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Yu Chengdong stepped into the hinterland of Yang Yuanqing. How should Lenovo deal with it?

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2010 end of the year , Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, held a symposium with Huawei terminal team . At the meeting , Huawei decided to shift from low-end mobile phones to high-end mobile phones , At the same time, remove the target user from ToB( Operator, ) to turn to ToC.

This symposium is called the of Huawei mobile phones “ Zunyi Conference ”, Laid the foundation for the subsequent rise of Huawei mobile phones . In the second year , Huawei's consumer business was officially established , Yu Chengdong goes into battle dressed up .

Ten years is a cycle .

Today, Huawei's consumer business has once again reached a turning point in history . Yu Chengdong recently announced that , Huawei's consumer business was renamed back to China as terminal , The business scope also ranges from ToC Expand again to ToB field ( commercial ).

In the face of force majeure , Huawei has to expand its business boundaries , To seek survival . However , With Huawei's current business volume and R & D strength , Every time you enter a new field , Is bound to set off a bloody storm .

Many industry experts believe that , The Huawei terminal is moving this time , It's largely Lenovo's cake . all the time , The two companies are compared by the outside world with different development routes , And when it's really close combat , What's the result ?

Huawei , Back four years ago

2021 year , Huawei ended years of revenue growth , Annual revenue decline for the first time . The main reason behind , It is the consumer business led by Yu Chengdong .

Results show that , Huawei 2021 Annual income 6368 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 28.6%; Among them, consumer business income 2434 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 49.6%, Nearly halved compared with the same period last year .

This is in sharp contrast to the situation in the past few years .

2012 in , The volume of Huawei's consumer business is less than a fraction of that of the operator's business , here we are 2018 year , But relying on a rare annual growth rate, it surpassed the operator's business for the first time , Become Huawei's largest source of revenue .

Lead the rise of Huawei mobile phones , It also established Yu Chengdong's position within Huawei .2018 year 3 month , Huawei has completed the general election of the board of Directors , Yu Chengdong becomes a member of Huawei's board of Directors 、 Managing director ; Inside Huawei , There has always been a system and tradition of job rotation , Now Yu Chengdong has been in charge of consumer business for more than ten years , Although there was a rumor of job rotation on the way , But in the end, the wind and rain did not move, like a mountain .

but 2021 year , The volume of Huawei's consumer business has returned to 2017 The scale in , It's a night back to four years ago .

Yu Chengdong is also trying his best to expand new business , For example, expand 1+8+N The ecology of , Even cooperate with car companies to sell cars offline .

actually , Expanding 1+8+N When it comes to Ecology , Huawei has quietly laid out the commercial field .

2020 year , Huawei has released its first commercial desktop Suite , Product Name: Huawei MateStation B515, Mainly for the government 、 Enterprise and other commercial desktop areas , Smart collaboration is one of the main selling points ;2021 year , Huawei has launched its first laser printer —— Huawei PixLab X1, The main thing is to carry Hongmeng OS, You can find the pop-up distribution network close , When the mobile phone touches the printer .

Until recently, it was officially announced to enter the commercial field , Huawei's product layout in the field of commercial office has been basically supplemented , Covers notebooks 、 Desktop computer 、 Monitor 、 Flat 、 The printer 、 Wisdom screen 、 Wear seven product lines .

Another layout of Yu Chengdong is Hongmeng OS stay B The expansion of the end .

2021 year , When Hongmeng OS When the number of users exceeds 100 million , Huawei's consumer business unexpectedly launched Hongmeng mining system jointly with the national energy group , Named Kuang Hong . This is Hongmeng OS For the first time B Terminal expansion , It also makes the outside world unable to understand .

Looking back , Energy is one of the six major industries that Huawei terminals should focus on in the commercial field . First rely on Hongmeng OS Exploring the way of software ecology , Then use the hardware system to keep up , Yu Chengdong has taken a long step .

lenovo , Nervous ?

What's interesting is that , On the same day that Huawei announced its entry into the commercial field , Lenovo also held a new product launch mainly for the commercial field , The smell of gunpowder is very strong .

Lenovo's current revenue is mainly composed of intelligent device business , Programme services business , And infrastructure program business , Among them, intelligent device business accounts for the majority of revenue , It mainly includes PC、 mobile phone 、IoT Products such as .

before , When Huawei entered the notebook market , The outside world compares it with Lenovo . lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing responded to the media at that time , Huawei needs a piece of advice :“ New competitors , Enter a new industry , There must be some learning opportunities , It may not be as beautiful as originally thought .”

“ Our opponent is too weak . Now Huawei PC Just started to test the water , In the future, the competitiveness will be stronger .”2019 in , Yu Chengdong once claimed that Huawei PC Of NPS The recommended value has ranked first in China , More than all friends .

Although Huawei was in PC The field is threatening , however , Associative PC Business is not just for individual consumers , There is also a huge market for government and enterprise procurement , That is, the commercial field .

In the past 2022 Lenovo China commercial key customer Partner Conference , Lenovo executives said ,2021 The business revenue of key customers has exceeded 400 One hundred million yuan , Of Lenovo's overall revenue in China 40% above .2021 year 4 month , Liu Jun, President of Lenovo Group in China, once disclosed Lenovo's commercial operation PC Situation in the field . data display ,2020 The first three quarters of the year (2020 year 4 month -2020 year 12 month ), Lenovo's key customer business in China PC The sales volume and market share reached 55.5%. Among them, the enterprise market PC The sales volume and market share reached 60.9%, Year on year growth exceeded 3 percentage , Record high ; Education market PC The sales volume and market share reached 59.1%, Year on year growth 3.4 percentage .

