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Germany will invest 98 billion yuan to attract chip manufacturers

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Beijing time. 5 month 6 Daily news , German Economy Minister Robert ・ Habek (Robert Habeck) Revealed , Will provide 140 Billions of euros ( about 147 Billion dollars ,980 RMB ) Attract chip manufacturers to Germany . He also said that the shortage of semiconductors has affected everything , Including smart phones and car production , This is a big problem .

Due to chip shortage and supply chain bottleneck , car manufacturer 、 Medical provider 、 Telecom operators and other enterprises are in big trouble . When habek attended the meeting, he said :“ This is a lot of money .”

This year, 2 month , The European Commission has made plans , Prepare to stimulate the development of chip manufacturing industry within the EU , It also proposes new laws , Relax the national donation regulations of chip factories .

3 month , Intel announces investment 170 Billion euros to build a plant in Magdeburg, Germany . At that time, sources from the German government said , Germany will provide billions of euros to support .

Habek said , Although Germany will rely on manufacturers elsewhere to provide components such as batteries , But there will be more and more examples like Magdeburg . He said :“ We must make our own strategy , To ensure the safety of main raw materials .”

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