gestures , Have a good connection with the young beast .

In addition to high-order intelligence , The power performance of the beast is also excellent . Equipped with a new generation leading in its class 1.5T/2.0T The engine , With the third generation 7DCT Form a golden power combination , Let the thermal efficiency of the beast of Havre exceed 38%, Make acceleration lighter and smoother , Especially the ejection start , It can be called full of combat power ,2.0T The high configuration version can bring the leading products in the same level 7 100 seconds acceleration experience .

Seven hard core listing ceremony Wonderful leapfrog life starts immediately

In order for more users to enjoy “ High level intelligent technology equal rights ” Leapfrog experience , Haver beast has also launched seven listing gifts full of sincerity .

Divine beast users ordered after listing , Enjoy to the lowest 0 A down payment 、 Supreme 8 ten thousand 24 period 0 The resting beast pays a light gift , This is for young people who have just entered society , Super welfare . For old car owners , You can also enjoy the highest 6000 Yuan replacement subsidy , Can also enjoy and increase purchase 2000 Additional purchase subsidy of RMB , At the same time, the first owner can also enjoy the engine 、 Lifetime warranty of transmission and other core parts . Besides , And a thousand yuan boutique gift bag 、 Basic traffic is free for life 、3 The annual entertainment service is free , And the whole vehicle is free for life FOTA Upgrade and other considerate courtesies , Let the wonderful leapfrog life start immediately .

Walking with the beast youth “ Equal rights in science and technology ” Help Harvard brand up

At this conference , Harper beast takes the sitcom as the main line , Tandem new car on the stage 、 Tiktok 、 User sharing 、 Executive interaction and other highlights , At the same time, it makes the high-level product power of Harvard beast more popular . among , Two beasts enjoy the first official from Harvard brand CEO Li Xiaorui took the new car key in his hand , And publish “ If you are young, you should dare to surpass your level ” Declaration of attitude , Push the atmosphere to a climax .

obviously , As a dream mount highly suitable for young users , Harvard beast is boosting “ High level intelligent technology equal rights ” While realizing the value , Continue to inject new momentum into Harvard brand .

As Chen Guanyu, marketing director of Havre beast, said :“ Harvard brand has made two equal rights attacks in the past decade , Break the monopoly of joint venture brand , Harvest super 700 Ten thousand loyal users , Created China SUV Myth first market . Today, based on the new black technology category ‘ High level intelligent technology equal rights ’, Not only technology breaks the game , We need to break the situation , It will attract more young users to join the Harvard user camp , Walk hand in hand with the beast of Havre in the pursuit of leapfrog life .

Conclusion :

The media attending the meeting said one after another , As the strategic focus of the domestic auto market , The price is 15 About 10000 B The primary market has always been the world of joint venture brands . But with the beast of Harvard “ Overstep one's rank ” list , Bring black technology category to 15 ten thousand + Launch a full-scale impact on the market , This situation may soon be broken . I believe that driven by the strong power of haver beast , More independent brands will come together , And finally work together to stage a higher-order breakthrough joint venture car market story .

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