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Brand marketing: from the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love with each other for a long time

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01 Fragmentation invalidates big ideas ,“ Love at first sight ” End

Marketing is like falling in love , The essence is to make the audience fall in love with themselves , In a more vulgar word “ Falling in love with customers ”.

As for the way of love , In the golden age of advertising , Most brands pursue “ Fall in love at first sight ” Strategy . Just like Leo · Benner and George · What Louis advocated , Brand should be based on “ Big idea ” Affect consumers , Let consumers form a deep impression when they see the advertisement for the first time .

leo · Bena's Marlboro advertisement for Marlboro , The image is rough all over 、 heroic 、 The heroic American cowboy is smoking Marlboro cigarettes , This advertisement opens up a market for Marlboro , It has become one of the most classic planning in the history of advertising . And George · Louis is more interested in 《 Advertising creativity 》( and 《 Blue trick 》) Famous for a Book , Its creative marketing concept has deeply influenced a generation .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

The idea of great advertising creativity has influenced the marketing trend for decades , It also has a great impact on China . such as 2011 Mass bank advertising in Taiwan, China 《 Dream Knight 》 It caused a great sensation . until 2016 year ,NB Advertising cooperation with Li Zongsheng 《 Every step counts 》, Are still playing the value of big ideas , The impact of its formation in the current year on NB The growth of sales volume is not small .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

But after the advent of the era of short video , There are fewer and fewer big ideas , The essential reason is the fragmentation of information .

The golden age of big ideas , Basically based on traditional media , Creativity is also basically static , The life cycle of a big idea is as long as one or even several years , This is to ensure that excellent advertising reaches more people , Let them fall in love at first sight , And repeated consolidation for a long time , Occupy the minds of consumers .

But in today's fragmented world , Consumers' attention is diverted at any time , Today, he fell in love with you at first sight , Tomorrow he can fall in love with others at first sight . In such a marketing environment , It's not cost-effective to make the brand bigger and creative , The reasons are as follows :

  • Distraction , Memory decays quickly . Fragmented information age , Big ideas can no longer be solved by coverage alone , Because the current environment , Consumers are extremely distracted , The memory of information will also disappear quickly , When you try to reach consumers with excellent ideas , He probably looked at it and turned to something else .
  • Selective attention , De advertising . Mobile Internet Era , Consumers have a choice of content , Focus only on the information you want to care about . Consumers will buy members to advertise , See that the information flow advertising point fork is closed , Even click on the complaint advertisement …… Consumers' rejection of advertising has reached its peak , In an era like this , Advertising is even more difficult to reach .
  • Touch rate questions , Invalid viewing . The advent of the algorithm era , Significantly reduce the initiative of the brand , In terms of content acquisition , The algorithm directly makes choices for consumers , Even if you advertise carefully , Advertising is determined by the algorithm as content that is not suitable for a consumer , Consumers can't see , This is the double-edged sword effect of the algorithm , Inaccurate judgment of the algorithm may make you lose the potential consumers you should have reached , Or more decision makers 、 purchaser 、 Experimenters and communicators , These are indispensable people for brand popularity and social consensus .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

therefore , In the current marketing environment , Brands rely on big ideas to make consumers “ Fall in love at first sight ” There are fewer and fewer opportunities , The brand can only turn to another marketing model .

02 Brand marketing : From love at first sight to love over time

In this era of extreme distraction , Brands can't expect an amazing idea to make a large number of consumers pay , Instead, we should gradually rely on content and operation to accumulate feelings for consumers .

It's like falling in love over time .

For example, in the era of microblog Marketing , Durex, who can't do traditional advertising , Rely on continuous output of high-quality content , Accumulated a batch of iron powder , And rely on fan operation strategy ( Choose... Every week “ Most fans ”, This is one of the earliest brands of fan operation strategy in the era of social media ), Maintain the loyalty of fans .

Durex hasn't done any big ideas of big coverage , But gradually shaping their own brand personality by small ideas , Form an impact on consumers .

There are many such cases today , Although not as eye-catching as Durex used to be , But every brand that does this tries to do something that a small number of people like first , Attract a small group of people and start , Accumulate over a long period , Gradually expand influence . today , Most marketing is no longer a one shot deal , It requires continuous and effective touch and communication , For consumers , It also needs to provide content and value on an ongoing basis , Influence them little by little .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

Today we can say , There is no confession that startles the world and cries ghosts and gods , Only forever moved .

So is it in the era of small creativity , Big ideas don't have a chance at all ? That's not the case , Like I was in 《 bye ,Big Idea》 As mentioned in , The value of small ideas cannot replace big ideas even today .

They pass on to society 、 Human insight , Produce content with social value , Can shape the image of the brand , Bring more long-term value to the brand . What it brings is the shaping of brand character , The guidance of social culture , Guide consumers' consumption tendency , The increase of brand premium , The promotion of long-term income , This value cannot be measured in months or even years .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

03 How to do a good job of marketing

The right way of marketing , Is to effectively combine and match big ideas and small ideas , This is the age of fragmentation , More effective “ fatigue ” Marketing methods , Specifically, it should be the following solutions :

  • Fight fragmentation with Pan centralization

In today's marketing environment , The long-term relationship between brands and consumers is certainly the solution , But the brand's first impression of consumers is still important , The premise of long-term love is , First of all, we should ensure that the brand has a contact with consumers , And positive , If the first contact opportunity is not available , Let alone love over time .

