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Musk's $44 billion acquisition of twitter was subject to antitrust review in the United States

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Beijing time. 5 month 6 Daily news , People familiar with the matter say , US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Reviewing Elon ・ musk (Elon Musk) With 440 A $billion deal to buy twitter , And set a deadline next month , To decide whether to conduct an in-depth review of the transaction .


Under the US merger and Acquisition Act , Musk must ask FTC And the U.S. Department of justice , And wait at least... Before the transaction ends 30 God , To investigate potential antitrust concerns . The FTC can ask for more information , Send out the so-called “ Second request ”, This will further delay the completion of the transaction .FTC Declined to comment . Twitter and musk have yet to comment .

Antitrust experts do not expect the deal to raise antitrust concerns . However , Antitrust non-profit organizations “ Open markets ”(Open Markets) Urged FTC Block the deal , I think this will give musk too much control over the free speech platform .FTC Democratic Party chairman Lena ・ Khan, (Lina Khan) Is in the “ Open markets ” Start its antitrust business .

in addition ,FTC Is separately investigating whether musk should be in this year 3 Acquisition of twitter in June 9% Notify the institution when the shares of . People familiar with the matter say , Musk didn't ask FTC To submit documents , An attempt was made to take advantage of the law's exemption from voting securities for purely investment purposes .

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