Now Huawei terminal officially announced to enter the commercial field , It also means that both parties will be in business PC There is fierce competition in .

It's not just that the two sides overlap PC, And tablets and other products .

Jun Zai Liu 2021 year 4 Disclosed in September , Lenovo's sales of commercial tablets in China increased... Over the previous fiscal year 54%, Ranked first in market share ; Consumer tablet sales were... In the last fiscal year 3 More than double .

According to Wang Peng, an associate professor at Renmin University of China , Due to the shortage of chips in the mobile phone business , Huawei's terminal business really needs to find new growth points , The commercial field is a direction that can be explored . Huawei's advantage lies in , Huawei terminal has a supply chain system for so many years 、 Market reputation 、 Marketing team , It can be reused in the commercial field ; At the same time, Huawei's business in operators 、 User base in enterprise business , It also overlaps with Huawei terminals in the commercial market , Can play a good chemical reaction , Get more orders .

“ Lenovo will face new strong competitors .” He said .

An internal employee of Lenovo also said to Sina Technology , Recently, Lenovo's internal and senior executives have really focused on the business of key customers . But in his opinion , At present, Lenovo is still in the wait-and-see stage for Huawei terminals to enter the commercial field , It is also necessary to observe the further actions of Huawei terminals .

“ Sell to government and enterprise users PC It may not work well , No self-study CPU It's the same thing .” He said , Huawei notebook has been in the second quarter of the Chinese market , But later, due to the power failure of the chip , The market share began to decline all the way .

It will take time to challenge the overlord

As the above Lenovo employees said , Huawei wants to make a difference in the field of commercial terminals , The first challenge is product and supply .

Xiang Ligang, a communications industry observer, told Sina Technology , In a short time , For the time being, I can't see that Huawei terminal will have a great impact on Lenovo's commercial products .

First, the commercial product series of Huawei terminals is relatively thin , There are not enough choices ; Second, Huawei is more or less affected by chips 、 Production and other factors , There is still a certain gap between Huawei terminals and Lenovo in the commercial field .

An industry person familiar with the government enterprise market said , In the government enterprise market , Performance can be less advanced , But the brand must be big , Quality and service should be reliable , Huawei should have little problem in these aspects . Next, the most important thing is how Huawei uses the right products , Persuade the governments and enterprises that buy Lenovo by default to change their strategies , Turn to purchasing Huawei products .

Judging from the current market share , Huawei in PC、 Tablet and other fields really need to catch up .

Just PC for ,IDC data display ,2021 Lenovo PC( Desktop computer 、 The notebook 、 The workstation ) The global share of shipments 23.5%, Ranked first in the world ; Huawei is not on the list .

In terms of tablets ,IDC data display ,2021 Tablet computers worldwide throughout the year , Lenovo ranks third , stay 2021 Sold in 1777 Ten thousand units , Year-on-year growth 19.2%, market share 10.5%; The global market share of Huawei tablet is 5.7%, Fifth , Shipments are down year on year 32.1%.

However, Xiang Ligang believes that , In the long run , Huawei's R & D capability must be something Lenovo should fear in the commercial field . As Huawei terminals become more and more abundant on the product line , More and more competitive , It is expected to have a great impact on Lenovo in the commercial field .

Another thing to note , After Huawei terminal enters the commercial field , Huawei also needs to further sort out and clarify its internal architecture , Solve the internal BG The battle of interests between .

before , Huawei's consumer business focuses on individual users , Enterprise business is oriented to the government and enterprise market , The line of business and target users are very clear . But when Huawei terminals also enter the government enterprise market , Two big BG There is a certain overlap between the boundaries of .

For example, Huawei terminal has a smart screen business for government and enterprises this time , Huawei's enterprise business is 2020 In, it also released enterprise smart screen products for enterprise office scenes IdeaHub series . later , In the publicity caliber of Huawei's enterprise business , No longer call it “ Enterprise smart screen ”, It is “ Huawei IdeaHub Office treasure ”.

While Yu Chengdong continues to expand the border for Huawei terminals , Such business overlap has occurred more than once .

For example, Huawei terminal initially launched... On the interconnection of mobile phones and mobile phones Hicar System , Later, they even cooperated directly with automobile enterprises , Selling cars in offline stores . This is undoubtedly related to smart car solutions BU The business scope of has coincided , Later, Yu Chengdong also served as a smart car BU CEO, The problem is solved . But the original smart car BU President Wang Jun , The position was adjusted to COO, This is regarded as Yu Chengdong's victory in controlling the smart car business .

For another example, Huawei terminal has been developing its own Hongmeng OS, Main orientation C End ; Huawei's computing product line is also developing its own Euler OS, Main orientation B End . But with Hongmeng OS towards B The expansion of the end , This balance is broken . Later, Huawei announced that it would Hongmeng OS And Euler OS The kernel gets through , The problem has been partially solved , But the two one. OS There are still some overlaps in the scene .

overall , Huawei terminals should make efforts in the commercial field , There are still many problems to be solved , But its technical strength should not be underestimated , Lenovo needs to further adjust relevant strategies to deal with .

But according to Wang Peng, an associate professor at Renmin University of China , It's not a bad thing to have new competitors in the industry ,“ There will be competition to produce better products 、 Better team , The ultimate benefit will be users .” He said .

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