Now , Centralized media still play a role , Because it can ensure that the brand contacts consumers with the greatest probability . But now there is no last century 90 In the s, CCTV became the kind of centralized media , Therefore, it is very important to form centralization with media combination , I call this pan centralization , This is an effective strategy against fragmentation .

In recent years, , Some we media suggested that the two micro enterprises shake and focus + The concept of CCTV , It means pan centralization .

In my submission , Pan centralization is to obtain information from consumers online + Realize full coverage offline , To ensure effective reach for consumers . In the current environment , Basically double micro shake + CCTV + Focus matrix , This can be achieved .

Someone might say , How rich it is to cover such multimedia ? It is true , This marketing method requires a certain amount of investment , But the benefits can also be guaranteed . You can look at the dominant brands in the market , They basically do , Like coca cola 、 TaoBao 、 The farmer mountain spring 、 Erie, wait . Their large Campaign It basically covers TV+ Divide public + Online and offline channels with double micro and one shake .

New consumer brands also have such cases , For example, it's made of small cans of tea recently “ A name in mind ”, The long film covers all the above channels , An effective anti fatigue propagation .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

  • Repetitions against forgetting

The natural enemy of marketing is forgetting .

German psychologist Ebbinghaus found , Forgetting occurs almost simultaneously with the emergence of information , And first fast and then slow . Generally speaking , When consumers see an advertisement, they should follow this Law , The rate of consumers forgetting advertising is very fast in the initial stage , But it will gradually slow down later , After a while , Almost no longer forgotten .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

For marketing , There is no better way to fight forgetting , It's just repetition , But repetition has certain rules . Usually after consumers come into contact with advertising , Advertisements should be exposed repeatedly in a short time , So as to combat the possibility of short-term and rapid forgetting .

meanwhile , There are studies that show that , The emergence of advertisements is related to whether the advertisements of competitors appear on the same media at the same time , Repeated advertisements are more effective when there are competitive advertisements , let me put it another way , When a competitor's advertisement appears on a medium , If your ad doesn't appear , Then your brand memory will be weakened .

That's why Coca Cola and Pepsi , The reason why McDonald's and KFC will compete to advertise on similar media . In the same way , You also often see focus elevator advertisements for products of the same category on the elevator , Such as vitality forest and farmer mountain spring bubble water . On this point , I am here Why do world-famous companies like coca cola continue to put a lot of advertisements ? It is also stated in the article .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

So for forgetting this natural enemy of marketing , Brands not only need to repeat advertising based on forgotten scientific basis , It should also be used to resist the invasion of competitors' memories of consumers , To ensure the brand cognitive advantage .

  • Imperceptibly resist information fatigue

In the age of fragmentation , More and more information 、 It's getting more and more complicated , Consumers are also getting tired , At this time, the marketing that can imperceptibly influence the long-term impact on consumers is good marketing .

On this point , Still pay attention to Daniel · Kaniman's 《 reflection , Fast and slow 》 theory , His theory of behavioral economics has been influential at the beginning of this century and won the Nobel Prize . In marketing , Its application is to guide consumers' fast thinking through some designs , Let them incline and buy your brand in a short time . Simply put, let consumers “ No guesswork ” Choose your products and brands .

This strategy can't work with one or two advertisements , Instead, we should combine the principles of psychology and behavior for a long time , Set up your own products 、 marketing 、 Channel and other factors , Let consumers' consumption behavior be affected unknowingly .

Starbucks membership card strategy , The economist's pricing strategy , McDonald's children's paradise strategy …… All for the successful application of this marketing method .

I am here How does brand advertising use people's fast thinking to stimulate purchase impulse ? I have written about the brand's application of fast thinking theory to various designs of marketing , I won't repeat it here .

 Brand marketing : From the electric shock mode of falling in love at first sight to the anti fatigue mode of falling in love over time

  • Fight uncertainty with certainty

today , Marketing has gone through 100 Years of time , We always emphasize the change of marketing at the moment —— Changes in channels 、 Changes in technology 、 Changes in media 、 Changes in form , These changes always make people feel that they can't keep up with the times .

But few people have noticed ,100 Over the years , The nature of marketing has not changed , This essence I am 90% Brand marketing can't even do common sense It was written in , Namely Correct content based on Positioning + High frequency coverage for consumers .

The correct content has not changed since ancient times , Channel coverage , It's nothing more than what kind of media combination . however 90% Your company can't do this , They are either influenced by the new concept of the outside world , We should use a small budget to leverage the popularity of the whole network , Or see a brand fire , Copy someone else's route . Most brand owners are trapped by anxiety and change , It is difficult to achieve common sense based on the basic principles of marketing .

Whether it's traditional media or new media , Whether it's TVC Or short video , The essence and means of its marketing have not changed qualitatively , In the current environment , Identify the right content and proven channels ( Pan centralized channels as described above ), What is uncertain is the variety of new concepts , These new concepts are not invalid , But the time is too short , You need to settle down and study whether it is suitable for your brand , Whether it can bring certainty , If not, don't touch .

04 Conclusion : What is the anti fatigue marketing mode of growing love over time ?

In today's era of fragmentation , It's hard for a brand to expect a big idea to make a sensation as in the past , So as to bring marketing effect , Today's brand marketing , It's more like a long-term love , Need to build a positive first impression , Through continuous effective touch, it has a subtle impact on consumers and solidified their cognition , To bring more long-term value .

To sum up , In fact, it is the long-term doctrine of marketing .

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