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Liang Rubo officially takes over the byte CEO: six business segments, and the top tiktok is joined to the jitter.

2022-02-04 11:56:17 Heart devil

With byte beating, a new round of organizational upgrading , Liang Rubo has officially taken over CEO, Be fully responsible for the overall development of the company .

11 month 2 Japan , Liang Rubo issued an e-mail to announce the organizational adjustment , Implement line of business BU turn (Business Unit, Business unit ), Set up six business segments : Tiktok 、 Vigorously Education 、 anonymous letter 、 Volcano engine 、 Day and night, light years and TikTok. The person in charge of relevant business segments shall report to Liang Rubo .

This year, 5 month , Zhang Yiming said in an internal letter that , He and Liang Rubo will be in 2021 By the end of the year CEO Transition of responsibilities . This organizational adjustment , It means that the handover has been completed as scheduled .

Public data display , The number of employees worldwide exceeds 11 ten thousand people , Business coverage exceeds 150 Countries and regions . The email said , The latest organizational adjustment is based on business needs ,“ Mission driven , Start business all the time , Keep the organization flexible and efficient , Inspire creativity ”.

according to the understanding of , Byte beating will make today's headlines 、 Watermelon Video 、 Search for 、 Encyclopedia tiktok and vertical service business in China are joined in the jitter. . This section is responsible for the overall development of domestic information and service business .

At the same time , Part of the functions of the company's employee development department have been transformed into vocational education , Incorporated into the education sector . This section is committed to establishing a lifelong education service system , Covering intelligent learning 、 Adult education 、 Smart hardware 、 Campus cooperation and other fields . anonymous letter 、EE( Enterprise efficiency Department )、EA( Enterprise application department ) Merge into flying book plate , Focus on providing enterprise collaboration and management services .

Besides , The volcanic engine sector focuses on building an enterprise level technical service cloud platform . Asahi Lightyear is responsible for game R & D and distribution .TikTok Section responsible TikTok Platform business , At the same time, support the development of overseas e-commerce and other extended businesses . Here's the thing to watch ,TikTok CEO Zhou is no longer a part-time employee CFO, The financial department of the company turned to Liang Rubo to report .

source : Surging news Guangzhou Daily · New flower city editor : Lin Jing

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