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"Deng island Master": in this life, it's worth it!

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If you stood at a night sentry on the island , I've heard of a wave on Cape Island , Looking at the lights of the motherland on the other side , I think you can probably understand , Why is it an instinct for us to guard desperately .

—— Deng Guotao

Company commander Deng Guotao is 30 this year , Tall , Temper big , The soldiers were afraid of him when they stared at him . Due to the garrison on Cape Island , Everyone likes to call him “ Deng daozhu ”.

This “ Deng daozhu ”, Take a look at , All think he is a “ Wu Fu ”, But he is a real top student .


“ Deng daozhu ” Is not “ Island owner ” That moment , He is a national defense student of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications . He was a child “ Army fans ”, Don't give up when you see military magazines . At graduation , Due to outstanding ability 、 My major is popular , Being scrambled by major companies to .

Some bosses not only get high salaries “ Temptation ” He , And pay liquidated damages for him “ Ransom ”. But he refused . He was asked why “ Stupid ”, He answered :“ My dream has not come true yet !” He Turn around and join the barracks , Garrison the first southeast outpost on the coastal defense line of the motherland .


“ Deng daozhu ” Jiaoyu island is located in the southeast of the motherland , The area of the island is only 0.19 Square kilometers , tiny little place , But of great military value . Before going to the island , The chief asked him :“ Guotao , Let you guard the island , Would you like to ?”“ willing ! Very willing to !”

The complacent Deng Guotao , Dream of doing something big on this independent island , But when we get to the island , He felt the burden on his shoulder, which made him out of breath :“ It's not enough to satisfy your superior here , Your stress comes from all accidents . Be worthy of the leader's entrustment , I want to be worthy of the brothers who work together . Always feel like you're not doing enough .”

therefore , In college, scholars are angry 、 The gentle Deng Guotao , Became extremely strict “ black face ” Company commander “ Deng daozhu ”. In his eyes ,“ Completing the task is the first thing , Nothing else matters , Compared with completing the task ,‘ I ’ Isn't worth mentioning .”


“ Deng daozhu ” There are three big “ Can't bear to see ”: I can't bear to see the pinched soldiers , I don't like soldiers who muddle along , I don't like soldiers who respect themselves too much .

Soldiers enter the office , Be afraid to disturb him . He doesn't like , Just personally demonstrate and teach the soldiers what to do . Ready to , He was satisfied :“ Soldiers at any time , Should hold their heads high 、 Big and square !”

When organizing training , He's always on the training ground , He picked and picked at the actions of the soldiers , If you don't like the group training of the monitor, practice the monitor , Still... In your mouth “ Swearing ”:“ Our training ground is the battlefield of the future , If you don't practice well, you will die !”

During the drill , He was so busy that he missed two meals , The correspondent couldn't see it , Put down the work at hand and send him lunch , His face was gloomy . After the meeting , He found the correspondent .

“ Do you know where we are now ?” “ The report , clear !”

“ Then I ask you , What's your position ?” “ The report , Correspondent !”

“ What's your mission ?” “ The report , Ensure the communication from top to bottom at all times !”

“ You have to understand your importance , In wartime , Everyone can be killed first , But you have to live to the end , You just came in and told me to eat , I don't think it's a big deal for a company commander not to eat , You do your job first .” “ Have you eaten yet? ?”

“ The report , No, ……” “ My brothers haven't eaten yet , Do you think it's appropriate for me to eat ?”

The messenger came back , Blushing , Eyes full of tears .


“ Deng daozhu ” Not just being strict with others , Be more strict with yourself . Dig fortifications 、 Clean water tank , When everyone stood on the shore and didn't know what to do ,“ Deng daozhu ” Has jumped down without hesitation , I started working first , You will naturally understand what to do .

“ Here we are , Craters can be seen everywhere in the last century , During the drill , Often turn out some stones , It is engraved with the year of 1988 , Keep the name of a veteran .” “ Everything is real , Every work you do , Directly on your battlefield , Into your combat effectiveness , You can't be lazy .”


“ It's really ” Of “ Deng daozhu ”, There is also a way to do political work .

There is a martyr's tomb on Jiaoyu island , It's the soldiers on the island “ Patron saint ”.1984 year , Cheng Guocai, a military doctor, rescues his comrades in arms , Unfortunately shot , Glorious sacrifice . Late at night on Cape Island , The wind roared all kinds of strange sounds , Even these guys in their teens and 20s , I can't stop my hair . Now , The soldiers who stood at the night sentry hurried to “ Brother CAI ” Go in the direction of the tomb , Go to the , I have something in mind .

A sentry , Young soldiers are not attentive , By “ Deng daozhu ” Caught me red-handed .“ Deng daozhu ” Rarely lost his temper , Staring at the soldiers for a while , Let him take “ Brother CAI ” Wipe your tombstone again , Even if it is “ punishment ” 了 . Wait until the soldiers carefully “ Brother CAI ” Wipe the tombstone of , My heart is already hot .


Talking about his wife ,“ Deng daozhu ” Show a sweet smile that is hard to see on the training ground :“ She spoiled me too much !”

Every month , Wives choose a weekend “ Across the sea ” To visit .“ Deng daozhu ” But she is often ignored because of her work , Sometimes it's hard for a wife to understand ,“ Deng daozhu ” Just “ A pre-emptive strike ”:“ If one day I follow you , Work doesn't matter , Is this suitable ?”

“ I still like the way you pursue your ideals !” His wife's words melted the iron man ,“ Deng daozhu ” More firm in their choice : Guarding the island , Grow old with your wife !


It has been on the island for nearly three years , Until now, ,“ Deng daozhu ” I am still grateful for the decision of the original leader :


I stood on the front line for my motherland !

In this life , value !

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