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The court asked all ISPs in the United States to block three pirated websites

2022-05-07 11:13:50TechWeb

5 month 7 Daily news , A copyright dispute has spawned a series of laws and regulations , Now a US court has ordered us operators to block a series of pirated websites , This is by far the most extensive of such decisions .

In the controversial bill 《 Internet piracy act 》( abbreviation SOAP) More than a decade after its abolition , The latest ruling of a US Court shows that ISP The ability to block pirated websites . The ban issued in response to lawsuits against three pirated streaming media services , Require every Internet service provider in the United States to prevent users from accessing these websites .

TorrentFreak reports , At the end of April, a judge in New York filed a series of copyright lawsuits against three major websites that replay Hebrew television programs . The copyright owner asked the website operator to compensate for the loss , And prohibit visitors from accessing their services .

Judge Catherine ・ Polk ・ Faila approved the request , And ordered a detailed list of ISP list , To shield Israel Website (、、 Besides , Operators are not only required to block the current website , It is also required to shield any known “ To be used in the future …… By any available technical means .”

The copyright war will not only affect internet service providers , Including website hosting providers 、 Web Designer 、 Domain name registration service companies and advertising companies are prohibited from doing business with these websites .

IT Home knows , Copyright litigation can require a blocking order . But non-profit organizations “ Public knowledge ”(Public Knowledge) Meredith, senior policy adviser ・ Ross (Meredith Rose) Express , This extremely comprehensive shielding is very unusual for them .

She said :“ The scope of the ban , A large number of companies fall into it , Far from normal .” besides , Third party service providers should have the opportunity to appear in court , Challenge the ban order , So as to strive for their own interests , But this does not seem to have occurred in this case .

Ross admits , It is often difficult to shut down foreign pirated websites from the source , But third parties should not be prohibited from dealing with them ,“ This is a congressional problem ,” She said .“ There are ways to do that , Hope to respect due process , We need to work hard to solve these problems .”

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