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Driving the ecological carbon reduction of 1.5 billion tons in 15 years, Ali and experts from all walks of life made suggestions

2022-02-04 14:57:57 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 19 Daily news , recently ,《 Alibaba carbon neutral action report 》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 The report 》) Official release , Facing the future , Put forward three major objectives : Do a good job of green Alibaba ( Range 1 And scope 2): No later than 2030 year , Alibaba has achieved carbon neutrality in its own operations ; Strengthen the green value chain ( Range 3): No later than 2030 year , Alibaba cooperates with upstream and downstream value chains to achieve carbon emission intensity ratio 2020 Year down 50%; among , Alibaba cloud takes the lead in realizing carbon neutralization in the value chain , Become a flower “ Green clouds ”; Expand green ecology ( Range 3+): Outside its own operations and supply chain , Ali promises to use the platform , By helping consumers and businesses , Stimulate greater social participation , To 2035 year 15 Year , Drive the cumulative ecological carbon reduction 15 One hundred million tons of .


In the release 《 The report 》 after , Alibaba Luohan hall also held 《 Seminar on green development of enterprises in the form of double carbon 》, The meeting invited nearly 20 A government 、 Professional institution 、 Academic and business experts , The discussion focused on how enterprises reduce carbon and how technology enterprises help carbon neutralization , Suggestions and suggestions for enterprises and even the whole society to realize carbon neutralization as soon as possible .

It is worth noting that , Range 3+ It is a new carbon reduction range pioneered by Alibaba , It identifies and clarifies the carbon reduction responsibilities outside the value chain from a platform perspective . Alibaba hopes to pass the scope 3+ The proposed , Joint ecological partners , Combined with the power of consumers , Jointly achieve carbon reduction 15 Billion tons of vision .

Member of Alibaba Sustainable Development Management Committee 、ESG Yang Lingye, head of the Department, said , In order to ensure the smooth implementation of carbon neutralization goal , The governance structure of Alibaba's business units has been set up from the three-tier board of directors , In the future, we will strengthen information disclosure and invest more resources and funds in new technologies and innovative models ; The core is carbon reduction in development , Carbon neutralization strategy will be deeply integrated with Alibaba's business , Walk solidly 、 steady .

Energy transformation is one of the key pillars for countries and enterprises to realize carbon neutrality strategy . Dr. Wu Yin, former deputy director of the national energy administration, used “ Liuhua ” This paper summarizes the steps and thoughts of China's energy transformation : That is, the electrification of energy system ; Low carbon power system ; Low carbon system distribution ; Diversification of distribution system ; Multi system networking ; System networking and intellectualization ; For Alibaba's carbon neutral strategy , Wu Yin commented :“《 The report 》 Have a strong sense of mission 、 Systematic and instructive , Completely and comprehensively implemented the new development concept , Goals are clear and actionable .” He also specifically proposed , Alibaba has great potential to drive ecological carbon reduction , Reduce the area of small express sheet paper , Can be 1000 100 million express packing boxes save 4000 Billion sheets of paper . Finally, he hopes Alibaba can increase investment in energy science and technology innovation , Drive major technological changes in relevant industries .

In terms of energy saving and efficiency improvement , Honorary director of the national climate change expert committee 、 Du Xiangwan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out at the meeting that , As the first of China's energy strategy . At present, China's energy intensity is the world average 1.3 times , Produce a unit GDP Energy consumption is higher than the world average 30%-40%. The reason behind this is that the industrial structure is biased , The management level is not high . therefore , Academician Du highly recognized 《 The report 》 The part about carbon reduction in Cloud Computing , He thinks that , Replace traditional with cloud computing IT Improve energy efficiency 、 Digitalization helps enterprises and cities manage and reduce their carbon footprint , It can help achieve the development goal of reducing the overall unit carbon intensity .

