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History of China's Internet licensing movement

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All business is worth redoing , It should be the entrepreneurial logic with Chinese characteristics .

The background of redo is the past 30 In the year , Several channel changes have taken place in the Chinese market , And every change often breeds new growth opportunities .

20 century 90 years , The rise of department store supermarkets , Popular brands come into the sight of consumers . After the Millennium , Shopping centers with better consumer experience usher in development , Store counters have become the first choice of many well-known brands . During this period , Shopping center is the strategic highland of each brand .

Ten years later , The development of Internet e-commerce channels brings online dividends , Taobao brand rises in the wind ;2018 After year , Social electricity 、 Short video 、 Emerging channels such as live broadcasting have emerged one after another , Break through mainstream e-commerce channels , Domestic brands seize the flow outlet , Achieve rapid growth .


The last stage , Beauty makeup has emerged one after another 、 mobile phone 、 Internet brands of various categories such as food and beverage . All businesses are worth redoing on the Internet and becoming mainstream .

About online and offline channels , The media once made a comparison between the two numbers :177 Eva 310.9 Billion .

177 One hundred million yuan , From a very famous... In Beijing SKP The mall . As one of the most successful luxury shopping malls in China ,2020 The annual sales volume is 177 Billion .310.9 Billion , It was not created by any mall or group , This is Viva alone 2020 Sales of live broadcast goods in .

Internet online channels not only have obvious advantages in sales , In the brand marketing position , It is also the first choice and even birthplace of many brands .

4 month 21 Japan , Tiktok e-commerce is in the original “ Brand growth support plan ” On the basis of , Launched coverage management policy 、 Talent cooperation 、 Rights and interests of service providers 、 marketing IP And position building 、 Upgraded version of the underlying equity , And it's clear 2022 New year added 1000 Shake a brand into the pool , All year round 100 A multi billion brand merchant .

Kwai e-commerce followed closely ,4 month 25 Promulgated by the “ Fast brand support program ”, Will benefit from traffic 、 Cold start benefits 、 Product privileges 、 Marketing activities 、 Exclusive services, etc 5 Three aspects help fast brand . The flow will exceed 230 Billion traffic helps fast brand growth .2022 year , The Kwai e-commerce plan supports the development of 500 A fast brand .

When brand marketing evolves from a single channel to a public domain + Global platform marketing of private domain , After Taobao brand , Tiktok 、 Kwai has successively launched the shake brand 、 Fast brand development plan , There is no doubt that an Internet brand making is being staged +“ wash ” The movement of cards . 

Crazy enterprise

When the brand goes out of the official website , Who is the first stop of brand operation ? In the Chinese market, we can't find a specific answer .

Tiktok no matter 、 Short video platform like Kwai Fu , Still in the little red book 、B Station and other content community platforms , Where there is traffic, there will be self operated enterprise numbers , It is becoming a close-up of every brand in China .

2013 end of the year , When Zhang Xiaolong was considering the establishment of wechat enterprise number , I didn't expect that it was originally just a function to improve the ability of wechat to connect enterprises , Today, it will become a standard configuration for most mainstream Internet platforms to connect brands .

Wechat is the first platform to launch enterprise number , Just a year after launch ,2014 According to the annual data, the number of enterprise users has reached 1000 More than ten thousand , Access enterprises exceed 60 More than ten thousand . Then go through iterative upgrading 、 Organizational change , Finally, wechat enterprise number is merged into independent enterprise wechat , Become an independent mobile with more than 100 million users App.

Different from wechat enterprise number, it hopes to become a connected enterprise 、 staff 、 Upstream and downstream IT Mobile application portal between systems , For the present Tiktok 、 Well quickly 、B standing 、 For content platforms such as xiaohongshu , Enterprise number is the standard function of connecting brands .

2021 In, Tiktok officially released the enterprise number , At the press conference , The relevant person in charge disclosed the business data of enterprise number : By the end of 2021 year 7 month , The total number of Tiktok enterprise numbers has reached 800 ten thousand .

Previous year , Tiktok already exists 500 Wan lan V account number . The upgraded Tiktok enterprise number , The growth rate of business enterprise numbers in catering services and food and beverage industries reached... Respectively 4 Times and 3 times . Fast entry of new brands , Make the number of Tiktok enterprise numbers reach a new high .

Tiktok , Enterprise is also a Kwai 、B standing 、 Xiaohongshu and other mainstream content platforms re plan and upgrade important functions .


Take xiaohongshu for example ,2020 year 3 May xiaohongshu upgraded the brand to enterprise number , Individual industrial and commercial households with business licenses 、 Business owners can enter , The scope of business entities is broader .

And then , On the basis of enterprise number, the live broadcast was continuously updated and launched 、 Direct messages 、 Many functions such as menu bar and marketing template , Continue to support the brand relationship between brand enterprises and users . After a year of development , The upgraded enterprise number better connects consumers and brands , It has formed a business closed loop from xiaohongshu's internal community marketing to transaction .

If you think that wechat's enterprise number is helping traditional enterprises , Use digital tools in a digital environment at a lower cost . The enterprise number of the content platform has become the self operation position of the brand , Play the role of communication link between brand and users .

Outside the content platform , E-commerce platforms are no exception . With content , Outside the official flagship store where the goods are sold , The e-commerce platform launched a content-based enterprise number as a standard function .

Behind the rapid rise of enterprise is , Different from foreign PC Flow logic , Mobile users are the basic disk of the vast Chinese market .

Move independently App Traffic separation between , It is decided to ensure that every user turns on the high-frequency use in the mobile phone App, Can actively search , Or passively recommend to see the brand's official website , It is the basic jungle law of brand survival in the Chinese market .

