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Tesla aims to sell 20 million electric vehicles a year by 2030, 21 times that of 2021

2022-05-07 11:13:54TechWeb

【TechWeb】5 month 7 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , In the recently released 2021 In the annual impact report , Tesla revealed that their goal is to 2030 year , Annual sales 2000 Ten thousand electric cars , Annual deployment 1500 GWh Energy storage projects , Accelerate the global transition to sustainable development energy shift .


These two goals disclosed by Tesla in its influence report , Much higher than their current actual situation .

stay 2021 year , Tesla is delivering... To consumers 93.62 Ten thousand electric cars ,2030 year 2000 The target of 10,000 vehicles , It's of the actual delivery last year 21.36 times ;1500 GWh Energy storage project objectives , Also much higher than last year , Tesla disclosed in its influence report , They deployed a total of energy storage projects last year 4 GWh.

And it's worth noting that , In the current global automotive field , No car manufacturer has yet achieved an annual sales volume of 2000 Thousands of cars , exceed 1000 There are few manufacturers of 10000 vehicles , Sales of Volkswagen and Toyota , In some years, it has exceeded 1000 Thousands of cars .

Of course , Tesla with strong development momentum , Not without 2030 Years of implementation 2000 Possible sales target of 10000 electric vehicles . Tesla's delivery in recent years , Year on year growth ,2017 year -2021 year , Tesla's global deliveries are 10.32 Thousands of cars 、24.55 Thousands of cars 、36.76 Thousands of cars 、49.96 Thousands of cars and 93.62 Thousands of cars .

As Tesla improves , Tesla is also building new super factories around the world , On the battery 、 The investment in battery raw materials is also increasing , The capacity of the built plant , It is also improving . Considering the current distance 2030 In addition to 8 More than a year , It is expected that more Tesla super factories will be completed and put into operation .

tesla CEO Elon · musk , stay 2018 It was revealed at the annual general meeting in , Tesla plans to eventually build... Around the world 10 To 12 A super factory , At that time, Tesla Shanghai Super factory 、 Berlin super factory and Texas super factory , Construction has not yet started .

In addition to building more factories , Realization 2000 Annual sales target of 10000 vehicles , Tesla also needs to add models , To meet the needs of more consumers .

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