Academician, Chinese academy of engineering 、 Professor Jiang Yi of Tsinghua University starts from the orderly charging pile network , Put forward new ideas for solving the problem of new energy consumption . He pointed out that , China's total planned power generation in the future 60% The above are wind power and radio and television , The difference from traditional artificial power supply is “ Just listen to God ”, Uncontrollable . The most difficult problem in the development of wind power is that the demand on the load side is not synchronized with the change of power generation measurement . If there are... Every year in the future 8 Trillion kwh of electricity comes from wind power 、 Photoelectricity , Every day is probably 300 100 million kwh . It is conservatively estimated that China will have 3 Million private cars , After all electrification, there will be at least... Every day 150 100 million kwh of power storage capacity . As long as the charging pile problem is solved , This will solve the problem of new energy consumption . To be specific , Jiang Yi suggested , But in Beijing 、 Two way charging and discharging networks are widely laid in these vehicle intensive areas in Hangzhou , It not only meets the charging requirements of electric vehicles , It can also realize the flexible power consumption of buildings and the active peak shaving of power grid , works .

2001 Winner of the Nobel Prize in economics , Michael, academic member of Luohan hall · Spencer thinks , Digital platforms will play a huge role in carbon neutralization , This is related to 《 The report 》 The scope of the 3+ Some coincide . The platform will help reduce carbon in three aspects : First, the carbon neutralization of platform enterprises' own operation and value chain will contribute to the carbon neutralization of the whole society . The second is the connection function of the platform , It can imperceptibly promote people's consumption 、 Positive changes in communication and buying behavior , Create a more green and low-carbon behavior pattern . Third , The platform is the disseminator of information , Can promote information related to climate response 、 Free flow of data and technology . He said , I'm glad Alibaba can set carbon neutrality targets , Use technology and model innovation to help more people join the journey of carbon reduction .

Former president of the American Institute of Finance 、 Chinese Finance 40 Patrick, international consultant of people's Forum · Professor Bolton found through his research on financial markets : Compared with companies that have not made carbon reduction commitments , The company's commitment does have a significant impact on reducing emissions . And when companies reduce emissions , The market gives a smaller discount rate to its P / E ratio ( High P / E ratio ). And high emission companies , Under the same conditions , The relative P / E ratio is lower . It can be seen that as a part of the financial system , Investors are taking action . For companies that make carbon reduction commitments , The capital market will give greater returns . He thinks that , Except promise to 2030 Carbon neutralization was achieved in , Alibaba can also play three other very important roles . First, digital technology can enable us to better measure and report carbon emissions , Among them, big data and artificial intelligence can play a great role . The second is to help design an effective carbon offset market , Because the key part of this market is to measure effective carbon reduction . Last , A very important application prospect of digital technology is to help circular economy achieve a larger scale 、 More effective resource reuse , So as to achieve the goal of carbon reduction in production and consumption .

Li Jin, vice president of Shanghai environment and energy exchange, told 《 The report 》 Make a high evaluation :“ From the choice of carbon emission standards 、 International accounting methods , Including the construction of internal organizational structure , Choice of technology and management path , All show a high degree of professionalism , It can be called the model of enterprise carbon neutralization action plan .” She went on to suggest , Ali, as the leader of the ecosystem , We should increase incentives for low-carbon behavior and low-carbon production methods . For example, personal consumption based on the whole scene , Individual carbon account system can be established , Connect more consumption and living scenes with the carbon emission system . So as to lay a good foundation for the construction of carbon inclusive system , On the other hand, it also provides richer application scenarios .

in addition , Professor Li Dihua, Dean of the school of architecture and landscape design of Peking University, said ,《 The report 》 Enhance social trust and employee participation as one of the principles of carbon reduction action . He said , The most important force to maintain social health is to build between people , Between businesses , On the basis of mutual trust between people and enterprises . Like scope 1、2 To the extent 3、3+, Enterprises' carbon reduction responsibilities continue to expand , The need for mutual trust and cooperation is also increasing . Finally, he concluded :“ This is by far the most perfect green carbon reduction action plan for domestic enterprises , I very much look forward to the implementation of such an action plan , And can affect more enterprises to shoulder the same responsibility ”.

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