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How was Ren Zhongping refined

2022-02-04 11:56:15 Hometown Cloud

The political theory is 《 The People's Daily 》 The tradition and advantages of , and “ Ren Zhongping ” The article is undoubtedly 《 The People's Daily 》 An important brand of political theory .

In terms of tradition , The editorial board of the people's Daily has always attached great importance to the work of commentary , Many social leaders , For example, former president Comrade Shao Huaze, especially former deputy editor in chief Comrade Xie Hong, directly created Ren Zhongping . Get into 21 century 8 More than a year , Comrade Zhang Yannong, as deputy editor in chief 、 Editor-in-Chief 、 President , Always lead “ Ren Zhongping ” Writing group , Preside over the planning 、 Topic selection 、 modify 、 The whole process of finalization .

In terms of advantages , Speech has always been 《 The People's Daily 》 The strengths of . The newspaper office has concentrated the business backbone of multiple departments , It took more than ten years of repeated experience , Trained a group of commentators , Formed a set of working mechanism , Created a fresh style of writing , Won a large number of enthusiastic readers .“ Ren Zhongping ” It shows the unique role of public opinion guidance .

Comrade Zhang Yannong, President of the people's daily, wrote in an article , This paper introduces Ren Zhongping's creation , It can be summarized into three sentences :“ Seven or eight guns ”“ an unsettled state of mind ”“ The kids ”.

“ Seven or eight guns ” It refers to an organizational structure .“ Ren Zhongping ” Members from the whole newspaper , Social leaders , There is the director of the Department , There are senior journalists 、 edit , There are also young people who have just joined the club . Everyone has their own expertise , Usually they are busy , Task one calls , Cross departmental selection combination , Implement the leader , Project responsibility system , The team produced the first draft , Collective draft . Intense homework , When it's done, it's gone . therefore “ Ren Zhongping ” Not the product of one person , But the crystallization of collective wisdom .

“ an unsettled state of mind ” It refers to a working attitude . Elaborate 、 delicate 、 Exquisite ; A draft 、 The second draft 、 Third draft , Final draft . There must be a number of repetitions , Even push it down and start again , Until everyone feels “ ok ”. At the time of writing , Often reborn .

“ The kids ” It refers to a democratic atmosphere . stay “ Ren Zhongping ” Inside , Regardless of the position 、 Seniority , Even for the President 、 The opinion of the editor in chief , Can express different views . To do so , Sometimes it's for the framework of the article , Sometimes for the main point , Sometimes just for the use of a word or punctuation . It really can't be unified , Even through “ Vote for ” To decide .

Comrade Yannong summed up these three “ Seven or eight ”, It has the cultural and working characteristics of the people's daily . Concentrate talents to tackle key problems collectively , Repeatedly revise and never tire of it , Business democracy speaks freely , These three points are crucial to the introduction of high-quality political theory .

The people's Daily commentary work is an overall concept . Stylistically , both “ Ren Zhongping ” article , Another editorial 、 Commentator's article 、 Column comments 、 Short comments, etc . In terms of work field , There are international comments 、 Domestic comments , Which is divided into politics 、 economic 、 Comments on culture, etc . in fact , All professional departments have comment writing tasks , They also have their own comment Columns . I mainly contact the comment Department , As far as the work of the comment department is concerned , In my submission “ Ren Zhongping ” It is an epitome of the commentary work of the people's daily , It reflects the most remarkable characteristics of the people's Daily's comment work . Do a good job of commenting , You can talk about a lot of questions , Here we mainly talk about the most common business problems of dealing with several relationships .

“ Ren Zhongping ” A wide range of topics , Politics 、 economic 、 Culture 、 history 、 Technology 、 Sports and other aspects are discussed , but “ Ren Zhongping ” There is a common feature , This is the political perspective . Sun Yat Sen said , Politics is everyone's business . Comrade Mao Zedong has quoted this statement many times . Although this is not a complete definition , But it tells the essence of politics .“ Ren Zhongping ” Pay attention to international and domestic affairs , Focus on reform, development and stability , Pay attention to the thoughts of cadres and the vital interests of the masses , The direction of topic selection and intention , There is no exception to the social trend of thought 、 The reform process 、 Development strategy and other topics of the times . The reality is “ Ren Zhongping ” The most distinctive feature .