Not just for brands , Behind the crazy launch of enterprise by the platform side is also a new enclosure movement under the background of interconnection .

The new enclosure movement

17 The end of the century , The enclosure movement in Britain has reached a climax , Since then, it has affected its centennial national movement . The enclosure movement accelerated the process of industrialization , Push Britain to dominate the world .

The same thing , stay 21 China in the early 20th century , With BAT+ Internet giants represented by byte beating , It also promoted a long 10 Years of “ Enclosure movement ”.

from 2008 Year to 2021 year , The Internet has erupted : The battle of search 、 Mobile portal battle 、 Battle of algorithm, three enclosure Wars . Behind the enclosure movement , Relying on the self-respect of users has become the consensus of Internet enterprises .

Take the enclosure movement of e-commerce platform as an example , With the standing bonus brought by the change of traffic channel , Also make in 2008 After, there was a unique phenomenon of Amoy brand in the Chinese market .

In the early licensing campaign represented by Amoy brand , Often stand on the platform , You can get unique traffic channel protection . For example, Taobao brand, which was once popular on Taobao e-commerce platform , As a brand product of early force Amoy flow channel , In the later stage, it will also decline due to the change of flow channels .

During this period , Traffic is the dominant factor affecting the brand selection platform . For the platform , Online brands often compete mainly in “ A choice ” Flow enclosure is the main means .

But the early enclosure movement , As the development product of the incremental stage of the Internet , With entering the later stage of stock , Lead from open to closed , The competition mechanism from innovation to monopoly is also disintegrating in an all-round way .

2021 year , Led by the Ministry of industry and information technology , The giants stopped fighting , a “ many App Open each other's outer chain ” The movement came as scheduled . Same year 9 month 17 Japan , According to the previous requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology to remove the shielding outer chain , The number one national application wechat issued a notice , This top stream App Finally, under the ardent expectation of the outside world, he went to “ to open up ”, Created a historic moment .

When the enclosure is over , Come to a new stage of connectivity , The Internet platform is also ushering in subtle changes . Entering a new stage of China's Internet , Call your traffic Logo, Is becoming a new target for all giants .

With this consensus , Of the Internet licensing campaign 2.0 Time , It is also quietly starting .


Traditional e-commerce platforms focus on goods , For example, JD launched made in Beijing , Jointly launch the private brand campaign of e-commerce platform with the factory ; A lot of traditional factories , Play white cards ; Ali relies on ecological capacity , launch C2M motion .

Social content platforms focus on the field , Tiktok 、 Kwai and other platforms have built and completed the service capability of content e-commerce malls in their own platforms , Pull traditional brands , Create a new brand , They have successively launched to shake the brand 、 Brand marketing methodology with fast brand as the main concept .

If the enterprise number is a brand, join the Internet licensing campaign 2.0 Threshold , So for traffic platforms in different stages , Under the interconnection , When one of the two weapons fails , Finding the competitive power point of differentiation has obviously become the key element of the rise of the new enclosure movement . 

Why make cards ?

For the platform , Licensing itself does not generate revenue , However, the revenue generated in the process of licensing is growing .

Take the most powerful Tiktok platform as an example ,“ Use the advertising mode to do e-commerce ”. The platform bypasses the anchor , Functional soil based on enterprise number , Vigorously introduce the brand side .

Some people think ,“ One feature of the brand is that the anchor can't give it , That is, the brand can directly contribute revenue to the platform , They are more willing to buy the resources of the platform .”

This means vigorously building a brand centered platform strategy , The platform can be de hosted , Even de channelization , Make the platform a brand service provider with marketing service ability .


Take the most mature brand marketing service of Alibaba e-commerce channel as an example , As 2006 Born on Taobao in , At present, it has become Alibaba's mother in Alibaba's commercial digital marketing , Although not widely known , But Ali's mother is the main income contributor of Ali business group .

Although no specific data have been released , But because of its great contribution to the financial report of Alibaba Group , It is often called Ali “ Money bag ”. according to 《 Cai Xin 》 reports , Ali's mother once created more than 60% of the total income for Alibaba Group .

Behind the sustainable income generation is , The relationship between Ali's mother and the brand has changed from simple traffic purchase to full link marketing . Beyond the flow , It can also generate data services 、 Marketing plan and other products .

Same logic , It is also applicable to the current Tiktok e-commerce . For the moment , Tiktok e-commerce mainly involves brand investment 、 E-commerce operation 、 Live E-commerce 、 Content marketing 、 Daren operation 、 Six links of advertising data . Among them, the huge amount of engine marketing service experience established with enterprise as the center , To some extent, it means a bit of benchmarking Ali's mother .

secondly , Power brand , It can bring de anchor and more brand public domain traffic . Take Kwai Chi as an example ,2021 Third quarter of 2007 , The public domain traffic revenue of online sales services accounts for 53%, The proportion of live broadcast reward income emphasizing the private traffic of anchor dropped to 38%.

The goal of the commercialization team is to generate revenue through traffic , The goal of e-commerce team is GMV( Clinch a deal amount ). Too much emphasis on the private domain traffic capacity of the anchor , For the platform , Anchor becomes the leading factor of brand marketing , You don't even need to buy traffic on the platform , You can sell enough goods , Obviously, this is something the platform is unwilling to accept .

To build a brand marketing soil centered on enterprise number , Emphasize brand based private domain traffic , Launch various value-added services based on brand enterprises . In addition to the flow purchase of stock, find the incremental income realized by business , Play the flag of card making , It is undoubtedly a good means to maximize the value of platform traffic .

But for brands , Whether it's becoming a brand 、 Or fast brand , After that, how to get out of the platform has become a new topic of branding .

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