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What are the main means of word-of-mouth marketing?

2022-02-04 14:47:10 Opposite, say goodbye

Soft marketing , Word of mouth marketing is a promotion method that many enterprise brands will carry out after the current traffic is dispersed , Especially at this stage, the number of Internet users has risen sharply , It is more suitable for us to carry out soft text marketing , Let users know our products by word-of-mouth , Stimulate the consumption of users

Mode one : Wechat sharing

official account , Although it belongs to private domain traffic , However, wechat itself has a large number of users , This year, 1 Month of the month , Zhang Xiaolong, senior executive vice president of Tencent, said , Every day 10.9 Billion people open wechat ,7.8 100 million users enter the circle of friends

This series of data also shows that wechat has basically become a full name software at the current stage , So we use WeChat to build official account. , Be a fan group , Word of mouth marketing is also a good choice

 What are the main means of word-of-mouth marketing ?

Search on wechat , Can show a lot of content , For example, there are articles in the classification , official account , Video number, etc , Using the function of wechat search , We can also layout the keywords , To do the soft text of word-of-mouth marketing

Mode two : Self media platform

We media platform, here are a few with large traffic , For example, Baijia , sohu , The headline number , There was no. , Sohu and others can get a good ranking in Baidu search engine

We use it “sk-ii Is fairy water really easy to use ” Search for this question word , Found that the first two are the soft text of Sohu and Baijia , The space occupation obtained after being included is also very good

 What are the main means of word-of-mouth marketing ?

This means that we can start from multiple platforms , Find the keywords corresponding to our industry to operate , Spend some time writing soft articles every day , Note that the audit of Baijia and Sohu will be relatively strict , Try not to have contact information

Mode three : Zhihu Weibo

Why list Zhihu and Weibo separately , Because these two are the hottest Q & A and interactive platforms , Knowing the moon 8500 ten thousand , Weibo Yuehuo 5.66 Billion

It means that there will be our customers among these users , And a professional Q & a platform like Zhihu , He can let you drain by answering

 What are the main means of word-of-mouth marketing ?

Note that the number maintenance operation is required for both platforms in the early stage , Direct marketing articles are easy to be blocked , After repeated warnings and violations, it is easy to be permanently banned , Therefore, we still need to make more efforts in terms of articles and drainage

Mode 4 : Post Bar Forum

Baidu post bar , The end of the world , douban , The tiger jump , There will be relevant discussion groups , For example, if we search a keyword on the post bar, some corresponding post bar types will pop up

 What are the main means of word-of-mouth marketing ?

In these post bars, we post and sign in , In the early stage, you can pay attention first and then reply to some posts , Marketing can be carried out after the post bar is a little higher , But also use soft text to operate , Direct hard wide is easy to be deleted by the bar owner

douban , Tianya forum platforms also need to find corresponding discussion groups to reply , Release your own opinions, etc

Which marketing platforms can we give priority to ?

Here's a suggestion we can do , tieba , The official account of WeChat. , Mainly due to the large number of users , Although the official account of WeChat is now open, the rate is lower. , But it can also be used as a springboard for drainage

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