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Why can trucks with a load of 198 tons and an overload of 400% get on the highway? High speed entrance station response

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▲ Hubei bridge collapse accident High speed entrance station : Overloaded trucks have over limit approval procedures False data is not excluded .

12 month 18 Japan , Hubei Ezhou Huyu Expressway Huahu interchange D The collapse of a bridge on the ramp has caused 4 die 8 injury .

The right of way side of the bridge said , The overloaded truck that caused the accident was loaded 198 Tons of , It's from Shaanxi Lintong station to the expressway , overload 400%, Do not rule out the possibility of dereliction of duty at the entrance toll station .

Regarding this , Lintong station of Shaanxi Expressway said , The overloaded trucks involved have the over limit approval procedures of the road transportation department , Inbound detected , The data has been reported to Hubei traffic management department , However, it is not ruled out that trucks may enter the station illegally with false approval data , The specific situation is being investigated by the high-speed traffic management departments of the two places .


The rollover of Hubei high-speed bridge has caused 4 die 8 injury

According to CCTV news , The reporter learned from the Hubei Rescue Department that ,12 month 18 Japan 15 when 37 branch , Ezhou fire rescue detachment 119 The command center received a call saying : A section of the bridge deck of the approach section of the interchange between Wuhan Huanghua Expressway and Daguang Expressway overturned . After receiving the police , Detachment 119 The command center quickly mobilized 4 A fire rescue station 、1 A light earthquake rescue team 、9 A fire engine 、50 Three commanders and fighters rushed to the scene with rescue equipment , At the same time, mobilize the combat support team to dispatch 1 Equipment transport vehicle 、2 A modular fire truck , And notify 110、120、 Motorway Cops 、 Road administration and large machinery 、 Food security and other emergency linkage units shall assist in handling . At the same time, dispatch the Huangshi fire rescue detachment to reinforce the force (12 car 、80 Name of the commander ) On site disposal .

15 when 53 branch , The first batch of rescue forces of Ezhou detachment arrived at the scene . After investigation , The scene is a section 500 Meter long ramp deck rollover ,3 A truck crashed 、1 A car was crushed . take “ Containment alert 、 Group investigation 、 Cooling and risk elimination 、 Fix the car body 、 Demolition rescue 、 Site lighting ” And other technical and tactical measures to implement rescue .

16 when 31 branch , Site disposal is completed , Search and rescue 7 Three trapped people , among 4 People were injured 、3 People have been killed . according to the understanding of , Some of the injured have escaped by themselves before the fire rescue force arrived . Up to now , The accident caused 4 People have been killed 、8 People were injured .

according to the understanding of , Huahu interchange D Ramp bridge length 731.08 rice , On 2010 year 9 month 28 It will be opened to traffic every day , The bridge deck is wide 13 rice , The bearing adopts basin type rubber bearing , The expansion joint adopts comb shaped steel plate expansion joint . The superstructure is steel box girder 、 Continuous cast-in-situ box girder , The substructure is double column pier and single column pier , Design load highway 1 level 55 Tons of .

For online construction 、 Some claims that overloading leads to accidents , The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Communications said , The bridge was not under construction at the time of the incident , But the ramp bridge is a single pier bridge , At the time of the incident, three trucks were traveling in the same direction , One of them is a heavy cargo transport , Weight is 190 tons , The relevant situation is under further verification .

The person in charge , If the single column pier bridge has serious eccentric load or serious overload , There may be torsion .“ Now we are making every effort to carry out rescue and disposal , Save people first , At the same time, remote traffic flow control , Make sure there is no open circuit during transportation .”

source : The Beijing news

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