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98 year old grandpa coaxed 100 year old grandma how sweet it is. Netizen: the sugar content exceeds the standard!

2022-02-04 16:46:06 Sogou wechat

In recent days,
In Qinhuangdao, Hebei
Two old people in Huajia are walking in the street
Warm picture
Very enviable

Grandpa gently tied the scarf for grandma
Then hold grandma's hand
Move forward slowly together


Company is the longest confession

In Nanchong, Sichuan
Grandpa is walking on the street with grandma on his back
The picture is warm and romantic

Video photographer Xiao Yu said
“ I envy
Was very moved by
I deeply realized
The true meaning of love ”



Grow old together

9 month 1 Japan
In Daqing, Heilongjiang
The two old people are leisurely swinging on the swing

Video photographer Zhang said
“ I felt very cute at that time
It's warm
Grow old with the one you love
Is the happiest ”

Grow old with the people you love
Is the happiest thing
Scenes of warm moments
It explains the best appearance of love
Netizens have expressed envy




Buy some shrimp , My wife wants to eat ……

An old man in his nineties
Wait at the gate of the vegetable market
I want to buy shrimp for my sick wife
This scene saw many netizens crying

12 month 7 Late at night
Anhui Tongling Shicheng Road police station
I found an old man on duty
Always sitting at the door of the vegetable market
The police enthusiastically walked over and asked
“ The old man , Do you need help ?”

The old man said
I'm waiting for the vegetable market to open
Buy some shrimp for my wife
Buy some shrimp , My wife wants to eat ……


Tongling in winter
The lowest temperature at night is only 6°C about
The vegetable market still has 6 It took hours to open the door
The police advised the old man to go home first
Come back in the morning


No matter how you persuade
The old man still insisted on waiting until the door opened
“ Buy some shrimp , My wife is ill
I'm afraid she's leaving ……”
Also repeatedly told the police
“ Are you busy , Don't bother ”

The old man only wore a thin cotton padded jacket
Hands and feet are cold
The police are worried that the old man will be frozen
He invited him to eat mutton soup
And contacted his family

The warm police also reminded the waiter
Don't give it to the old man's mutton soup
Put pepper


Then the family came
Repeatedly thanked the police
And took the old man

The old man's son said
My parents are getting married 70 Years.
The relationship has always been good
The two are now living alone
In good health
Mother just has a little problem
I will take good care of the old man in the future

Netizens were shocked by the scene of winter night
Deeply moved

 picture  picture


98 My grandfather coaxed me 100 Granny

3 month 30 Japan
In Linyi, Shandong
a 98 Old grandpa tricked 100 Video of my grandmother
Attracted attention

Grandpa took a red box
Show grandma
There is a bunch of flowers hidden behind
Grandma opened it and found it was a stone
Throw the box out
Grandpa took out a bunch of flowers
Apologize to grandma
Grandma becomes shy in seconds, little princess

And then
Grandma leaned on Grandpa's leg
Grandpa patted grandma on the shoulder with one hand
The other hand held grandma's hand tightly

Netizens are in the comments section
Left a blessing


Accompany is the longest confession of love
They have experienced the change of seasons together
Origin green silk
Hand in hand with HUAFA
This is what love looks like

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