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All companies under Nora have been cancelled or revoked

2022-05-07 11:21:20Chinese industry information station

2016 year , Nora was sentenced on suspicion of spreading obscene articles for profit , Nora was fined 1000 ten thousand ,CEO Wang Xin was sentenced 3 year 6 Months . According to the 2021 The ruling published in showed that , The bankruptcy property distribution plan of Nora company has been implemented , The court ended its bankruptcy proceedings .

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Nora company was founded in 2007 year , Flag “ Nora ” It used to be the player with the first market share .2014 year 4 month , Nora was reported as suspected of spreading obscene information and was investigated by the police .

It is worth mentioning that , Nora has auctioned bankruptcy trademarks and patents for debt repayment . According to the information disclosed by the auction platform ,2021 year 4 month 13 solstice 4 month 14 Japan , The manager of the webcast company gave the name of the webcast company on the judicial auction network platform of Taobao 121 Patents and 234 Public auction of trademarks .

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