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Perspective on the chaos of public funds lending

2022-02-04 12:24:04 Sogou wechat

Website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee Li Lingna reports In recent days, , China procuratorial network has released an indictment from the people's Procuratorate of Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province . The indictment shows that , Second level researcher of Sichuan drug rehabilitation administration 、 Zhao zeyong, a police supervisor at the third level, is a staff member of state organs , Illegal lending of state-owned funds failed to recover , The circumstances are particularly serious .

according to the understanding of , Zhao zeyong is the party secretary of Dayan reeducation through labor management institute 、 Director and other positions , In particular, the relevant regulations of the former administration of reeducation through labor in Sichuan Province have been issued only one month , In flagrant violation of the rules , It was proposed at the Party committee that the enterprise funds be “ outbound investment ”. As of the crime , These lending funds only recover interest 996.25 Ten thousand yuan , There are still 1800 The principal of 10000 yuan has not been recovered .

Illegal lending of public funds often occurs , If it is light, it will violate work discipline , The most serious is the crime of misappropriating public funds , While causing serious adverse effects , It may also cause significant economic losses .

Judging from the notified cases , Some party members and cadres act recklessly without authorization , Illegal decision to use large amount of funds . Such as , Former party secretary of the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 、 Director Sun Zhenyun abused his power , Instruct subordinate units to lend public funds . Former party secretary of Heilongjiang Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives 、 Zhang Wenming, director of the Council, deliberately evades collective decision-making , Illegal decision to lend funds and provide guarantee . Former party secretary of Chongqing supply and marketing cooperative 、 Director Liang Congyou takes advantage of his position , Borrowing money 、 Deferred repayment, etc , For the benefit of others , And illegally accept huge amounts of property .

Some illegally lend funds to unqualified private enterprises , Bring hidden dangers to state-owned funds . Such as , Former member of the Party group of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Hubei Province 、 Deputy Director Fu Jicheng violated work discipline , Illegal decision to lend financial dispatch funds to unqualified private enterprises .

Some do not perform their duties correctly , Lax follow-up supervision of lending funds , Causing funds to be misappropriated . Former member of the Party group of Guizhou Bijie Municipal Association 、 Vice Chairman Jiang congyue failed to seriously perform his duties of audit and supervision , This has led to the illegal misappropriation of funds lent by the government . Former party secretary of Dalian Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives 、 Zhao Gongfa, director of the Council , Neglect the management of the invested and restructured enterprises and the borrowed funds , Cause great loss .

Some units have repeatedly lent public funds in violation of regulations , Bring bad company atmosphere . Such as , Two party secretaries of Sichuan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd 、 Chairman Xiao Tianren and Jinghong lend state-owned funds in violation of regulations every year , And cause serious adverse effects . In the Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives of Heilongjiang Province , Zhang Wenming illegally lent public funds , And the former members of the Party group of the unit 、 Yu Dingkun, deputy director of the board of supervisors, also illegally lent employees' house purchase funds .

Public funds are surnamed public , You can't spend a penny , Let alone dispose of it arbitrarily 、 Seek self-interest . For the chaos of public funds lending , The discipline inspection and supervision organs use major funds 、 Supervise the whole process of performance of duties and duties , Relevant units are required to check the types of public funds lent 、 amount of money 、 Lending time and reason, etc , Check and sort out one by one , Fully clarify the situation , Avoid borrowing for a long time “ The new official ignored the old ” The phenomenon .

Fushun City, Liaoning Province is carrying out Township 、 Street illegal lending of public funds to clean up and renovate . The principal heads of the discipline inspection and supervision organs of all districts and counties collectively interviewed the leaders of relevant units , Send discipline inspection and supervision teams and relevant discipline inspection and supervision offices to issue discipline inspection and supervision suggestions one-on-one to units with prominent problems , Supervise and urge the comprehensive rectification and cleaning up . meanwhile , The finance of all districts and counties shall cooperate with the Discipline Inspection Commission at the same level 、 The inspection office and the audit department jointly supervise the villages and towns 、 The street shall conduct self inspection and rectification .

Jiange County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of Sichuan Province 、 Default on 、 Villages and towns where the problem of misappropriation of public funds is more prominent 、 Departments carry out key supervision , Create ledger by category , Package case to person , Check one by one , Clean up the illegal borrowing of public funds 2428 More than RMB . After the special rectification , Develop 18 Posts ( Out ) The discipline inspection and supervision team plays a close supervision role , And joint financial 、 Audit 、 Patrol and other departments carry out special supervision 、 Promotion supervision .

In view of the illegal lending of village level collective funds and asset leasing , Yixing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of Jiangsu Province, together with the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas, set up a special inspection team for clean-up and rectification , Sinking towns ( The street )、 rusticate , Carry out supervision . Up to now , The inspection found 116 All the problem clues have been closed , Party discipline and administrative punishment 27 people , Urge the recovery of funds 2.06 One hundred million yuan .

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