“ Ren Zhongping ” There are many well-known topics in the topic selection of , Such as 《 On politeness 》《 On Service 》《 On responsibility 》《 On honesty 》《 On dedication 》. Such topics used to be 、 You can do it now and in the future , Also done . Ancient and modern theorists at home and abroad 、 Scholars have discussed similar topics countless times .“ Ren Zhongping ” The reason for choosing these topics , The background comes from social reality , The reason comes from work life , In view of the ideological confusion of cadres and the masses , In view of the prominent contradictions in reform and construction , Some noteworthy tendencies in social life . Determination of topic selection , First ask , At the moment , What is the realistic basis for us to raise this question ; Discuss and revise , People's attention is often , Has our reasoning scratched the itch of the cadres and the masses . thus , here “ On honesty ”, It's not all “ A word spoken , what has been cannot be withdrawn ” Ancient motto of , It's about counterfeiting 、 Commercial fraud 、 Such ugly phenomena as deceiving the world and stealing fame , It is intended to promote the construction of national integrity . here “ On Service ” It's not all about exploring the development ideas of an industry , It reveals the importance and urgency of moral construction in the new era . so to speak , Accurately cut into the current work and ideological reality , Clearly expound the party's proposition , yes “ Ren Zhongping ” The basic principles of .

Political and working ( Business ), It has always been a relationship to be handled by the party newspaper and political theory . Without the politics of work and business , It's short politics ; Only work and business, not politics , It's a scholar's opinion . In a sense ,“ Ren Zhongping ” The focus of observation and Analysis , It's about looking at the economy from a political perspective 、 Look at culture 、 Look at history 、 Look at society . Even the Olympics 、 Disaster resistance and other political theories are no exception . Of course , This is not about politics for the sake of politics “ Pan political ”, But that this is 《 The People's Daily 》 The responsibility of political theory lies in 、 The mission is 、 As where .“ Ren Zhongping ” Discuss coordinated regional development , Of course, it involves regional specialization 、 Academic issues such as industrial gradient transfer , But the focus is on the big chess game of national economic and social development .“ Ren Zhongping ” Discuss building an energy-saving society , Of course, such as resource constraints 、 Professional issues such as development model , But the focus is to point out the new ideas of scientific development .“ Ren Zhongping ” Most of them have a theme and a subtitle , The theme is relatively large , The subtitle is relatively real . This is not a writing moment, which means , But it shows thinking 、 The path of conceiving the article , This is to start with specific problems , Reveal the significance of the topic from a higher level of reform, development and stability .

“ Ren Zhongping ” It's newspaper politics , It has both theoretical and rational characteristics . This is because , Any concrete truth cannot be separated from the basic principles . There is no clarification of the basic principles , Reasoning is often superficial and trivial . similarly , Only the discussion of general principles and the lack of specific analysis , Inevitably vague and abstract . In creative practice , We gradually reached a consensus : firstly , Ren Zhongping should have a certain academic rationality , Analyze the phenomenon from the perspective of world outlook and methodology , Show the regularity of the development and change of things . second ,“ Ren Zhongping ” We should follow the discussion method from individual to general , Pay special attention to the particularity of the research problem , Try to make the key to open the lock of thought more accurate , The reason to open the door of ideas is more targeted .

The combination of theory and practice is the fundamental method of dialectical materialism , It reflects the general law of human scientific thinking activities . This truth is well known . The question is whether we can consciously combine , Whether the combination is good .“ Ren Zhongping ” The writing of an article often goes through many repetitions , This repetition is actually finding 、 Find the combination of theory and practice .

Improve the party newspaper and political theory , It has always been a question that critics have been pondering hard . Readers are more likely to report that , There is too much empty talk in the party newspaper and political theory 、 Talk a lot 、 There are many idioms 、 There are many Mandarin , I hope my views are updated , The style of writing is fresher , The form is more lively . From years of practice , This is not a question of writing skills . The style of writing is a reflection of the Party style , persuasiveness 、 In the final analysis, appeal is the ability to guide public opinion . The subjective and objective reasons are complex , You don't have to expand one by one . What I want to say here is ,“ Ren Zhongping ” Always take the fresh style of writing as the direction of efforts .

One side ,“ Ren Zhongping ” It means an important comment of the people's daily , We must fully and accurately publicize the party's theory 、 guidelines 、 policy , Therefore, the expression of important views cannot be arbitrary , The overall style should also be solemn and serious . On the other hand , Comprehensive and accurate is not equal to empty and boring 、 A lot of routine , Say something that's always right , Say something big and inappropriate . Therefore, we must be close to reality 、 Close to the masses 、 Close to life , Strive to make readers happy 、 Be educated and inspired by easy reading . Actually , There is no contradiction between comprehensiveness and accuracy and liveliness . Not comprehensive and accurate , Flowery words can only be unfounded travel talk ; Not lively , No matter how loud the voice is 、 No matter how correct the truth is, it will not enter the brain and heart . The argument is comprehensive 、 Express accurately , Emotional 、 The words are vivid , In a good article, there are indispensable elements .

“ Ren Zhongping ” The unity of the two is explored , Especially in the relatively weak link of improving the style of writing . This can be summarized into several meanings :

First of all , Only innovative ideas can have novel expressions . such as , In commemoration of reform and opening up 30 Year of 《 The opportunity of history awaits us to grasp 》 In the article , Yes 30 The discussion of the great changes in is very innovative .“ Ren Zhongping ” Take a completely different question from plain speaking :“ Where are we from ? Where are we going ?—— We come from a shortage economy , To an affluent society ; We come from lack of food and clothing , Go to a well-off society for the whole people ; We come from the planned economy , Go to the market economy ; We have come from the age of struggle , To a harmonious society ……”

Sometimes it's just a slight change in the angle of discussion or the tone of speech , The sense of reading changes subtly . The four “ Come and go ”, Unfolded many stories of personal experience that happened around people , Like a red line strung up scattered pearls , It is a new perspective to observe the problem . Although many changes have been made to the content when finalizing , but “ Come and go ” Get everyone's unanimous appreciation .

second , Only when you are moved can you convey your feelings . Wenchuan earthquake is a great disaster that shocked the world , The whole nation is in mourning , attract worldwide attention . stay 《 Great China stands up in disaster 》 It tells the heroic feats of the Chinese people in fighting against natural disasters : We see great grief over the death of our compatriots , See the strong cohesion of unity in times of crisis , See the noble character and great feelings aroused by this disaster . The moment when the manuscript was revised , Everyone is immersed in the waves of emotion , I haven't encountered any cognitive diaphragm , Moving conveys moving , Passion extends passion , Think and think , These all turn into vivid and colorful 、 Sentimental and meaningful words .

Third , Only through in-depth discussion can we have profound insights . Most of the time ,“ Ren Zhongping ” The first draft of is not a text for revision , It's a sketch for participants to discuss . Some manuscripts were overturned from the beginning , But what is overturned is not the author's achievements , But we continue to discuss the relay together , Stick after stick . Quite a lot of times ,“ Ren Zhongping ” In discussion , Instead of writing , In other words, the revision process is also the process of brainstorming . Personal knowledge is always limited , It is not a simple summation of the number of people to discuss together . Discussion is the interaction of ideas , It's the inspiration of ideas . The biggest advantage of this working method is that the transmission of ideas is not addition, but multiplication , It often makes people have a deeper understanding of the problem . The depth of discussion is often the height of understanding .

Fourth , You can't read until you read it well . Details are about the whole , Articles need to be tempered .“ Ren Zhongping ” Always take the removal of dyslexia as a pursuit . Only when the correct truth is accepted by readers in a happy mood will it have better effect , This is also due respect for readers .“ Ren Zhongping ” My creative idea is : The article should have beautiful rhythm , Have a lively rhythm , Have personalized text . Therefore, the modification is not general “ adopt ”, It's literal “ Fine pick ”. Ambiguous sentences should be changed , Sentences that are not bright enough need to be changed , Delete sentences that are not concise enough . Change 、 in 、 After deletion, I have to recite , Until the text is relatively perfect .

This article is excerpted from people's Daily Publishing House 《 Practical course of news commentary 》, With deletion .

“ Ren Zhongping ” How to grind it into

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